BlacksOnBlondes/DogFartNetwork - Adria Rae - Hardcore [FullHD 1080p] - Hina Mitsuki - Hina Mitsuki is getting fucked very hard in her bed [SD 540p] - May 22, 2017

An evil organization has a goal to destroy humans by making them unable to have sex and their agents are doing it- while having sex with people. Hina Mitsuki is about to experience one of those situations, and she is well aware that she has to endure, but not sure how, since the situation is very tempting and she likes intense orgasms a lot. At some point, she started moaning and screaming and begging for more, as the pleasure was nothing like she knows it and she just could not hold back from cumming, although it might be her last time to have sex the way she knows it. One way or another, she had an experience she will remember forever.
Penthouse - Sheena Ryder - Moist Towelette [FullHD 1080p] - Yuna Yamami - Yuna Yamami is masturbating in the shower [SD 540p] - May 16, 2017

Great looking woman, Yuna Yamami is completely naked, since her plan is to have a shower, but there is a little catch- she is struggling a bit, since she loves her husband and cares for him, but she also needs way more pleasure on a daily basis than what he is able to provide, so she feels a bit guilty every time she is about to masturbate. Her favorite masturbation sessions are in the shower, where she starts stimulating her hairy pussy with water and finishes with fingers. She likes to fingerfuck herself until she starts moaning from pleasure and has hopes that her husband will not see her doing it, so she would not hurt his feelings with her naughty actions. - Yuna Yamami - Yuna Yamami knows how to get what she needs [SD 540p] - June 1, 2017

Gorgeous wife, Yuna Yamami is having a very delicate conversation with a man who is supposed to satisfy her sexual needs and show her how to deal with her husband’s style while fucking her, since she is not very satisfied and has an urge to try new stuff quite often. Since her new friend has offered to show her what he had in mind, soon she was getting her hairy pussy licked and stimulated with sex toys, while moaning from pleasure like never before. This passionate lady just needed a wild fuck until she screamed, so her friend gave it to her exactly how she wanted it, until he came inside her for a nice finish touch for the day.
AsianStreetMeat/StreetMeatAsia - Abnaam - Hardcore [FullHD 1080p] - Sachi Suzuki - Sachi Suzuki is about to experience an orgasm [SD 540p] - May 20, 2017

Naughty office lady, Sachi Suzuki wanted to have a bit more fun while working, so although her salary was good in the office, she went to an adult video casting, hoping to at least have some fun. She wants to experience a lot of pleasure during the day, which her job can not provide, so masturbating in front of the camera felt like a break through. It was very pleasant and exciting when she started rubbing her clit with her fingers and fingerfucking her hairy pussy during the casting, but the thing that made her moan loud and what brought her to an intense orgasm was a small vibrator she got, to finish her session with style and loud, passionate sighs.
Heyzo - Ren Azumi - Anal Lesson [FullHD 1080p] - Minami Ayaka - Minami Ayaka is a secret sex agent [SD 540p] - May 14, 2017

Good looking girl, Minami Ayaka is a secret sex agent of an evil organization, whose goal is to destroy people on Earth by making them unable to have sex. Their agents are well trained to give an ultimate pleasure to people and make them moan and scream from pleasure, like never before and after they experience the highest levels of pleasure, they are unable to have sex after that. Minami is one of those agents and likes her job a lot, since she gets to fuck men and suck dicks all the time, which she likes doing in general, as much as it is possible. Today, she is going to lick a huge dick until it explodes in her dirty mouth. - Minami Ayaka - Minami Ayaka was a bit sad because of her boyfriend [SD 540p] - May 30, 2017

Minami Ayaka was a bit sad, since her boyfriend ditched her, so she went to a local park to lick an ice cream, since it always makes her feel better. A horny stranger saw her and could not resist the urge to take her home and make her give him at least a deep blowjob. At first, she was not so much into it, but then it started feeling good and soon she was not wearing panties and her trimmed pussy was being stuffed with cock while she was moaning from pleasure. As the intensity of pleasure was higher, she was moaning louder, which made it obvious when she would cum. Her lover wanted to cum on her cute face.
Familylust - Anastasia Rose - Fuck My Ass [FullHD 1080p] - Rinoa Yuuki - Rinoa Yuuki is one very naughty girl [SD 540p] - May 18, 2017

Rinoa Yuuki had a great time in the gym, but what happened after that left her wondering about herself and her own ideas about men. She always thought that she is a nice girl, and once two guys started hitting on her after gym, she did not even think that she might end up on her knees and sucking a rock hard dick of a guy she didn’t even meet before that. The most important part of her crazy sex session was the fact that she liked it and enjoyed every second of something she did not even consider to be acceptable for a girl like she thought she was. One way or another, one guy got a nice blowjob and Rinoa Yuuki was sucking cock.
Familylust - Amy Rogue - Catfishing My Step Bother [HD 720p]

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