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Devil in Disguise

  • Duration: 30m32s
  • Views: 1
  • 27.02.2024
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Amber may or may not have a crush on her teacher Mr. Mountain. He would be lying if he said he didnt notice how cute she was. And whenever she talks to him she lingers around trying to get as much time in with him as possible. But Amber is Dannys student and it wouldnt be appropriate to make a move on her. Still the angel and the devil on Dannys shoulders are at war. The angel is virtious but the devil is fun and enticing. Ultimately Danny decides he isnt going to risk messing around with Amber but that doesnt mean he cant let his imagination wander and fuck around with his devilish desires. Devil Amber sucks Danny cock and struggles to get it all in her mouth. Hes a big man after all and Amber is just an innocent petite Asian babe. Danny can tell Amber still wants to show him how bad she can be. She slobers all over his cock and balls before giving up her pussy. The naughty devil chick rides Dannys cock letting him get deep inside of her. They shift around and fuck in all sorts of positions before Danny cums hard on her face.

Channels: Little Asians Little Asians Channels: Team Skeet Team Skeet
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