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A Private Date

  • Duration: 15m38s
  • Views: 2
  • 01.04.2024
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A Private Date It s date night and your companion is supergirl Mya Blair. Mya has a lot to share. Wine conversation major boobage a hot ass and a wet pussy. So who needs Netflix You d never know it by looking at Mya but she s a freaky deaky superfreak. Mya I have been active in the fetish community BDSM mostly. XLGirls What are you into Mya Dom sub relationships mostly. I do like a little bit of bondage. I m a switch myself so I enjoy flogging and receiving flogging. XLGirls Flogging is... Mya Little whips that are called floggers with multiple leather straps that you get hit with. Basically it s a beating on your back that can be hard or soft. I think it feels like a massage. I like it. XLGirls Do you have a high tolerance for pain Mya Yes. I m a pain slut. I enjoy pain. It gets me a certain level. I don t want extreme pain. I m not into the blood stuff. XLGirls How far can a guy go Mya I have come home from dungeon parties and had bruises on my ass for two or three days. Even a week. Those were from spankings. XLGirls That s a hard spanking. Mya Yes sometimes for as much as 15 minutes.

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