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For Old Times Sake

  • Duration: 53m47s
  • Views: 3
  • 27.02.2024
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Lauren and Nickey go way back so when it comes time for their high school reunion theyre beyond excited to go together. So much has changed in their lives. They were once raunchy chicks exploring the world fucking guys and living life to the fullest. Now Lauren and Nickey have left all their antics behind and are full time stepmoms. Their stepsons Joshua and Matt are totally oblivious to Lauren and Nickeys old lifestyle although the boys have their suspicions. Lauren and Nickey are very eager to see one another and theyre both total milfs it would be easy to see them getting into all types of slutty adventures. Lauren and Nickey head to the bedroom to change leaving Joshua and Matt alone in the living room. Matt wants to know more about Joshuas relationship with Lauren. It seems like Joshua is always happy to do whatever Lauren tells him. Matt finds it weird that someone would get so much joy out of following their stepmom around doing their bidding. But Matt doesnt know about Joshua and Laurens relationship. Joshua explains that he and his stepmom are fucking all the time. Ever since her divorce Lauren has been sad but even more than sad shes been unimaginably horny. Matt is taken aback and cant believe what hes hearing. Fucking your own stepmom sounded insane and it was totally fucked up. But the more he thought about it the hotter the idea became. Soon Matts head was filled with thoughts of himself positioned over Nickey his cock deep inside of her pussy and her calling out his name in a barrage of pure lust. It wouldnt be so weird and she was just a stepmom after all. If Joshua was doing it with Lauren why couldnt Matt do it with Nickey Meanwhile in the bedroom Lauren and Nickey reminisce on their youth. Another wave of horniness strikes Lauren and her pussy is starting to get wet just thinking about the dirty acts she and Nickey used to get into. Lauren and Nickey decide it might be fun to mess around a little for old times sake. The milfs jump right into the fun. Theyve missed each others bodies but it feels like no time has passed at all. Their tits and pussies are familiar to one another and it feels incredible to be back in action. While Lauren eats out Nickeys pussy Matt and Joshua enter the room catching the ladies entirely off guard. Lauren is excited to see the boys but Nickey is slightly more concerned. Matt had never seen her like this before but now that he was staring her down she could feel herself becoming even more turned on. Matt tells Nickey that Joshua and Lauren fuck all the time and that he wants his chance to fuck his stepmom. Nickey is flattered and the situation just seems to get hotter and more taboo. At first Nickey isnt sure about letting her stepson fuck her but the primal sexual desire in her is mounting to an all time high. To make things easier the stepsons swap stepmoms Joshua will fuck Nickey and Matt will fuck Lauren. Its an easy enough trade and still exciting enough to rock everyone to their core. The milfs show the younger guys that older women know way more about sex and kinky pleasures. The busty babes bounce up and down and let their stepsons lie back and enjoy the sex. Matt cant take his eyes off of his own stepmom and Nickey knows it. They both want each other with a fierce passion and even start to dirty talk. They get swept up in the moment and when they can no longer resist one another Joshua and Matt swap back so that they can now fuck their own stepmoms. Filling his stepmoms pussy feels even better than Matt anticipated. It was a special connection hed wanted with her for a long time but never knew that fucking her would be the solution. The feeling is mutual and Nikcey wants Matts cock inside of her as deep as it can go. The group session is an intoxicating experience for everyone involved. Having more people in the room watching them fuck added an exciting element to Laruan and Joshuas already taboo relationship. Joshua and Matt cum hard on their stepmoms tits making sure to give the milfs every drop they can. The two milfs feel young again and couldnt be any happier with their lives than in that moment.

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