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Cool Yourself 2

  • Duration: 18m20s
  • Views: 2
  • 04.03.2024
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Stunning Simon strolls into the kitchen in sexy lingerie and pours herself a glass of water. She takes some ice from the freezer and adds it to her drink then fishes out an ice cube and melts it against her hot skin so it trickles into her bountiful cleavage. Baring her beautiful big breasts she strokes an ice cube against her nipple then tugs her lacy panties aside and melts some more ice over the smooth folds of her shaved pussy. Shes trembling with arousal as she starts to masturbate avidly strumming her clit and moving to her knees to diddle herself doggy style. Perching on the table with slender thighs spread wide she plunges her cold fingers into her wet heat and fucks herself to an intense orgasm. Hide


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