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Welcuming Our Guest

  • Duration: 42m25s
  • Views: 2
  • 27.02.2024
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Nick is beyond excited to introduce his girlfriend Lana to his stepfamily. His stepmom Cory is as pleasant as punch. Olivia Nicks stepsister is also a sweet petite young babe and Nick knows in his heart Olivia and Lana are bound to be best of friends. Jack Nicks stepdad is a big ol softy once you get to know him. However Nicks stepfamily does things a little differently and some might see their household dynamic as taboo. Nick knows Lana will love them all and he doesnt let the thought of things possibly going catastrophically wrong bother him. The date is set and Lana comes over to meet everyone and play some board games. It all seems standard at first. Everyone is cheery and Nick appears to be very close with his stepfamily Lana finds it endearing. Cory and Jack share a big kiss and Lana is happy that Cory and Jacks marriage seems so healthy. But then Cory starts making out with Olivia her stepdaughter. Lana looks as though shes seen a ghost. What the fuck is going on with these people she thinks to herself. Nick assures Lana that its just a little board game tradition and normal. It just keeps getting worse for Lana when she watches Jack make out with Olivia and not two minutes later Cory is standing beside Nick with her hand down his pants digging for nuts like a squirrel come spring. Its all too much to process and Lana feels like the room is spinning around her. Cory notices and offers Olivias bed saying she should lie down. Lana takes the offer and everyone calls it quits for the night and gets some shut eye. Olivia isnt happy about having to share her bed. Shes a light sleeper and Lana seems to be one of those people who flail around all night. Jack walks by Olivias room and notices that Olivia looks upset. Olivia is having second thoughts about Lana. She didnt even look at Jacks cock or try to feel up Cory when they were being introduced. Would this vanilla chick work with their stepfamily dynamic Jack wants to make his stepdaughter feel at ease so he lays her on her back slips off her pajama bottoms and eats her pussy while Lana sleeps next to her. Its risky but getting her pussy eaten by her stepdaddy is just what Olivia needs to restore the night. Both Jack and Olivia are flabbergasted when Lana gets out of bed and walks out of the room completely asleep. Meanwhile Cory and Nick are having some stepmommy stepson time in the kitchen. Nick cant sleep and hes got a raging boner Cory is used to this conundrum with Nick. She slips his cock into her mouth and gives her stepson a very loving blowjob. Cory wants a little fun too and after shes sucked for a while she pulls down her pajama bottoms and pushes herself up against Nicks cock so it slides inside of her. Nick fucks his stepmom up against the refrigerator. Theyve got a good angle and Nick is getting nice and deep. Hes already starting to feel a little better. Lana sleepwalks into the kitchen alerting Nick and Cory. Everyone meets up in Olivias room where Lana is now sleeping on the floor. The stepfamily all horny figures this is as good a time as any for a foursome. Nick and Cory continue their session while Jack and Olivia do the same. Lana wakes up and is mortified to find everyone fucking. They try to assure Lana its just a dream but Lana knows what shes seeing is extremely fucked up. She bolts out of the room faster than a strike of lightning. Nick is heartbroken. He thought Lana would fit in perfectly with his stepfamily and would want to join in on the fun. Cory consoles Nick and pulls him back into the moment her pussy still needs a pounding. So everyone continues fucking making the most of the night and enjoying each others company. Nick gets a chance to fuck Olivia who eats Corys pussy while Cory sucks Jacks cock. Nick busts a big load all over his stepsister and Cory gets a load from Jack. All in all its a pretty typical night in the household.

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