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It’s Always Sunny

  • Duration: 33m48s
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  • 27.02.2024
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My stepsister Sunny and I dont always see eye to eye. Were just on a different wavelength and tend to bicker more often than we get along. Still shes my stepsis and I have to take care of her like any good stepbrother should. When I saw her shithead boyfriend Tom making out with some other chick at the movies I had to tell Sunny right away. So I went to tell Sunny about it but accidentally walked in on her changing. Oh man. I got a full view of her tits but only for a second. It was weird but also kind of hot. Sunny had a really nice pair of tits and seeing her in her underwear turned me on a little bit but I couldnt tell her that. It would be too weird since shes my stepsis and all. I explain that Tom is cheating on her but she doesnt believe me. She thinks Tom loves her and is loyal to her. It must have been a real shock when she found out I was telling the truth. I decided to pay Tom a little visit and give him a piece of my mind for cheating on Sunny. That ended up coming with a price though. I hurt my arm pretty badly and had to put it in a sling for a while. To make matters worse I found out my girlfriend was also cheating on me. So now I was stuck at home with this stupid arm and on top of that I had blue balls. This is where things start to get wild. Im cutting up some fruits in the kitchen when Sunny walks in. She looked sad and explained she felt awful about my arm. All she wanted to do was make it up to me and make me feel better. I figured she would do my chores or get me a present or something but Sunny did something unthinkable. She got down on her knees and put her hands on my cock. She was feeling up my dick beneath my pants and I couldnt believe it. I didnt know what to say besides that this was wrong because shes my sister. But Sunny kept saying she was just my stepsister so this wasnt anything wrong. I could feel myself getting hard and I didnt know how I was supposed to react. On one hand this was really fucked up but at the same time it was really fucking hot. After seeing her practically naked the other day I had been thinking about her but I never thought we would do anything like this. She pulled out her tits so I could see them again and then pulled my cock out. Were lucky nobody else was home. Messing around like this in the kitchen was extremely risky. Still now I was getting excited and I couldnt believe I was about to get my dick sucked by my own stepsister. She was really good at sucking cock. I was a little surprised but her taking my entire cock in her mouth effortlessly turned me on more. It felt like the perfect compensation gift having my dick and balls played with and before I knew it I was about to cum. Sunny took my whole dick deep inside of her mouth as I let my load shoot deep inside. I could feel every pump as I filled her mouth with my cum. She didnt say anything while she swallowed the load she just looked into my eyes and after a while I thanked her. I was still in disbelief about the entire situation. She helped me cut up the rest of the fruit and we enjoyed each others company. I thought that would be the end of it but a while later Sunny found me again while I was chilling on the couch. I explained to her that I was feeling down because of my girlfriend cheating on me and she asked again How can I make you feel better Im not going to tell Sunny to suck my dick every time Im feeling down but out of the blue she suggested that we fuck. I was pretty blown away by this. A blowjob was one thing but I wasnt sure it would be a good idea to fuck my stepsister. Then again wed already opened the gate a little so would it be so wrong to keep going with it She looked really horny too like shed been thinking about my cock again. Of course I folded so long as she promised this would forever be our secret. We go to the bedroom and I can feel my heart racing. I was about to fuck my stepsister and I knew at some point there would be no turning back. She laid me down on the bed and sucked my dick again. This time there was a lot more passion in the blowjob. Sunny seemed very eager to take my whole cock in her mouth. She jerked me off while she sucked my dick and I cant explain how good it felt. Maybe because it was wrong and taboo it added to the appeal. After blowing me for a while Sunny takes off her top and her underwear. This was the first time seeing her pussy and her little bush was super cute. She climbed on top of me and started riding my cock slowly at first but passionately. She was so wet I couldnt believe it. Its like my dick was gliding through her pussy as she rode me. We switch positions a few times because at this point were having fun and want to experience each other in as many different ways as possible. I fucked her from behind for a little bit fucked her while she was on her back no matter what position we were in her pussy was easily the best Ive ever experienced. I could feel myself close to cumming after fucking for a while and when I couldnt hold my load any longer I pulled out just in time to cum just about her pussy. After it all we took a second to take in the moment. I think we were processing we fucked but were both bathing in euphoria. We knew this would have to be a secret for the rest of our lives but deep down Im pretty sure we were both just excited to fuck again.

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