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Don't Tell Your Parents

  • Duration: 31m51s
  • Views: 2
  • 31.03.2024
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Codey Steele is trying to get some studying done in his bedroom but little does he know that his girlfriend Jane Wilde is hiding under the blankets waiting to surprise him. When she does she doesn t get the reaction she expected. Codey is worried that his disapproving parent will hear them from the next room. Since the last thing he wants is for him and Jane to be caught together he thinks that they should just play it safe and quietly study. Jane has other ideas though and is quick to remind Codey that even though she may not be so popular with his family she and Codey are old enough to make their own decisions. And after all she did have to climb up a tree and squeeze through a window to see him so he may as well reward the effort with some raunchy sex. Unable to resist Codey gives in to temptation and takes a little break from his books to fuck Jane. Like the responsible guy that he is he makes sure to cover her mouth if she gets too loud which makes things even hotter.

Channels: Wicked Wicked
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