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Melody Petite enjoys Ricky Rascal so much that she decides to hire him for an oily rubdown in the Massage Rooms, so the stud starts by oiling up her arms and hands. Ricky rubs her digits, then climbs on top of her, oils up her chest, and rubs her small boobs. Ricky moves down to Melodys thighs and hips, then climbs off to work on her calves and feet. Moving back to her head, Ricky strips off his shirt as Melody takes off his pants, takes out his hard cock, and gives him a blowjob. As she sucks the dick, Ricky fingers Melody, then spins her around and sticks his penis inside her tight pussy. After some doggystyle and some athletic bridging, Melody rides Ricky cowgirl to orgasm!
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Melody Petite is taking care of May Thai in the Massage Rooms, and the latter sits on the table wearing nothing but a white towel. Melody massages Mays shoulders and neck, then asks the Asian babe if she would like the massage to be done with oil. May enthusiastically agrees, so Melody oils up her breasts, then plays with her caramel nipples. Melody lies May down and teases her with her mouth, then the ladies kiss. They oil Melodys ass and titties up together, then Melody rubs Mays tight pussy. The ladies eat each other out, then enjoy some 69 style tribbing, and even a footjob before they both cum.
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Eighteen-year-old blonde babe Marilyn Sugar hires delicious spinner Lady Bug for an oily session in the Massage Rooms. Seated behind Marilyn, Lady Bug stretches the blonde spinners neck and shoulders, then oils her body up. As Lady stretches Marilyns triceps, the towel covering her pert boobs falls to her lap and she giggles innocently. Lady takes Marilyn by the neck and turns her, then kisses her on the mouth while massaging her breasts. Lady pushes Marilyn back and eats her pussy, then Marilyn climbs on top of Lady so they can lick each other in 69. Both ladies then take turns fingering each other and bringing themselves to glorious climax!
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Lutro Steel introduces Rae Lil Black to a milking table, a special massage table with a hole in it. Rae lies face down on the table and Lutro kneels on top of her, then pours oil down her back and bum. Lutro runs his hands up and down Raes spine, then sits her up so he can rub her shoulders and tits. Seated, Rae notices the hole in the table and inquires what its used for. Lutro tells her to close her eyes, has her kneel under the table, then sticks his hard cock through the hole. When Rae opens her eyes shes delighted, and strokes and sucks Lutros thick dick. Turned on, Rae gets back on the bed, and the couple share an oily fuck until Rae hops off the bed to milk the cumshot from Lutros pulsing penis!
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Hayli Sanders hires Lady Bug for a sensual massage in the Massage Rooms. Lady begins the massage by oiling up Haylis legs and feet, then uses her thumbs to make circles in the brunettes sore muscles. Lady then runs her hands up the back of Haylis legs and removes her towel to massage her pert booty. Lady then drizzles oil down Haylis stomach and boobs, then oils up and rubs her pussy. Hayli then oils up Ladys naked body, and eats her out from behind. Afterwards, the ladies enjoy some tribbing and mutual masturbation, then make each other cum!
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Topless lesbians Rebecca Volpetti and Talia Mint sit lotus-style outdoors as they practice sensual yoga. The ladies breathe deeply as they lean forward and elongate their spines, then Talia offers to help Rebecca get a deeper stretch. While on top of her lover, Talia kisses Rebecca, then massages her perky tits. Talia climbs on top of Rebecca in 69 position, then pulls her panties to the side, and slowly licks around the spinners lips. The ladies moan as they pleasure their pussies, then each takes turns focusing on the other so they can bring their orgasms to the next level!
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