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Day two. We took the party inside. This piece of street trash wondered in looking for favors. We all spent the morning breeding his hole. Then he just ghosted. No one saw him again. Luckily this other cute boy was all up you know where and let everyone use his rear and front load dumpsters. It was pretty epic. Don’t try this at home! - Amateur - Maximum Cum Dump [FullHD 1080p]

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This one was so much fun. She enjoyed being my restroom and taking my lashes from my belt. She gave it 100%, and gave us her body and mind. She took our dicks, took our yellow d, and took all of our nut on her face. She was begging to be bred. She wanted that white man cum deep in her womb. She was a fun, obedient ride. This scene is A #1. - Amateur - Prelude [FullHD 1080p]

We brought our new roomie Marcus to a morning chill out in a seedy part of town. Marcus was sweet and innocent. But after he did the you know what off that 10 inch dick his power dumpster just took over and there was no stopping it. He wanted every load at the party deep inside em. A parade of ran-doms dropped their loads deeper and deeper. No hello. No how r u? After the party we both felt like all these dicks, all these loads still weren’t enough. We want more. We wanna take it to the next level! - Amateur - Bred By The Fugitive [FullHD 1080p]

This has to be the sloppiest and loosest hole yet. This bottom takes the double penetration by the 2 biggest cocks in the room effortlessly. At least he makes it look that way. The ginger stud loves to slurp up any juice that is available, yet he fucks like a champ with his fat mushroom head cock. - Amateur - Slutty Professor [FullHD 1080p]

Bro got bred by a professor to stay in the frat, so we came up with a little plan. We made sure to get it all on tape so hed pass us, for a little young bitch ass.
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