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Private Dicktective

  • Duration: 50m17s
  • Views: 1
  • 01.04.2024
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After her husband is sent to jail due to a shady scam Richelle Ryan is desperate to get him back. Theres only one person who can get her out of this sticky situation dicktective Nicky Rebel! This amazing private eye has very unconventional methods but always solves his cases. The problem is that Richelle cant really afford him so they reach an agreement he will take her case if she lets him use her however he pleases. As Nicky looks for clues he gets to play with the MILFs boobs and bounce them around for clues. Suddenly Nicky is onto something it seems Richelle had an affair some time ago and someone might be blackmailing her! Nicky needs to question Richelle thoroughly while pounding her pussy to get the whole picture. Richelle becomes an assistant to Nicky helping him find clues and spreading her legs for him to drill her cum hole while trying to solve the case.

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