SexArt - Cindy Shine, Nick Ross - Keep Calm [FullHD 1080p]

Gorgeous Cindy Shines unexpected arrival tempts Nick Ross away from snacking and watching TV sport with his buddy, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Keep Calm begins. Cindy looks stressed by the mess, but Nick soon soothes her, massaging her feet and then sliding his hand up her long, sexy legs and beneath her skirt. They kiss tenderly, and by the time Nick slips his hand inside Cindys panties and works a finger into her pussy, her bad mood has melted away. Nick tugs her panties aside and laps at the fleshy folds of her shaved slit, before replacing his tongue with a furiously thrusting finger, which makes the pretty brunette gasp and throw back her head in ecstasy. Now with nothing but sex on her mind, Cindy pulls out Nicks big cock and wraps her lips around it. She slides it in and out of her mouth effortlessly, teasing it with her pierced tongue and taking it deep. When shes ready to slip it elsewhere, Cindy strips naked, straddles Nick cowgirl, and takes his dick balls deep inside her wet pussy. She rides slowly at first but soon switches up a gear until shes slamming herself furiously on and off his pumping pole, moaning loudly and smiling with delight. Nick sits upright with Cindy still impaled on his cock, and holds her tightly as her entire body undulates wildly and she races towards orgasm. Cindy cums hard, and as she pauses to collect her senses, Nick pushes her onto her back, pulls one of her legs up over his shoulder, and slams his dick into her in missionary. She rubs her clit frantically as he bangs her until she climaxes again. But the skilled cocksman doesnt ease up and continues fucking Cindy until hes ready to explode, pulling out so she can jerk his hot load all over her breasts. Its the perfect way to Keep Calm and turn that frown upside down! Keep-Calm_SexArt-1080p.mp4 / 22#58;06.160 / 1,323,274,871 bytes || Video#58; 1920x1080 | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC | 7886 kbps | 25.000 fps || Audio#58; mp4a#58; MPEG-4 AAC LC | 44100Hz | 96 kbps | 2 channel(s#41; Download .torrent torrent (
SexArt - Tina Kay - Synchronize [FullHD 1080p]

SexArt - Emma Button - Shadows [FullHD 1080p]

SexArt/MetArt - Alexis Crystal - Elegant [FullHD 1080p]

Seen only in tantalizing silhouette, beautiful Alexis Crystal pushes Michael Fly against the wall to kiss him hungrily, as Andrej Lupins atmospheric erotic movie Elegant begins. She unzips his pants to let his long cock spring free, then sucks his fingers and guides them into her panties to stroke her pussy. Leading him by his cock into the light, Alexis kneels to suck and jerk it avidly, perfect ass in the air as she swallows the huge shaft right down to the root. She tugs down her bra to let him suck on her stiff nipples, peels off her panties and guides his erection into her tight pussy, sinking down on him in reverse cowgirl. Her sexy body undulates as she rocks and grinds, rubbing her clit feverishly, intensifying the powerful sensations coursing through her. Spinning around into cowgirl, she impales herself on his huge dick again, then turns back to drive him wild with the view of her ass rising and falling hypnotically in his lap. Michael takes a long lick at her succulent shaved pussy and asshole, before thrusting back into her in doggy. He fucks her to an explosive climax and fills her with his hot load, a superbly athletic couple in stunning sexual harmony.
SexArt - Alexis Crystal - Elegant [FullHD 1080p]

SexArt - Emma Button - Shadows [FullHD 1080p]

Sexy blonde Emma Button sits opposite Pavlos, devouring him with her eyes, as Andrej Lupins atmospheric Shadows begins. Illuminated by a spotlight in the dark room, seductive Emma raises her heel-clad foot for Pavlos to kiss, but pushes him back in his seat when he attempts to get closer. She takes off her sheer wrap, revealing her beautiful body in black lingerie; she leans in to kiss and caress her man, making it clear with every touch that she is in charge. He watches avidly as she takes off her bra her nipples stiff straddles him and grinds her panty-clad pussy in his lap. He gasps appreciatively as she tugs down his shorts and long-licks his hard cock, then takes it between her luscious lips and sucks it hungrily, looking into his eyes to drive him wild. She allows him to worship her breasts and stroke her through her panties, before taking them off and sitting astride him once again, guiding his erection into her shaved pussy. She bounces up and down on him energetically, intent on her own pleasure, long hair flying around as she rides. Turning into reverse cowgirl, she fucks herself on his cock, head thrown back as she moans with arousal. Finally allowing her lover to take the reins, the irresistible maneater bends over for Pavlos to slam into her from behind. He screws her through an intense orgasm before she pushes him back into his chair and jerks him to a sticky finish, asserting her dominance to the very last moment.
SexArt/MetArt - Emylia Argan - Gina Gerson - Assimilation [FullHD 1080p]

Gorgeous Gina Gerson licks and kisses busty Emylia Argans neck and shoulders with unrestrained passion, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Assimilation begins. Emylia is perched on the edge of the bed with her legs spread and Gina kneeling behind her. Gina is wild, tugging down Emylias camisole with her teeth so her huge natural breasts tumble out, squeezing them avidly and reaching around to stroke her pussy through her panties. Its a delicious contrast when Emylia peels off Ginas lingerie to expose her sexy small breasts, lapping at her stiff nipples until shes squirming with excitement, then sucking and biting her pussy through her panties. She gets the slender cutie naked, and Gina lies back, shivering and moaning with arousal as her skilful lover licks her ultra-sensitive shaved slit. She grows even louder as Emylia thrusts two fingers into her tight pussy while tonguing her clit, making her petite body convulse with orgasmic sensations. Emylia is relentless, using both hands to drive Gina to peak after peak of pleasure. Pushing her onto her back, Emylia straddles Ginas pretty face, grinding her unshaven pussy on her mouth. Gina reaches up to fondle Emylias heavy tits as she eats her to a powerful orgasm. But shes not done with her fuck buddy yet, and rolls her onto her front so she can finger-bang her juicy pussy from behind, until she climaxes again. Its lesbian love at its most intensely lustful.
SexArt - Alexis Crystal, Carla Cox, Silvie Deluxe - The Game VIII - Winner Takes All [FullHD 1080p]

WARNING: graphic horror themes! Something strange has happened to dark-haired darling Assoli, and shes rocking on her bed remembering the previous nights sex with Matt Ice, as Andrej Lupins unsettling erotic horror movie House begins. A flashback reveals the hot couple kissing and caressing each other tenderly, in bed, before Assoli straddles Matt and rides him with slow intensity. Her beautiful body undulates, making her pussy glide up and down his big cock, her breasts bouncing invitingly in front of his face. Wanting a taste, Matt sits up with Assoli still impaled on his dick, and sucks her erect nipples, then grabs her by the waist and bounces her on and off his pole. He moans as her tight pussy grips his shaft, spurring him on to pound her harder, faster and deeper. They roll onto their sides, Matt squeezing Assolis hot ass while he thrusts into her; then move into missionary, kissing and clinging to each other passionately as they fuck to an intense simultaneous orgasm. The lovers fold into a tender embrace, making it all the more horrifying as the movie returns to the present for a truly shocking revelation. Happy Halloween!
SexArt - Francys Belle - Our Trip Episode 2 [HD 720p]

SexArt - Tracy Smile - Campus Episode III - Secret Guest [SD 360p]

SexArt - Emylia Argan - Culminate [HD 720p]

SexArt - Lee Anne - Spanish Romance [HD 720p]

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