Theenglishmansion - Mistress T - Tied, Teased,Ruined [HD 720p]

TheEnglishMansion - Unknown - The Orgasm Clinic ... [SD 480p]

TheEnglishMansion - Humilation - Her Royal Queendom - Part 2 [HD 720p]

TheEnglishMansion - Various Actris - Pinned To The Board Part1 [HD 720p]

TheEnglishMansion - Miss Marilyn - Maids Misfortune [HD 720p]

Miss Marilyn is training her errant maid Jade, she decides to take her in hand today with a complete check and assessment of her look, abilities and submissiveness. After being served a drink, maid is allowed to worship her shoes and stockings before her chastity is inspected to make sure there has been no unauthorised playing. Mistress directs and observes Jades posture and deportment, unimpressed when she drops the food she is carrying in the special gag, causing an immediate punishment of over the knee spanking and paddling. Jades anal training is then worked on as Marilyn uses her rubber gloved hands to finger and stretch the maid, getting ready for the big inflatable dildo which is soon being rammed in and out, as Jade gasps with pleasure. Her final humiliation is to have her uniform removed so she contemplate her behaviour and try to work hard to earn it back.
TheEnglishMansion - Miss Hendrix, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Sidonia - Huge Strapon Gangbang [HD 720p]

Left on the fucking machine, the huge dildo constantly ramming his arse, the Mistresses return to inflict more ramming on his sore hole. They take turns to peg him, showing no mercy as each use their big strapons full force, ganging up with relentless cruelty. Finally they put the locking butt plug inside him and leave him chained to the wall by it.
TheEnglishMansion - Goddess Serena - Paddock Pony Performs [HD 720p]

Goddess Serena is teaching her ponyboy the ropes, first attaching him to the racing trap and riding him through the long grass of the paddock. She works him hard, introcucing him to the rein control and advanced commands. He is then taken to the show circle and he is trained in deportment and control, to Mistress very high standards.
TheEnglishMansion - Miss Zara, Mistress Sidonia - Lessons In Cruelty [HD 720p]

Mistress Sidonia locks up her slavegirl and boy in the dungeon and leaves them but it is not long before Zara frees herself from the cage and is teasing the slaves chastity contained cock. Despite his begging, she does not release him and instead rides a strapon attached to his waist, causing him even more suffering as she gets pleasure. Mistress Sidonia walks in and catches them and despite their protestations, she decides to punish both of them with a firm spank and paddling. Before being locked away again. Slaveboy manages to escape this time and is soon following Zaras commands to lick her pussy to orgasm, Sidonia hearing her moans decides to teach him a lesson, instructing slavegirl to get him excited and ruin his orgasm.
TheEnglishMansion - Mistress Sidonia - Extended Bodybag Playtime [HD 720p]

Tied tightly and roped down in the leather bondage sack, sendep hood restricting his senses, cock and nipples exposed for torment, Mistress Sidonias slave is in her perfect position. She takes her time slapping his hardening cock, using the leather crop and then tying it up and using the electric CBT board. She then works on the nipples, using biting clamps and picks to get the best reaction. Slave is then placed on the milking machine, to slowly stimulate his cock as he is left in his dark World.
TheEnglishMansion - Mistress Sidonia - Queen Takes Pawn [HD 720p]

Mistress Sidonia has her slave ready for use on the bondage bed. She is soon making him lick her beautiful shoes, then shoving her nylon feet into the foot whores mouth. Mistress is control of his senses, using the latex rebreathe hood as she ties his nipples tightly with thread and then torments them. His cock is teased and then cropped as his dark World of control continues in this amazing scene.
TheEnglishMansion - Miss Vivienne lAmour - Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt2 [HD 720p]

Vivienne and Tiffany continue the initiation of the new girl Sammie.Now she has been proven to be a mindless bimbo slut, they decide that she should be a whore for cock to make the academy some money. She is trained on Tiffanys big dick, taking direction and doing a good job. Her ass is then opened up wide with Viviennes massive strapon dick, Sammie getting slammed hard in a dirty spitroasting threesome!
TheEnglishMansion - Mistress Nikki, Mistress Sarah Jessica - Double Dungeon Dominance [HD 720p]

Mistresses Nikki and Sarah-Jessica are using their long term chastity slave, he will have his full prostate stimulated with gloved fingers and a big dildo inserted into his tight ass, until he begs for release for the first time in six weeks. The dominant women then strap him down on the bondage bench and tease him with their divine bodies, his cock rock hard as they expertly tease and edge him over and over with their hands and vibrators, the precum leaking out constantly. Finally they decide to push him over the edge, an amazing handjob and massive release of cum which he is expected to eat.
TheEnglishMansion - Mistress Sidonia - Inverted Rope Bondage [HD 720p]

Mistress Sidonia has her slave inverted in her rope web, at a perfect height for her to torment his ass, nipples and cock. She is wearing sexy thigh length leather boots with sharp heels that she uses to good effect, making him squirm as she pushes them into his nipples. They are then pulled out with clamps and rope. His cock is also roped up in bondage before she uses the massive electro probe to spread his asshole open and shock his insides and prostate, leaving him in pleasure and pain.
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