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Case No. 7906284 - The Makeup Thief

  • Duration: 56m53s
  • Views: 1
  • 27.02.2024
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Tessa thinks she can get away with stealing but loss prevention officer Mike stops her before she can make her escape. Tessa hides the makeup up her skirt but Mike soon discovers the products. Tessas heart is racing because she knows shes in trouble. This isnt Mikes first time around the block and Tessa knows it. Mike asks the beautiful babe to start taking off her clothes so he can conduct a strip search. Tessa is confused but she knows she must listen to Mike if she wants to avoid serious consequences. Its almost a little exciting stripping in front of some random stranger who holds all the power. While Tessa hasnt been with many men at this point in her life being submissive in this situation was somehow thrilling. As Mike spreads Tessas legs and feels up her body Tessa gets the impression that she isnt leaving that room without doing something for Mike. Her suspicions are confirmed and Mike wants Tessa to prove how sorry she is for stealing. The two get right to the point and Tessa gets on her knees to suck Mikes cock. The situation is humiliating but somehow fun. Tessa lets Mike take full control and he uses her mouth as he pleases. Mike moves Tessa to the desk and fucks her hard. Tessa had never been fucked with so much intent before and although the situation was intense it was also more exciting than she could have imagined. When Mike cant hold his load any longer he coats Tessas face with a thick load of cum. She quickly gathered her things and vowed never to shoplift again.

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