Categories - Hitomi Tsukishiro - Hitomi Tsukishiro is about to have sex with her neighbor [SD 540p] - April 24, 2017

Hitomi Tsukishiro was a bit frustrated because her boyfriend was not doing his best to keep her satisfied, especially when it comes to sex. She is a passionate lady and he is often too busy playing with his phone to do something in the house, so she got bored of it, after a while and went to her neighbor’s place to look for comfort. As she was sitting with him in his living room, she decided not to talk much, but to start kissing him right away, knowing that he will not say no to whatever she might want to do with him. This super horny babe got her pussy stuffed with dick that night and enjoyed it a lot.
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Although she told her boyfriend to stop, Riko Tabe actually wanted him to keep on doing everything he was doing, because it felt so good. As she got into his car, they started kissing and soon his hand was grabbing her tits, which made her smile. This naughty babe likes to have sex all the time, but she was a bit anxious since they were about to do it in his car, in the street, since someone might see them in action. On the other hand, she was eager to feel her boyfriend’s dick inside her, so she started sucking it eagerly, to make him moan from pleasure and get hard enough for her dripping wet pussy. Riko is way more naughty than how she looks like.
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Riko Tabe is a dirty minded brunette who is always shy when she is about to do something very naught, but she is never holding back from it, since she is always in the mood for naughty stuff. Today, she went to a local park with her man and gave him a blowjob in the middle of the day, since he wanted it and she was willing to suck that cock like a pro whore. Riko likes to feel dick inside her mouth as well as to taste a bit of her lover’s fresh cum, once she gets it all over her face and in her mouth. This slut always deserves her cumshot, because she knows how to suck properly. - Natsume Inagawa - Natsume Inagawa is having a very interesting night [SD 540p] - June 3, 2017

Natsume Inagawa went out for a walk with her friend, but some guys decided to take them to a warehouse and make them feel bad with various things they might be doing. She had to spread her legs and they were toying her pussy and ass with various types of vibrators, until she started moaning, but they would not let her cum. After a while, her friend had to fuck her and make her completely satisfied, the way she never even imagined, and then cum in her hairy pussy, so they could watch it as a live show and enjoy every second of it. Natsume Inagawa seems likes he is having a great time, although she could not know that, before. - Risa Kurokawa - Risa Kurokawa had an interesting night [SD 540p] - June 9, 2017

Once her husband’s colleague from work came to visit them, late at night, Risa Kurokawa knew that something interesting was about to happen, since she was secretly in love with him and was always hoping that he felt the same. As soon as her husband shut his eyes, his colleague started grabbing her tits and gently licking her nipples, to turn her on. Risa was moaning as silently as she could, not to be caught enjoying stuff she should not even experience. After just a while her shaved pussy was wet enough for a good fuck, so she got nailed right next to her husband, until she came and got filled up with loads of fresh jizz, just the way she likes it.
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Rinoa Yuki is doing her best in the gym, but for some reason jumping is not her strongest asset. Her friends are also there and it looks like they want to help her improve her skills, since they started massaging her legs, most probably to make her feel more relaxed and jump better. Knowing that sex is also a good way to do stretching as well as cardio training, they started fucking her like crazy to the point that she was not sure anymore if she is getting help from them, or they are just using an opportunity to gangbang her and cum inside her hairy pussy in the end of the training. One way or another, everyone will experience an orgasm. - Hitomi Tsukishiro - Hitomi Tsukishiro is using a vibrator [SD 540p] - April 20, 2017

Single babe was reading an exciting book before bed time, so at some point she has realized that it turned her on, which meant that it was time to masturbate. At first she was just playing with her tits, because it excites her a lot, but soon she reached into her panties and started touching her perky clit and soaking wet pussy. Her gentle moans were a bit louder than what she wanted, but the level of pleasure was too high to hold back, especially since she was about to get where she wanted. Hitomi Tsukishiro realized that she needed a bit harder stimulation, so she grabbed her vibrator and started using it to make herself cum the way she desperately needs it.
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An evil organization has a goal to destroy humans by making them unable to have sex and their agents are doing it- while having sex with people. Hina Mitsuki is about to experience one of those situations, and she is well aware that she has to endure, but not sure how, since the situation is very tempting and she likes intense orgasms a lot. At some point, she started moaning and screaming and begging for more, as the pleasure was nothing like she knows it and she just could not hold back from cumming, although it might be her last time to have sex the way she knows it. One way or another, she had an experience she will remember forever.
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