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How Adults Do Egg Hunts

  • Duration: 31m06s
  • Views: 2
  • 31.03.2024
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Angelina is excited about Easter and all she wants to do is spend it with her stepson Rion. But Rion feels like hes too much of an adult to spend his Easters frolicking around the grassy outdoors being cheery and chipper with his stepmom. Rions disinterest breaks Angelinas heart. Shes a smoking hot milf after all what stepson wouldnt want to spend time with her Angelina is no quitter and wont take Rions disapproval lying down. If shes going to take anything lying down its going to be a big cock. So the sneaky Easter milf puts a little plan into action If Rion is such an adult now shell show him how adults hunt for Easter Eggs. Angelina adorns herself in the cutest and kinkiest white lace lingerie. n nShe surprises Rion in bed crawling from the bottom of the bed up towards him. She knows if she pulls down the covers shell reveal his cock and balls perfect! Rion is shocked as he knows he shouldnt be getting his cock sucked by his stepmom. But its too hot to resist and when she looks up into his eyes hes completely captivated by her beauty. Rion had never known how badly he wanted to fuck his stepmom until that very moment. It was like having something awakened inside of him but now with Angelina drooling on his shaft and balls he knew he needed her. Angelina leads Rion to the couch and thats where their adult egg hunt really kicks off. Angelina shows off her already wet pussy. n nShes been turned on ever since she put her stepsons cock down her throat and now she wants him to take their fling all the way. The stepfamily gets down on the floor where Angelina rides Rions cock. It feels like it was made for her pussy the deeper it gets the more connected Angelina feels with her stepson. Rion still cant believe hes doing something as fucked up as he is and it will need to be a secret for the rest of his life but for now he just needs to focus on not cumming too quickly. Rion and Angelina have fun in various positions before Rion builds up a massive load. When he does cum he busts all over his stepmoms sweet face. She guzzles as much of his cum as she can but lets some coat her face too. Itll be an Easter tradition and both will be happy to carry on forever. n

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