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Lost In A Mazee

  • Duration: 50m34s
  • Views: 1
  • 27.02.2024
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Riding around with Mazee we pull up on Candy. She had to be the toughest girl to crack in a while because she was not with it. She took our money though very easy. So we knew it was some hope. Im actually embarrassed to say how much we paid for her panties. Once we got her on the bus Mazee starts jacking off with her panties making it more awkward. So I offered her more money to give him a dick rate and to touch it. As she was touching it she finally admitted the whole situation was making her wet. Mazee asked her could he rate her blow job skills and she was down. After sucking it Candy pussy was now throbbing so Mazee asked did she want him to put it in and it was the quickest yes we got from her all day. She was not lying about not fucking for a while because he could barely get his dick in her she was so tight. He fucked her pretty good but Mazee had to pace himself not to cum to quick cause her pussy had a gorilla grip. He then pounded her till he couldnt hold it anymore and plastered her face. We paid her very well and dropped her off I think Mazee is going to be thinking about Candy for a while.

Channels: Bang Bros Bang Bros


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