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Mik Luv Unemployed But Satisfied

  • Duration: 27m06s
  • Views: 1
  • 23.06.2024
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  • Mik Luv was very disappointed. After graduating from teaching college and applying for her first job she got rejected. Of course she tried to dress up very proper and conservative but the tattoos even on her hands kind of gave her away. Well when she is disappointed she often goes to the glory hole to blow off some steam and maybe a few other things as well. Walking in the room she is just glad to settle down to a dirty movie and the promise of a big cock. Before long a huge one shows up Don Prince for her to use and uses it she does. Sucking the life out of that cock before her she touches her pussy to get her flower ready for plucking. Flipping around she backs right onto the fat cock offered and knows she has come in the right place. Striped down to her stocking s and heals in this strange place banging her ass into the wall with abandon. Finally she flips over again to lay on her back and let the random cock pound into her as well so she can rub an extra one or two out. Her cumming makes her want all of his too and drops back to her knees to jack all of that cream from the anonymous cock she fucks.

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