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Let’s Get This Mardi Started

  • Duration: 1h04m10s
  • Views: 5
  • 27.02.2024
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Recently Anya has felt new sexual desires awakening within herself. Shes not entirely sure why or where the urges are coming from but they are fierce and if she doesnt find a release soon she feels like shes going to explode. Anya expresses her newfound sexual desires to her stepson Jimmy. He doesnt really know what to say as hes a bit shocked to hear his stepmom talk to him in such a way. It feels wrong but at the same time it turns Jimmy on immensely. Hes always thought his stepmom was hot but hed never admit that to her and he knew how fucked up it would be if someone ever found out. With Mardi Gras coming up Anya wants to show her wilder side. But shes nervous. She doesnt know Mardi Gras etiquette and is anxious about messing around with strangers. Jimmy putting any and all reservations aside knows this could be his only chance to put the moves on his stepmom. Jimmy tells Anya to show him her tits. Anya is wholly shocked by Jimmys request. When she said she had strong sexual desires coming to light she didnt mean about him. But once she thinks about it a little what would be more taboo than messing around with her stepson The fantasy starts to build in Anyas head and the longer she thinks about it the sexier and more enticing it becomes. To show Anya its no big deal Jimmy makes the first move and pulls out his cock. Anya is shocked but turned on. The whole situation was starting to become very taboo and it would already have to remain a secret. Eventually Anya caves and shows Jimmy her tits. She cant believe shes showing her stepson her boobs but she could feel herself getting more and more excited. Not long after Anya is on the floor on her knees tits out with her stepsons cock in her hand. How did this escalate so quickly she thinks The lust takes Anya over entirely and she knows there is no turning back. Giving her stepson a handjob is starting to tick all the boxes for Anya. The sexual desires she had built up in her mind were beginning to release and the more she stroked Jimmys cock the more turned on she became. But when Jimmy tells his stepmom shes going to make him cum it suddenly dawns on Anya how fucked up this all is. She releases his cock and covers up knowing this might be too far for a first session. Still the excitement is rushing through her and she can feel her heart pounding and her pussy starting to get wet. Their little fling lingers in Anya and Jimmys minds. Neither can get the thought of the other out of their heads and their lust for each other mounts to an all time high. When Anya is picking out a Mardi Gras outfit Jimmy offers to watch her change and pick an outfit with her. She turns him down but secretly hoped he would offer. Anya knows she has to play a little hard to get it adds to the fun of her new sexual side. As the fashion show unfolds it gets increasingly more risque. Before long Anya is showing off her pussy to Jimmy begging him to come closer. Her lust is through the roof and she regrets not letting Jimmy cum before. She wants to make up for it and show Jimmy just how horny she is. Anya sucks Jimmys cock fitting his entire shaft in her mouth effortlessly. Jimmy had no idea his stepmom could be so freaky and all the dirty talk makes it extremely difficult not to cum right away. She sucks his cock and slobbers all over him jerking Jimmy off and showing him how a good stepmommy satisfies her boy. But again before he can cum Anya decides last minute to tease Jimmy a little longer and stops blowing him. She knows she has Jimmy under her thumb now. His release was entirely in her hands and she would edge him for as long as she wanted. Jimmy gets his chance to cum again when Anya approaches him in her Mardi Gras outfit. Shes feeling extra horny now that they ve played around a few times but this time she wants Jimmy to satisfy her too. Hes done all the easy work so far and her pussy hasnt gotten any attention. If Jimmy truly wants to cum hell need to show Anya how badly he wants it. Anya sucks Jimmys cock to warm him up and get him hard so hes nice and stiff for her. When Jimmy finally penetrates his stepmom it takes him to another world. His stepmoms pussy is unlike anything hes ever experienced. The forbidden element of being deep inside his stepmom was a kink he had wanted for so long and it was finally being released. Anya and Jimmy savor their session teasing one another and making it last as long as possible. Jimmy takes the lead at times and lets Anya ride him at others. Her pussy is dripping wet and Jimmy enjoys sliding his cock back and forth against her pussy lips stimulating her clit before pushing his cock inside of her again. When Jimmy can no longer hold his load hes unsure if Anya is going to let him cum this time. But she desperately wants his cum now and positions herself to suck his cock again. She jacks Jimmy off stroking his cock swiftly with her tongue at the tip of his dick ready to catch his first shot. Jimmy shoots his load but Anya doesnt stop jerking him off. She pumps out everything she can get and lets his load sit in her mouth before swallowing. After all this practice Anya doesnt think shell have any problems making friends at Mardi Gras.

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