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When Good Bunnies Go Bad

  • Duration: 35m23s
  • Views: 1
  • 31.03.2024
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Aria and Kallie plan to go to a kinky Easter party. Their bunny lingerie is sexy and revealing enough to show off some of their best features but also leaves enough for the imagination. But Kallie is curious about where Aria even got these outfits and how she afforded them. Aria explains that she has a special relationship with her stepdad and they do things together that no stepdaughter and stepdad should ever do. Kallie is shocked but surprisingly turned on. She had never thought about fucking around with her stepdad before but the more she let the thoughts permeate her mind the more curious she was about what his cock might look like and how it might feel inside of her. Meanwhile Ken and Mike set up the front yard for a stepfamily friendly Easter egg hunt. Ken shares his concerns about Kallie being in college around horny guys. Mike doesnt seem too concerned and feels he has this area of Arias life figured out. As wed already learned from Aria Mike and she have been fucking around and developing a more intimate relationship why go out and fuck broke college guys when she had her handsome affluent stepdaddy Aria and Kallie enter the living room to ask their stepdads about going to the college party. When Ken sees Kallie in her lingerie hes furious and flabbergasted. Mike again doesnt seem too concerned about it. Aria climbs on Mikes lap and shows Ken and Kallie just how close she and her stepdad are. Ken sees this taboo sex act playing out and is bewildered things get even weirder when his own stepdaughter gropes his cock. Ken cant believe this is happening but hed be lying if he said he wasnt turned on by Kallie and Aria being so horny. Against his better judgment Ken is tempted into messing around with the younger girls but to make things less weird the stepdads initiate a swap Ken will fuck Aria and Mike will fuck Kallie. But even then Ken cant take his eyes off of his own stepdaughter. Seeing her stepdad lust over her turns on Kallie like nothing shes ever experienced. The group sex is kinky and extremely taboo. Mike and Aria are having fun with guests involved and their connection feels closer than ever. Eventually Ken cant take it anymore and he needs to know what his own stepdaughters pussy is like if anyone is going to make his sweetheart cum its going to be him. The stepdads swap back so that theyre fucking their own stepdaughters. The swap back elevates the sex to an entirely new level. Kallie melts with delight as her stepdaddy pushes his cock against her pussy lips before penetrating her. They know its fucked up but the sex is too intense for either of them to care. Ken and Mike fuck their girls hard until they cant hold their loads any longer. Aria and Kallie get on their knees so they can their stepddaddies loads to the face. With faces covered in cum Aria and Kallie make out swapping cum kisses and reveling in the moment.

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