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Smile for the Freeuse Camera

  • Duration: 39m02s
  • Views: 4
  • 27.02.2024
  • 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star (No ratings yet)

Aubree and Elias return from their date and spend the rest of their afternoon with Alexis Eliass stepmom. She loves the young couple and it makes her happy to see Elias happy. Aubree is no stranger to Alexis and Eliass lifestyle. They have a pretty strange family dynamic that you wouldnt see in most households. Alexis lets her stepson use her freely meaning he has access to her body whenever he pleases and vice versa. Aubree finds the relationship very sweet and it actually turns her on immensely so much so that she participates too. While recounting their date and thinking about the rest of their day Aubree and Alexis suck Eliass cock. They have fun swapping his shaft and taking turns pleasuring him. Alexis has a family photoshoot planned an event that is always a lot of fun for Elias and Alexis. This time Alexis invites Aubree to join them. Shes become such a significant part of their lives and Alexis already views her as an extension of their household. The threesome moves to the living room continuing their little freeuse sesh for the camera. Elias gets his cock sucked and fucks Aubree and Alexis all while capturing their memorable afternoon on camera. Elias makes sure to give both Aubree and Alexis attention. They look fantastic posing while they ride his cock. Alexiss big tits look exceptionally busty during the photo shoot and she gives the camera everything shes got.

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