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Diamond Foxxx is just stretching her fit body out in the living room when her sons friend, Jordi, swings by. Hes looking good these days and her life after the divorce has been anything but sexual. Jordi hasnt seen Diamond in a while, he didnt remember how big her tits were, especially once she takes her sports bra off! After drenching her in oil and accidentally grabbing her juicy ass, Jordi cant believe his ears when he gets the okay to keep going! Diamond spreads her legs and offers up her wet, MILF pussy for a pounding neither of them will ever forget! Titfucking her big, fake tits has Jordi glazing them in a warm load, just what Diamond needed. - Ashly Anderson - Working Out The Kinks [HD 720p]

Charles Deras dealing with some serious muscle aches, so he calls out for a special massage hes heard so much about. Ashly Anderson knows her companys reputation for providing a different caliber of massages, so she going in ready to rock! With Charles butt naked on the floor, Ashly drenches herself in bofy oil and rubs her big, fake tits all over him! The more she rubs the harder Charles gets, so when he turns over his horny masseuse grabs hold of his cock and massages it with her mouth! But the real massage was inside her all along, so fills her up with all hes got and pounds her wet pussy until hes glazing her pretty face!
MiamiMeanGirls - Princess Carmela - New Slave Learns Pain [FullHD 1080p]

This slave was found on craiglist, he said he would do "anything" for $100. I explain to him that if he takes enough of a beating to satisfy me, he will get it. You have to be a pretty big loser just to agree to something like that right? So anyway he is so laid back and nonchalant like a totally valley boy or something, Im not even sure what hes doing here. I wonder when I whip his sorry ass if I will cure him of his laid back and lackadaisical demeanor. Ill give him something to care about pretty soon, I promise you that, Ha-Ha. So I whip him and pretty soon he is calling out for me to stop- and that really pisses me off! (We actually had to cut filing for a second- NOT good.) So I let him take a short break to let him regain his composure then I lash into him even harder than before. Over and over again I whip him harder and harder till I convince him to fucking like it in order to please me! If he gets overwhelmed with pain, I just make him kiss my super sexy black thigh high boots. Then I tell him to take more! Its so hot to see a guy change his behavior simply because a mean girl like me forces him to. I train this no-account loser boy to be my perfect pain slave. I wonder what else I can make him do...?
AmericanMeanGirls - Princess Beverly - Spanking Mean Girl Style [FullHD 1080p]

The old slave has been getting spanked for so many years (just look how old he is) that he has built up a high pain tolerance. But he has never been spanked by a mean girl like Princess Beverly before. All these slaves think they are so tough and experienced but they always end up breaking down when a mean girl gets a hold of them. Princess Beverly knows this and plans to use it to her advantage by beating the slave until he agrees to give her all the money in his retirement account. Hes so old that Princess Beverly is even making him change his life insurance policy so everything will go to Princess Beverly leaving nothing for his family.
TeenCreeper/FetishNetwork - Hailey Little - Massage Creep [HD 720p] - Brett Rossi, Kenzie Taylor - Hesitant Housewife [FullHD 1080p]

Hegre - Nuna, Serena L - Double Barrel Penis Massage [FullHD 1080p] - Maya Kendrick, Pierce Paris, Ruckus - (Bi 3-Way: Kinky Fuck Massage - Facial [HD 720p] - amateurs - Long Mint Compilation [SD 480p]

Multiple orgasms in one broadcast. Each is separated by the effect of frame scrolling.
MilfsLikeItBig/Brazzers - Diamond Foxxx - Massaging The MILF [ [FullHD 1080p]

HotLegsAndFeet/DDFNetwork - Candice Demellza - Untitled [2K UHD 2160p]

HotLegsAndFeet/DDFNetwork - Candice Demellza - Untitled [FullHD 1080p] - amateurs - Smash Squad, Part 1 feat Armond Rizzo [HD 720p]

We have waited a long time to have a match up like this. Three of Black Raynes biggest and thickest dicks takes on industry veteran Armond Rizzo like youve never seen before. 5 Mega Cumshots, plenty of fucking and sucking and bussin nutts. This is part 1. Get ya cum rag cause you will nutt many many times over. Get to stroking and wait til part 2 to buss yo nutts with the #SMASHSQUAD!
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