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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

  • Duration: 40m58s
  • Views: 2
  • 27.02.2024
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Shay brings her stepson Max to work with her so he can get a greater sense of responsibility. The employees at Shays office dont seem thrilled with her as a boss saying she rules with a bit of an iron fist. What is it that keeps Shay so tightly wound Max thinks Even at home she can be pretty bossy and pushy. Its never been easy pleasing her and Max sees his stepmom is even more demanding here at the office. Max makes a deal with Jacob a long time employee. If Max can find a way to make Shay ease up on everyone Jacob will make it worth his time. Max agrees and starts finding ways to ease some of Shays tension. It seems maybe the ticket is letting out some of Shays built up sexual tension. Max isnt sure when she got fucked last but when he lifts her skirt and starts playing with her pussy and her asshole Shay seems to act a bit kinder. Max cant believe hes fingering his stepmoms ass but Shay doesnt seem to mind and the exchange is actually pretty hot. Shay is now feeling turned on and she isnt going to let Max be the only one having fun in the office. While Max and Shay talk to Yumi another long time employee Shay pulls Maxs pants down and starts jerking him off. Yumi has no clue which only excited Shay more. She was an influential boss but putting her reputation on the line to have some naughty time in the office was thrilling. Shay teases Max and plays with his cock until he is about to cum but denies him the pleasure she really is a stickler at work! When Max and Shay are alone they finally get to release all the built up sexual tension between them. Shay admits to Max that she really liked when he played with her asshole and she doesnt even let his father do that to her. Unsure of what to say Max just wants to make his stepmom feel good and he fingers her ass again. Shay climbs on the desk and starts sucking Maxs cock. Its easily the best blowjob hes ever received partly because this one is taboo and forbidden. Shay loves feeling her stepsons dick in her mouth and gags as he pushes his dick deep down her throat. She can feel herself getting very wet and after shes sucked his dick for a good while she wants him to fuck her. But she wants to keep going with the ass play and she needs Max to fill her asshole with his dick now. Max slides his cock into his stepmoms asshole and she moans loudly in pleasure knowing full well they could easily get caught But she doesnt care at this point. The excitement of getting fucked by her stepson at the office far outweighs the consequences. Shay looks incredible getting pounded on the desk and she feels like a young employee again spritely and full of ambition. Her stepsons cock feels way better than her husbands and though she knows this dynamic is fucked up she doesnt care. Shay lets Max fuck her asshole until he cant hold his load any longer. Max pulls out and cums all over his stepmoms ass. Working with his stepmom might not be as bad as Max initially thought!

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