NubileFilms - Angela Allison, Katy Sky - My First Girlfriend [FullHD 1080p]

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NubileFilms - Trinity Stclair - Game Time [FullHD 1080p]

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NubileFilms - Alina Lopez - Touchdown [HD 720p]

Tight booty shorts hug Alina Lopezs ass as she gets ready to play football with her boyfriend Lucas Frost. The couple does some catch and run practice, but Alina soon decides to take the games inside. Leading Lucas to the couch, Alina lets herself be tackled down for a different type of play.
Relieving Alina of her pants and underwear, Lucas doesnt hesitate to press his mouth to her trimmed twat. As he eagerly feasts on Alinas clit, he brings up a finger to press deep into her tight hole. Pulling the neck of her jersey down along with her bra, Alina bares her breasts and flicks her nipples as Lucas makes magic with his mouth.
Backing off, Lucas works his way out of his clothes while Alina does the same. When he returns to Alina with his hard dick standing proud up to his belly button, her legs are already spread to welcome him inside. Shoving himself into her fuck hole, he works his hips as Alina reaches down to play her fingers over her clit as they work in tandem to bring her to a climax.
They take a few moments to cool things down as Alina reaches forward to grab Lucass hardon. She laps her own musk from the shaft and head, then opens her mouth wide to engulf as much of his hardon as she can. Her bobbing head and stroking fist make magic for Lucas, especially as the Latina hottie works her way up to full-on deep throating action.
Turning around, Alina reaches backwards to spread her own ass cheeks. Thats one hell of a view as Lucas goes to work, flexing his hips with one stroke after another. Alina leans forward to pop her bottom further up in the air, deepening the penetration even more.
Looking for something different, Alina lays on her side while Lucas spoons behind her. Raising one leg into the air, Alina welcomes Lucas back inside her. His hands stroke and caress, exploring Alinas breasts and belly before settling on her inner thighs as he guides her to the perfect position. As soon as he feels Alinas pussy pulsing around him, Lucas pulls out and keeps pumping as she strokes him the rest of the way to a climax that covers her belly in cum.
NubileFilms - Alina Lopez - Touchdown [FullHD 1080p]

NubileFilms/NubilesNetwork - Darcia Lee - Stealing The Show [HD 720p]

Nick Ross cant take his eyes off the television set and his teen girlfriend Darcia Lee has had enough. Strutting into the room dressed in nothing but a sheer jacket and formfitting pnaties, Darcia takes a seat on the couch and spreads her legs before going to work. Her hands are firm and knowing as they pop her tits from the jacket and caress her big boobs. Once her nipples are nice and hard, she turns around to show off the way the thong presses against her anus.

Once she is assured she has all of Nicks attention, Darcia continues the show by running her fingers in slow circles around the crotch of her panties. Rising to her feet while she shrugs off the jacket, she brings herself closer to Nick so he can do what he will with her. He is quick to draw her close with his big hands so he can bury his face between her breasts before licking and sucking each nipple to hardness one at a time. Letting his hands slide lower, he feels the heat emanating from her twat even through the fabric of her thong.

Turning Darcia around, Nick slides her underwear down so he can feel the smooth skin of her hips and ass. That big booty calls to him, but not as much as the glistening space between her thighs. He takes a few moments to indulge once again in the heft of Darcias large knockers, then turns her around so he can dive in to the musky dampness of her twat.

Nicks pussy licking soon has the stunning Latina coed throwing her bead back and filling the room with her moans. She slips her hand down her body, letting her fingers caress through Nicks hair as he eats her out. Her gentle touches guide his tongue and soft lips, letting him know exactly where Darcia needs his attention the most to reach a climax of epic proportions.

Now that shes been temporarily sated, Darcia is happy to help Nick start the gradual climb towards his own climax. She lays him down on the couch, then unzips his jeans so his stiffie can spring free. She licks his shaft lovingly before settling on wrapping her puffy lips around the head of his dick. Her hand strokes as her mouth moves, creating a perfect storm of stroking and suction. Pulling back a little bit, Dacia rubs the tip of Nicks penis against her breasts, luxuriating in the feel of silk-covered steel against her tender breasts.

One kiss later, Darcia has slid her twat down to hover over Nicks fuck stick and has pressed down until shes fully impaled. He sits up as she rides him, adjusting his position so that he can cover her bouncing bosom with his big hands and squeeze the tender globes with each thrust of her hips. Her bare pussy throbs with sexual tension as she disengages from Nicks touch and leans forward, changing up the angle just so until her ecstasy explodes through her greedy body.

Arranging herself on her hands and knees, Darcia invites Nick inside once again. He slides balls deep, filling her as he fulfills her need for a fast and furious coupling. Gradually raising her torso until her back hits Nicks chest, Darcia luxuriates in the lush fulfillment of her boyfriends big dick thrust deep inside.

Darcia isnt quite ready to give up after her orgasm, so she rolls onto her back and uses her hands to keep her thighs as far apart as they can go. Continuing to play stud isnt even a question for Nick, who fucks his love to a final pussy pleasing climax. Pulling out of her heat, he takes advantage of the sheath Darcia has created for his pleasure to enjoy a titty fuck until he covers her jugs in jizz.
NubileFilms - Alina Lopez - Touchdown [SD 540p]

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