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Helix Soccer Team Ep. 1 In this new series of hot episodes, we get involved in the lives of Latino soccer players who really want to win on the field and have fun in the showers. We have exclusive access to the boys changing rooms. In that place full of young people with their nakedness, masculine smells, looks and spicy games ... things heat up very fast. Tommy arrives at the locker room believing that he will be able to change calmly, take a shower and also, why not, masturbate when nobody sees him. The point is that Giorgio finds him right in the middle of the act. Far from being angry, Tommy invites him to suck him off and the boy eagerly agrees. The dressing room becomes the setting for your most daring fantasies. Leaning against the lockers where all the men change, these boys suck each others dicks and Tommy licks Giorgios ass, which spreads more and more until he is penetrated by the young soccer player. Then they sit on the bench, Tommy looking one way and Giorgio the other, entwined in wild sex of sweat and sportswear. It culminates in a great finish to their mouths, eager and grateful for this testosterone-filled encounter. In the next episode of "Helix Soccer Team" things get even hotter when there are three guys in the locker room. You cannot miss the trio that will take place in that public but secret place, where our players are encouraged to do everything. Helix Soccer Team Ep. 2 The adventures of our young Latino soccer players continue in the new episode: Three Is a Match. The meeting of the males in the dressing room this time is three. As Felix undresses relaxed, Neil looks at his butt, determined to touch it. Felix is surprised but likes the initiative of his curious partner. He tells him to touch it, so Neil starts fingering him from the front. Meanwhile Sly watches everything, the situation heats up and the penises get very hard. Sly stands up and gets Neil to suck him off. With his jockstraps, Felix sucks Neils ass and penetrates him very hard from behind. But Felix shares the pleasure and gives it to Sly, who also penetrates Neil, while the latter sucks Felix wildly. But Sly takes it off and penetrates Felix. Wow, this wardrobe is the hottest of all. It ends with the two boys great finish in Neils mouth. That is a game well played. Great team, great companions. Like in the next episode, where Dave and Francis, two boys younger than the rest, meet in the locker room and warm up for the first time with another boy ... The first times, the first gay sex also happens in our Helix Soccer Team, are you going to miss it? Helix Soccer Team Ep. 3 By watching this episode, you have a special pass into the locker room of a professional soccer stadium, where the youngest are trying out to play in the major Latin leagues. In this case, sports talents seek to get to play first and, for that, they go through many demanding tests. What better than being able to relax in the locker room after training? Or better, before going on the court. Dave discovers that the butt of the goalkeeper, Francis likes as much as playing ball and tells him so. Francis leans against the locker, Dave kisses him. Then he sucks his dick and penetrates him on all fours. They use the bench so that Francis sits on Dave and eventually penetrates him with his legs over his shoulder. The goalkeeper really lets himself be won by a landslide, with the other players cock going in and out of his hole over and over again and his balls bouncing against his skin ... The final goal is when he ends up in the mouth and with a slap to his face full of semen, he goes to bathe. The adventures of Dave and the young Latino soccer players continue in the next episode, number 4, where Dave meets two other rookie players, can anything happen in this hot locker room? Everything and more. Helix Soccer Team Ep. 4 The Helix Soccer Team dressing room is on fire. Antu enjoys watching a soccer match on TV in the dressing room, where they face Argentina vs. USA, Felix enters and meets his colleague. Felix is very horny and he shows it to young Antu. It is thrown with force as if making a “free kick”. Antu lets himself be seduced and they quickly begin to grope with lots of kisses and slaps in between. The boys smooth and curved bodies are left naked, with the sporty jockstrap in sight. Felix orders him to suck it off and the boy is afraid of being discovered, even so, he pulls out his penis and Antu eagerly devours it. Then Felix turns him around and penetrates him from behind with force. Antu moans with pleasure and appreciates the thrusts of his partner in the ass. 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On this occasion, Antu is calm putting his things in the locker room, when suddenly Gil surprises him and begins to touch him. Antu complains that someone is going to see them, but Gil relaxes him and knows how to stimulate him so that he does not refuse. Antu warms up quickly, more than when they run on the court, you could say. The training continues for these young people who seek to relax with a lot of secret sex. Thats why Antu begins to suck Gils penis with great pleasure. It is at that moment that Dave finds them, who cannot believe the situation. Gil invites him to join and Dave does not hesitate. He then slaps Antu on the butt and joins the dressing room party. Daves penis is sucked between the two guys, who kiss with the huge member in the middle, enjoying the shared pleasure. Then they get on all fours for Dave to finger their ass, well given over to the stimulation of the asset. Right there he is going to penetrate them both, alternating between one butt and the other, crazy with excitement. Then Dave and one of the guys sit on the bench on his penis and start to ride it, while the other also stimulates it….hmm. We all want to be on that soccer team. Finally, Antu ends up on the two mouths of the boys, who give each other a white kiss, sharing his partners semen. The two of them excitedly masturbate each other to orgasm and fill the locker room bench with cum. The balls do get stained on this team ... but not with mud. The next episode, the last in this series, brings together all the soccer players for the ultimate match: a huge orgy of young sports lovers who like to play ball and have lots of sex with each other. A must-see classic! - Katie Kush - Rare Omen [FullHD 1080p]

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he weather is getting chilly so Sean, Josh, Justin, Cody, and Devy head outside to chop some wood for a fire. The guys take turns to see whos best at handling the axe and splitting some logs as they chat about their favorite kinds of cocks! They build a toasty blaze and start getting romantic by the firepit, then head indoors and strip down to their long underwear as they start kissing and caressing each others hard bodies on the couch. The hunks take turns sucking each others dicks and even form a five-man blowjob line, before Justin becomes the first to take a cock, getting penetrated by Josh in doggystyle. This orgy heats the cabin right up until everyone takes turns fucking power bottom Cody and cumming all over his muscular body! - Aaron Tanner, Bryce Pierce, Buck Philips, Jeff Allen, Leif Gobo, Max Grand, Michael Soldier, Rik Jammer, Scott Samson, Sky Donovan - Up Your Alley 2, Scene #02 [SD 480p]

All of the guests are back up on the fuck benches, asses in the air. Leif Gobo puts his camera down and lubes up his fists, doing the line of guys, two at a time. Hes a great fisting top and very verbal, telling Rik Jammer Yeah, wink your hole. and ordering Aaron Tanner to Back up on it!. Bryce Pierce stands on the other side of the fuck bench getting his multi-pierced cock sucked by the line of hungry mouths. - Aaron Tanner, Bryce Pierce, Buck Philips, Jeff Allen, Max Grand, Michael Soldier, Rik Jammer, Scott Samson, Sky Donovan - Up Your Alley 2, Scene #03 [SD 480p]

In the next scene new arrivals Max Grand and Buck Phillips take turns fisting Sky Donovan. Donovans hot, turned-out hole pushes further down Grands arm as he jacks off, shooting a hot, creamy load up on his chest. Scott Samson gets on all fours on the corner of a fuck bench and prepares to be worked over by the whole group. Max Grand steps up first and shoves his fist deep in his ass and sucks Michael Soldiers cock. Donovan reaches over to put his hands inside Samson only to be joined by Grand! Samsons gaping cunt opens wide and takes both of the studs hands deep up his hot gash.
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