SubbyHubby - Helena, Stella Liberty - Teachers Pets Part 1 - Foot Worship [FullHD 1080p]

SubbyHubby - Kitty Tease - Kitty Likes to Play Part 1. [FullHD 1080p]

SubbyHubby - Bella, Raven - Train the Pool Dudes Part1 Foot Worship [FullHD 1080p]

SubbyHubby - Dava, Brianna - Bring Home Slaves Part 3 - Chindo Slave [FullHD 1080p]

SubbyHubby - Nina Dolci - Hardcore [HD 720p]

SubbyHubby - Lexi Luna - The Pathetic Husband Worships Lexis feet [FullHD 1080p]

Lexi has her bitch husband, on the floor, in chastity, at her feet. Where he absolutely belongs. Lexi knows that as a husband, he is absolutely worthless when it comes to sex. His pathetic 2 dick will please nobody. His tongue is also useless, unless its used to clean dirty feet, and she has no problem telling her bitch husband this. Every day she is breaking him down further and further. Lexi is extremely pleased that she found something useful in her marriagehe can clean her princess feet with his pathetic slave tongue. Lexi puts her slave husband to work, allowing him the privilege of cleaning her feet from every angle. She was so pleased with his tongue cleaning, she walks out saying I am going to change, and when I get back we will fuckis she going to free him from chastity???
SubbyHubby - Lexi Luna - Lexi Owns Her Boss Part 1: Slapped [FullHD 1080p]

Just another typical day for Lexi Luna. Spending quality time with her boyfriend, getting fucked, until her day is ruined due to her boss texting her. She becomes increasingly frustrated until she conjures up the perfect solution. She decides to invite her boss over to have some fun with him. She forces him to his knees, completely turning the tables on him, she is not only his boss, but now his Goddess. She verbally degrades him, while slapping him repeatedly in the face, and spitting all over his pathetic face and in his mouth. He becomes her complete spittoon slave. Lots of degradation, spitting, slapping, and teasing with Lexi Lunas beautiful breasts. The transformation to Gaping Gabriella is just beginning.
SubbyHubby - Lexi Luna - Teasing the Boss [FullHD 1080p]

Lexi Luna continues the domination and transformation of her boss, from boss to obedient, pathetic, cross dressed, bitch slave. To gain further control over her boss she plays with herself, right in front of his pathetic face, teasing and tormenting him even more. He is within smelling distance of her magnificent pussy, but he will never have it. This is as close as he will ever come, and Lexi constantly reminds him. Allowing him to smell her hot pink dildo only strengthens the hold she has on this pathetic bitch. When she does explode all over her dildo, she allows him to suck on the dildo, which was the highlight of his bitch life. She mounts and teases him even more, verbally slaying him while playing with her tits. She constantly reminds him of his new position in lifeher bitch. The video continues with her teasing and tormenting him even further, one step closer to being Gaping Gabriella.

Lexi is getting ready for dinner with her boyfriend, but prior to that, she would like to have some fun. She has her slut kneeling at her and her boyfriends feet. After reviewing her list of demands, and of course agreeing to every single thing Lexi wants, Gabriella is allowed to worship her feet. Lexi twists his fetish against him again, and he is willing to do anything in order to worship her feet, including worshipping her boyfriends feet as wellof course. Gabriella is left alone while Lexi goes to dinner with her boyfriend, and he is left with multiple things to do. Gabriella agrees to wash her boyfriends car, to do everything that Lexi asks, and to put it in writing. There will be no going back at this point, Gabriella has signed his life over!
SubbyHubby - Goddess Tangent, Sunny Chase - Human Blow-Up Doll Part 1 [FullHD 1080p]

Tangent and Sunny Chase are relaxing on the couch having a drink when they start having a conversation. They go outside and find Sunnys boyfriend checking out a blow-up doll. Outraged but then amused, they decide to make HIM a blow-up doll by turning him into a total slut. He cant have pussy ever again, so they decide to tease him with Sunnys pussy and show him what he cant have anymore. They tease him with Sunnys gorgeous pussy, and this is only the beginning of his torment.
SubbyHubby - Lexi Luna - Lexi turns Hubby into a Slave (Entire Movie) [FullHD 1080p]

SubbyHubby - Brittany Shae, Lexi Luna - Get Their Way [FullHD 1080p]

Watch the entire movie of these two gorgeous femdoms getting their way with weak men.
SubbyHubby - Vanessa Cage - Pussy Tease, Sissy slave P3 [FullHD 1080p]

Vanessa Cage has been very good to her sissy slave. She let him out after only 60 days in chastity. She also allowed him to jerk off, much more than he deserved. Now, shes decided to put him back in to chastity, but for how long is the question?? Locked up again, she starts his torment early. Masturbating with her pink dildo, her sissy slut is forced to kneel before her, his face right next to her pussy as she pleases herself. She verbally torments him and waves the dildo right in front of his face, teasing that she may let him suck on the dildo when shes done, even offering it for a brief sample to titillate his olfactory sense. Will she let him suck on her pussy, dildo, or will he just be sent off without any further indulgences?
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