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In School, I Had Bigger Boobs Than Any Teacher

  • Duration: 14m16s
  • Views: 1
  • 01.04.2024
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In School I Had Bigger Boobs Than Any Teacher The title is true. Marie Leone did have bigger boobs than any of her teachers. Were they jealous Most likely some were. Your editors are actually glad they didn t go to school with Marie because they would have all flunked out unable to do anything but stare at Marie all day and try to snap her bra straps. Sometimes the genetic roll of the dice results in huge boobs with winners like Marie Maserati and Jennica Lynn. Sometimes it doesn t and results in flatties. We believe that scientists will one day pinpoint the exact DNA sequence that creates massive boobage. Then there will be an army of Marie Leones! The question of the day is What does Marie Leone do to make a man feel extra special The thing that I do to make my guy feel special in and out of bed is that I show him all the loving I can Marie replied. We all know the way to a man s heart is through his stomach. So out of bed I make him hard boiled eggs shaped like hearts or an egg sandwich by cutting a heart in the center of the bread placing it in a pan with butter and breaking an egg in the center. He loves it a lot but what he loves even more is how I always give him a good night blow job while watching our favorite XXX video online. Marie Leone romance is always in the air when you re with her.

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