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Scene opens on Rick, a good looking All-American college guy, as he finishes shaving in the mirror. A birthday present sits on the counter beside him, with a card to his younger step-sister. Over a series of detail shots, you hear Rick singing to himself and muttering about her -- today is her 19th birthday, shes become such a beautiful young woman, shes going to love his present, he has always had feelings for her ... ever since their parents got married years ago, and how good its going to be to finally fuck her. It sounds as if he is practicing a speech, something hes been wanting to say forever. The phone rings. Rick sees the caller ID is his sister, Jessica and, wiping the last of the cream off his neck, smiles and answers. A split screen shows a locked-off mid-shot of each sibling as they have their conversation. Rick greets her enthusiastically and asks if she is excited for the family BBQ tonight, shes going to love his present. She laughs awkwardly and tells him that the BBQ is cancelled. She asked their parents to leave for the weekend as her gift instead ... so she can finally get the house to herself. You can see Ricks look of disappointment ... until Jessica asks if he will still come over. They can get into all kinds of trouble with their parents gone and, besides, she has something important to tell him. His eyes light up and he eagerly agrees, saying hell be over in an hour. The split screen ends on Jessicas side of the conversation as she hangs up the phone. She nervously walks to her bed and collapses on her back, revealing a rainbow bracelet on her wrist. She tugs at it and bites her lip.

Scene cuts to Rick walking into the familys house, present in hand. Hearing him enter, Jessica runs over and jumps on her brother, bear hugging him and saying how much she missed him. He looks at her lustfully, as he hands over her present and starts to half stammer through his speech. But Jessica is distracted and nervous, shushing him and pulling him upstairs to her bedroom. She must tell him her secret now, she cant wait any longer.

The step-siblings sit on the bed. As Jessica starts to talk, Rick awkwardly gets her to open the present. Its a lacey camisole. The tomboyish Jessica looks at it sideways as Rick calmly places his hand on her knee and gets ready to make his move. But, to his shock, the secret she reveals has NOTHING to do with him. Its her. She is a lesbian. Rick cant hide his disappointment and Jessica takes this as a negative reaction. She asks him for his support and advice on what to do about their homophobic parents. She doesnt want to hide who she is but she is very afraid they will kick her out if they learn the truth.
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