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Candy Alexa Racks Up

  • Duration: 20m04s
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  • 01.04.2024
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Candy Alexa Racks Up It wasn t that long ago that Communist thugs ruled Czechoslovakia after World War II. In 1989 the commies were kicked out and democracy was revived. In 1993 the country divided peacefully into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today the Czech Republic is bursting at the seams with horny sexually liberated beauties from all over Europe and Candy Alexa is one of these hotties. Candy Alexa s rack is on display as she racks up in this first photo and matching video shoot. She will never be behind the eight ball. We re not saying that Candy is cheating by distraction in her tight top and shorts but we will say that Candy is cheating by distraction when she takes off her top and shorts. The cheating is even more blatant when naked Candy gets on top of the felt. No surprise our team scratched every time. I don t like wearing a bra most of the time unless it s for a photo shooting said Candy who lives in Hungary and is one of the few porn stars with a trimmed bush. I don t dress to show off my chest. I don t really need to. My breasts are big enough for my body size. A lot of guys stare at my breasts every time I go out.

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