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A Spanish Woman Of Vice

  • Duration: 36m55s
  • Views: 2
  • 27.02.2024
  • 1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star (No ratings yet)

I caught her on the way to the supermarket! Lately I m having a lot of luck when it comes to shopping... because I come across extremely cute and very hot chicks! As is the case today where I entered this brunette named Vicio! 24 year old Spanish woman unemployed in the middle of the street to offer him money in exchange for a succulent photo session. I don t know what s wrong with today s youth but they go completely crazy for a handful of selfies! jojojojo she accepts right away so we head to my studio without time to waste! Upon arrival I ask her to take off her clothes Vicio seems to hesitate for a moment but the pasta is very sweet and she finally agrees to stay completely naked! I also get naked I get on the bed with her to explain to her how she should stand and what positions I need to get the best shots! In the end it is a spectacular piece of CAUGHT in which we have a great fuck that leaves you completely KO. A wonderful whore of a woman with an extra lubricated pussy an unbeatable cock cleaning tongue and a slut in bed like I ve rarely seen! Don t miss the final moment where I release all my cum into her mouth... and it takes absolutely no time for her to swallow it! Simply Sublime!



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