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"Do you know how fucking adorable you are?" asked Jake of this weeks exploitee Bailey Base. "Kinda" giggled this cute 19 year old who was all full of smiles as she hopped in the car for her first sex on camera. AZ welcomes this bundle of sunshine whos fresh off a BF breakup and looking to get some dick. Is Jake excited to "work" with this doughy eyes slut? Fuck yeah he is and he takes his time to find out all the juicy and slutty details of Baileys past sexual conquests like how she started sexing at a young age. How young Steve? Well in her own words "not that young an age." But we consider the tender young age of 14 to be pretty young, as would most dads, to lose your virginity dear. But Im sure all you sick fucks out there your dicks are getting hard listening to it so well keep going. "Have you fucked many guys?" Jake asks. "Giggles" and a big smile is all we get from Bailey and that means yes, and after dating her first BF for 2 years she just "kinda went off the rails" and fucked everyone. "It was a coping mechanism," she confesses. "Did it work?" asked Jake. "Yeah kinda... No-No it didnt." But it was a hell of a lot of fun I bet. And what kind of sex does Bailey like? "I like it ALL," she says with a smile as she begins stripping in the car. This girl is sweet, sexy, and down for nasty rough sex just the way we like it and she loves Anal and eating ass, stating theyre two of her favorite things to do. Well this scene has neither but dont fret faithful fans. This newbie did both anal and ate Cams ass over at BackroomCastingCouch so go check out her audition scene over there because today is all VAG day. One interesting fun ExCoGi fact is we have never had a girl not do a first on set before, but at the same time the male talent did, and today was that day. Yes little miss sunshine almost made Jake cum during the sex, before he wanted to that is, and that has never happened before to him EVER on set. Yes we think Baileys pussy is that special and so will you because this is one of the hottest car and bedroom sex scenes we have filmed to date. So sit back and put your sunglasses on because little miss sunshine is beaming into your view now. - Vanessa Vega - Case No. 52558466 - No Excuses Maam [FullHD 1080p]

When hot MILF Vanessa Vega gets bored, she likes to steal for the thrill, but as she’s walking out of the store with a cart full of unpaid groceries, security guard Rusty Nails witnesses the whole thing on camera and stops her before she can escape. After telling her he won’t believe her excuses, Vanessa can only do one thing so he can let her go. - Zoe Sparks - Zoe Sparks Casting With BBC KS176 [FullHD 1080p]

Zoe Sparks Casting With BBC
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Sofia Lee Casting With BBC - Harlow - 19 Years Old [FullHD 1080p] - Jane Rogers - 22 Years Old [FullHD 1080p]

You saw Jane pop her anal cherry on BackroomCastingCouch, you saw her getting good and fucked on ExploitedCollegeGirls (not to mention a threeway cumfest too!), so what hasnt this 22 year old stripper turned pornstar wannabe done? Taken a big black cock is what, and you know what that means, its ambush time! We sent our man Jay out to the ranch to pick her up (yes, ranch) and after a few dusty miles she was waiting there with her boyfriend (yes, boyfriend). Hes not crazy about Jane fucking pornstars, but he gets his and she gets hers, fair nuf. Janes a giver though and gives Jay a little thank you roadhead for picking her up, and gives herself an orgasm jilling off in the car, and this is before the scene starts! Little does she know whats in store for her and her tight little ginger twat. All thats left is for Isiah and his giant johnson to give his special surprise! And Janes reaction? "Oh my god hes already hard!" she giggles and is down on her knees with his cock down her throat. Her other reactions? "Its so big, I feel it in my tummy, Im going to cum again!", you get the picture. Jane squeals in delight over and over as this cowgirl gets the biggest ride of her life! This may not have been her first rodeo, but its one thats gonna leave more than a few saddle sores, giddy up! - Ariela Donovan - Redhead fucked in a tunnel [FullHD 1080p]

We saw skinny redhead Ariela Donovan hanging out by herself, so Martin and I approached her. Ariel didnt speak English, so Martin translated for me. She said someone had stolen her wallet, and was waiting for a friend to come get her. In a stroke of luck, I had some cash, so I offered her some crowns to do a quick casting. Artistic style, you know? She showed me some amazing tits, and when I asked to see her ass, I found her not wearing panties! For 10K, Ariela agreed to give me a blowjob, so we headed out to a little tunnel for some privacy. Ariela looked pretty slobbering on my big dick, then I stretched her pussy until she climaxed. Once she had cum, she hopped off my dick so I could cover her with a facial. - Pauline Cooper - Pauline Cooper Casting With BBC KS172 [FullHD 1080p]

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Morgan XX Casting With BBC
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