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Don't You Dare Cum

  • Duration: 38m24s
  • Views: 4
  • 31.03.2024
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Victor has a little issue when it comes to cumming he just cant help but cum too quickly. His stepmom Channy wants to help him out when she sees how down in the dumps he is. Shes a new age Tiger Mom with a lot of focus on positive reinforcement but shes still traditional in that her stepfamily is her life and their needs come first. Channy gives Victor a supportive talk before getting to a practical solution. The Asian babe teaches Victor all about edging and how to not cum so quickly. Victor is stunned at first. He is a little hesitant to fuck around with his stepmom as it could drastically change their relationship and he knows its wrong. Still shes a total babe and the more she wants his dick the more he gets turned on. If there is any woman in the entire world he wants to impress its his stepmom. Channy sucks and plays with Victors cock until he feels like hes about to bust and then she leaves him with a pair of blue balls refusing to let him cum. Victor cant get his stepmom off of his mind. He wants to cum but he wont go against his stepmoms wishes. One day while Victor is showering Channy surprises him and joins in. She wants to see if hes improved so she starts sucking his cock again. This time Victor doesnt get to his edge too quickly but she still isnt going to let him cum. She teases Victor and praises his hard work ensuring his efforts arent unnoticed. Channy rewards Victor and buys a new toy for them to try. She helps Victor masturbate but it isnt time to cum yet. They move to the bedroom where Victor will finally have the chance to fuck his stepmom. His heart pounds as all their fun has led up to this moment. He definitely wants to impress her and fuck her hard not cumming until shes satisfied. Channy is already wet thinking about her stepsons cock inside of her. Victor slides in easily and starts fucking her slowly at first wanting to build up the pressure between them. Fucking his stepmom feels familiar and comforting and she rides like a pro a very different experience than when Victor was with his ex girlfriend. His stamina is far greater than it was when he and his stepmom started messing around and Victor is able to fuck his Channy for a long while before he feels himself about to reach climax. When Victor is ready to cum Channy wants to feel his load fill her pussy up. He cums deep inside of her pulls out for a second then sticks his cock back in. Its the most intense orgasm hes ever had and he couldnt be happier to have shared it with his stepmom.

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