MySistersHotFriend/NaughtyAmerica/HD) - Marley Brinx - My Sisters Hot Friend [HD 720p]

Vacations require relaxation, and relaxation requires a hot tub, and a hot tub requires bubblesright? And thats the only piece missing for Marley Brinx right now while shes trying to enjoy some time off with her friends. She cant get the jets to work in the hot tub, so she goes straight to her friends brother Tyler, who shes known for a good 10 years now, and tells him to use his man skills to get the thing working for her while his sisters out picking up party supplies. Like any good man, Tyler does what hes told, but soon finds himself wet when Marley pushes him in the tub! but its fine because shes feeling extra playful, thus illustrated by the removal of her bikini top to bare her beautiful small tits! Is this really happening right now?, Tyler thinks to himself. Yes, yes it is! And so is the blowjob his sisters friend is giving him in the tub, too, not to mention the orgasmic sex theyre about to have. Hey, vacations require relaxation, right?
MyFirstSexTeacher/NaughtyAmerica - Sovereign Syre - My First Sex Teacher [HD 720p]

Professor Sovereign Syre doesnt suffer fools easily, and her student Juan is no exception. After catching him taking upskirt photos of a fellow, unassuming classmate, Prof. Syre keeps him after class to teach him a lesson about invasion of privacy. Faced with the fate of potentially losing his scholarship, Juan will do anything to avoid the deans office and both scholastic and criminal consequences even if it means pulling his dick out in front of his teacher. Yes, Prof. Syre has her student unleash his manhood and start stroking it in front of her, giving him a taste of his own medicine when it comes to privacy. But, in actuality, the horny teacher wants to taste Juans big cock, too! Part of his punishment is to make sure that sexy educator is pleased and satisfied every way possible. Whatever it takes to keep that scholarship!
DirtyWivesClub/NaughtyAmerica - Ashly Anderson aka Ashley Anderson - Dirty Wives Club [HD 720p]

Ashly Anderson grows suspicious when she sees an unknown man digging in her yard, but he tells her that her husband hired her to help clean up and rebuild the deck after the hurricane damage. What he doesnt tell her is that her husband also hired him to fuck his hot wife, but Ashly independently verifies this for herself when she calls her husband to see whats going on with the stranger in the grass. Once the jig is up, Ashly goes inside to slip into something a little more comfortable red lingerie and get herself warmed up with a sex toy. After a while, Peter heads inside to find her, and oh how he does, with that vibrator pinned up against her clit! Hes ready to get even sweatier with a pair of big tits in his face and his big dick inside this hotwifing babes pussy!
MyFriendsHotMom/NaughtyAmerica - Ava Addams - My Friends Hot Mom [HD 720p]

Sometimes the perfect tits just arent enough. Tylers been helping his friends mom Ava Addams go through her divorce process, shuffling court papers to and fro, here and there, and in return shes been allowing him to play with her big fat tits and jerk off to them. But Tyler wants everything Ms. Addams has to offer her ass, her pussy, her blowjob skills on his hard dick and he knows the only way to get that from the busty, lusty MILF is to bargain with her. So if Ava wants his help so her husband will get out, shes going to have to put out for Tyler! A deals a deal, and a MILFs a MILF!
MySistersHotFriend/NaughtyAmerica - Paige Owens - My Sisters Hot Friend [HD 720p]

You just never know when dumb luck can turn into a fun fuck! Robby was just minding his own business, getting ready to go to the skate park, when he looks out the bedroom window and, lo and behold, sees his sisters friend Paige Owens in the yard sunbathing. Turns out shes waiting for Robbys sister to get home, so she took it upon herself to start catching rays early. And when she sees Robby peepin on her, she cant but help to give him a little show! Dumbfounded, Robbys staring at his sisters hot naked friend, and before you know it, shes entering the house and strolling into his bedroom! Theres no better time like the present for Paige to get what shes always wanted Robbys dick inside of her!
MyFirstSexTeacher, NaughtyAmerica - Nikita Von James - My First Sex Teacher [HD 720p]

Johnnys dropping Professor Nikita Von Jamess class because he doesnt feel comfortable in the course, that its not really the right fit for him. She probes more into his concern, and even asks what she can do to make him change his mind, such as one-on-one sessions. But Johnny finally admits that he cant concentrate because shes so hot, with her big tits, stockings and heels and all. Surprisingly, Johnny learns something: that Ms. Von James wants him to stay in her class because shes attracted to him, too. Hes blown away by this new information, especially when its put into practicum with her lips wrapped around his fat cock leading up to his load in her mouth. Hell probably stay in the class now.
MyGirlfriendsBustyFriend, NaughtyAmerica - Nikita Von - My Girlfriends Busty Friend [HD 720p]

Nikita Von James has been eyeing her friends boyfriend Giovanni at the party, and she knows hes been looking at her big tits. While her friend is out by the pool, she finds Gio up by the bathroom and lures him into another bedroom only to let him suck and fuck her big tits with his hard cock! She sits on his face and he eats her juicy pussy before he fucks her good and cums all over her face and massive tits!
MyFriendsHotMom, NaughtyAmerica - Nikita Von - My Friends Hot Mom [HD 720p]

Nikita Von James is meeting her stepsons friend James at a mansion to discuss the possibility of the two boys living there during college. James tells her the propertys wealthy owners are renting it for cheap due to the economy, and all he needs is for her to co-sign the lease for them since his parents are no longer around. Nikitas worried that the two college boys are gonna trash the house during parties, and that its going to cost a fortune. But, shes willing to cosign under two conditions: 1) they get straight As in school; and 2) she not say anything to her stepson after she sucks Jamess cock and lets him fuck her hot, blonde MILF self there, christening his new royal mansion bed in his new royal mansion room! Hail King James!
NaughtyOffice/NaughtyAmerica - Abella Danger - Naughty Office [HD 720p]

All hell breaks loose when big boss Abella Danger finds out that her employee Sean has been using the company credit card for his personal affairs, and heads are gonna roll. Except that they already have: when Sean explains that the cosmetic surgery purchase notated on the credit card report was used for a head reduction, and not the one resting on his shoulders, Abella demands proof. Its not commonplace to slap your cock out on your bosss desk, but its also not commonplace for your boss impressed upon seeing the results of such a demand, as Abella is when Sean unzips. So much so that shes instantly mesmerized and practically begging for her employees huge dick in her salivating mouth. But what about his expenditures on the company dime? Enjoy this lesson in workplace risk taking and risk management!
DiaryOfANanny, NaughtyAmerica - Elena Koshka - [Creampie, American, Athletic Body, Blow Job, Brunette, Caucasian, Coeds, Hairy bush, Innie Pussy, Lingerie, Natural Tits, Russian, Shaved, Small Tits, Squirting, Stockings] [SD 480p]

MySistersHotFriend/NaughtyAmerica - Aria Sky - My Sisters Hot Friend [HD 720p]

Why hasnt Aria Sky been fucked yet? The big tits virgin does everything she can to lure the boys into her tight, angelic pussy, but she cant seem to ever close the deal. Its not until she finds out from her friends brother Tyler at their pool party that her dad is a complete maniac who threatens every cock that gets within two feet of her. But Arias determined to get fucked, so she sneaks him into his sisters bedroom and spreads her legs wide for Tyler to eat her pussy, stick his fingers inside, and penetrate and deflower her. He happily does so, using oil and spit to lubricate and give her a virgigasm to remember forever!
MySistersHotFriend/NaughtyAmerica - Natasha Starr, Zoey Monroe - My Sisters Hot Friend [HD 720p]

Whats more liberating than having the house all to yourself on the Fourth of July to do any fucking thing you want?! Dustins family is out of state for the week of Independence Day and left him to his own devices at their home. Hes planning for some sort of shindig when his sisters tease of a friend Zoey Monroe shows up and asks him if she can use his house to celebrate the holiday with her newfound lesbian friend Natasha Starr, a Polish girl who wants to see what its like to celebrate the Fourth of July in a good ol American home with a pool, barbecue and a bang. To sweeten the deal, Zoey tells Dustin that once she and Natasha are done eating cherry pie together theyll be ready to take on his big hot dog together! Dustins more than happy to welcome a foreigner into his home and show her how to celebrate on Independence Day with two hot blondes, a threesome and fireworks! Happy Fourth of July!
MyFriendsHotMom, NaughtyAmerica - Nikita Von - My Friends Hot Mom [HD 720p]

Nikita Von James sons friend, Seth, stops by the house to leave a little gift. What gift did he leave, you say? Well, a giant box full of naked Seth of course. Seth pops out of a box, wearing nothing but a bow, as Nikita approaches the tree. Nikita doesnt know what to think. Seth always found Nikita hot and wanted to give her his cock for Christmas. Shes hesitant to accept such a loving gesture since Seth is her sons friend, but looking at his body Nikita notices that Seth has become a man and a hot one at that. She then willingly accepts Seths gift into her box of joy. Merry Cockmas to all and to all a good fuck!
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