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Shes chained up to a devious device, her neck immobilized in steel bondage. On her knees in a cute floral romper, Jesse wastes no time shoving his cock down her throat. She gags and drools everywhere during the sloppy blow job as he rubs his dick across her face.
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Little Penny Lay is usually behind the camera at Insex, but she gets in front and exposed for her live Sexually Broken shoot! Petite Penny is bound in strict stocks, her pretty pink panties pulled over her face as she struggles to deep throat a massive cock.
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Penny Lay and Jesse Dean are typical horny virgins who can't resist getting a little frisky when they've got the house to themselves. Only Jesse has a surprise for pretty little Penny, and she won't be losing her virginity they way most girls do on prom night. They're getting hot and heavy when she notices some interesting magazines on his nightstand - bondage magazines. Her interest is piqued, and he's more than happy to explore his darkest fantasies with his cute little girlfriend. 

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