Categories ( - Samantha White - Mrs. Whites Afternoon Delight [2K UHD 2160p]

When this scene opens, Samantha White, a 44-year-old wife and mom, is enjoying some alone time, working a dildo in and out of her pussy. Shes wearing sexy stockings and heels. The dildo is going deep inside her pussy, which is very wet. Samantha is so into what shes doing, its as if she doesnt even know were there, watching. Her breathing gets heavier. What Samantha needs right now is a big, hard cock to suck and fuck. - Anneliese Snow - Im a submissive little doormat bitch [HD 720p]

Orderly Grim joins with his huge, hard cock to help Dr. Mercies to treat submissive, little blond girl, Anneliese, after her relapse. She is extremely submissive, like a doormat. So the men turn her into a Hentai-style warrior to try to toughen her up. But she gives into their will very quickly, becoming a gaping anal pin cushion for their cocks. Her therapy failed, but it was still a great day at work for the doctor and his staff. - Makayla Cox - Interracial [HD 720p] - Billi Bardot - Boating With Billi [2K UHD 2160p]

Billi Bardot, the 41-year-old, super-stacked mom, spends a day on Biscayne Bay. The boat is very nice, but Billis smokin body is even better. Shes wearing a white, skin-tight dress that shows off her ample curves. Youll notice that shes bootylicious, too. With downtown Miami, Florida in the background, Billi pours water over her dress, making it sheer, strips naked and fingers herself on the boats deck. The passersby got quite a show. This scene was shot the same day as Billis fuck scene with Oliver on the same boat. - Ava Little (4K trailer available) - "I Am She Who Submits" [HD 720p]

Youve never seen anything like this, folks. We tapped deep into Avas submissive brain to remake her as our perfect whore. We started from the very beginning, giving her an entirely new whore language. Then we went hard and deep, with intense mental domination, physical degradation, anal sex, ass to mouth, rimming, watersports, and much, much more., Ava is the real deal, and dominating girls like her is what we live for at the Assylum., Nothing in this session is acted, scripted, or rehearsed., Others fake it, we make it. (TO SEE THE TRAILER IN 4K, CLICK "HD" DURING PLAYBACK, THEN CHOOSE 4K.) - Anneliese Snow - Doormat 2: the Painal [HD 720p]

Annelieses therapy continues with Orderly Grim destroying and gaping her hot PAWG ass. Then Dr. Mercies turns her into a bouncing bunny, and she bounces on Grims cock until he comes straight into her mouth. After a little ass-to-mouth play with the cum and some mannhandling and tit smacking from Dr. Mercies, the two men leave her to bounce around the room and contemplate her own anal sluthood., A great session for visitors who enjoy watching hot, submissive blonds get their sphincters gleefully ruined. - Jessica Kay (1hr 45min) - Little Anal Monster Girl [HD 720p]

This extreme anal domination and S/M session is the pinnacle of Assylum, folks. It was shot in one continuous take and is 1 hour 45 minutes long. Normally, wed break this into 2 parts, but we want you to experience the whole thing as it was shot in real time. Almost everything is here:, hard anal sex, ATM,, vaginal, rimming, facefucking, a cum enema with a couple dozen saved-up loads, electrical play, needles, spanking, paddling, caning, medical devices, hooks, restraints, nipple and clit punishment, and humiliating body alteration. All this with one of the most beautiful girls weve ever shot. We often say, "Good luck finding a scene like this anywhere else.", In this case, youd have a better chance winning the lottery 5 times in a row. - Audrina - 21 Years Old [FullHD 1080p]

Cam met busty, curvy Audrina while she was bartending at a local watering hole a couple weeks ago. She was intrigued to meet a real porn star and wanted to know more. They exchanged phone numbers and began talking. Recently, she lost her job and asked him to get her some adult video work, so we brought her in the next day for an audition. Once she arrived, I convinced her that I could get her a job making $1000-$5000 per day if she followed my instructions, which she did. Her reaction to swallowing cum for the first time and how she described it afterwards alone is worth the watch. Oh, and just wait til you see how furious she got when I told her she wasnt getting paid! Thanks for watching, well see you all next week with another original casting!
Drilled.XXX/ - Haley Reed - Anal Rockstar [FullHD 1080p]

Haley Reed has a roommate who is a rockstar that loves anal! It turns her on so much hearing him anally fuck one of his groupies when he is home from tour, that Haley can not resist listening in and touching herself. She wonders what it is like for her tight asshole to be fucked like that. But soon that becomes a reality for her when her roommate Small Hands finds out she has been listening to him. He takes matters in his own hands and she gets the ass fucking she has been dreaming of! - Violet October - Anal Fission [HD 720p]

"The Tau that can be described is not the Tau." But imagine a sweet and petite, beautiful blond girl. Imagine that shes off-the-chart kinky and actually prefers painal to regular anal. Imagine her laughing, crying, and screaming as her dom plays with her body and mind in all sorts of ways. And for the cherry on top: imagine its all being, recorded, and its her first anal ever on camera. Now stop imagining and watch it right here. One of the very best things weve ever captured., The chemistry between Violet and Dr. Mercies was so incredible, weve included the entire footage: 2 hours and 15 minutes of continuous action. Sure, it slows down here and there, but its never boring. Its real, its intense, and its hot in a way that just cant be imagined with any other porn. - Chloe Temple - I Love My Step Brother [FullHD 1080p]

Chloe Temple is very close with her stepbrother, Damon Dice. She loves him and will do anything for or with him. Whether its chores, homework, or anything else, Chloe will do it as long as Damon is with her. The only thing they disagree on is how Chloe can dress. Damon wants her to wear modest clothing, while Chloe wants to dress slutty. They argue about it and eventually Damon spanks Chloe and then undresses her when she wont do it herself. He hands her a modest dress to put on and thats the end of it as far as Damon is concerned. - Abella Danger - Abellas Blissful DP [FullHD 1080p]

Abella Danger needs no introduction. She has an insatiable desire for cock. She can never get enough. Abella joined us this week to get DP’d. She took both cocks at once and loved every second of of it. One penetrated her asshole as the other one stretched her pussy further than ever before. Making Abella orgasm several times. After being properly fucked, she took two loads all over her face. - Lou Lou,, Petite Princess Eve - Bridge To Pussy [FullHD 1080p]

Petite Princess Eve and Lou Lou Petite are playing bridge at a snobby friends house... though theyd prefer be out chasing cock. The hosts son (Jordi) lives there and gains the attention of both Eve and Lou Lou, who flirt with him to their friends annoyance. When the others are away, the girls convince Jordi to eat them out under the card table as theyre playing, before sneaking off to get a taste of his cock.
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