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The Bonding Tub

  • Duration: 27m55s
  • Views: 4
  • 27.02.2024
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Ashley s mom told her she needs to bond with her new step dad Peter. She finds him taking a bath and offers to help him wash his back. Peter politely refuses but Ashley tells him to stop being silly this would be great for them. As she is washing his back he tells her relaxing in the tub is one of his favorite things. Ashley takes this as an invitation to hop in. Peter very reluctant now is reassured by Ashley that it is not weird and it would only bring them closer. While in the tub she brushes her feet up against his dick. She cant help but notice how hard Peter is. Peter tries to get out of the tub and almost knocks Ashley out with his massive hard dick. Ashley is in awe of the sheer size of it begs him to touch it. Then she pleads with him to let her suck it. After hitting the back of her throat for a bit Ashley decides what better way to bond then to fuck. She takes Peters third leg as well as she could but it is Peter who is struggling with how tight and warm she is. He cant hold it for long as he shoots a huge load all over her belly. I dont think this is what her mom had in mind but they definitely have a strong bond now.

Channels: Bang Bros Bang Bros
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