GirlsWay - April ONeil, Kenna James - Fantasy Factory: Wastelands [FullHD 1080p]

An android, known as VX-13 (Kenna James), awakens to find herself naked and alone in the middle of the Wastelands. The android has no idea how she ended up there, although shes in dire need of water to keep her systems up and running.
MommysGirl/GirlsWay - Scarlett Sage, Kenzie Taylor - Where Is The Key? [FullHD 1080p]

Kenzie Taylor is doing some housework and stops by her step-daughter Scarlett Sages room to see if she has any laundry. Cleaning the clothes off of Scarletts bed, Kenzie finds something she thought shed never find: lube! Hmmm, what exactly is her daughter doing in here when shes alone? Kenzie remembers what she was doing alone in her room when she was Scarletts age (and it probably wasnt playing solitaire!). Continuing to sort through Scarletts clothes, Kenzie makes another discovery: a big, shiny, purple dildo. Well, at least shes alone, and thats really all a mom can ask for. Or so she thinks until she finds one more shocking item under Scarletts clothes: handcuffs! Thats the last straw. Theres no way Scarlett is using handcuffs by herself, so she must be fucking in the house! Furious, Kenzie calls Scarlett into her room. Scarlett cant believe that her step-moms been snooping through her stuff. Kenzie confronts her. Is she fucking boys in their house?! She denies everything, yelling in her moms face, but Kenzie is not going to tolerate this kind of disrespect. Shes going to teach Scarlett a lesson. Since she loves to use handcuffs so much, Kenzie is going to teach her daughter how to use them properly! Handcuffing Scarlett to the bed, Kenzie tickles Scarletts hot body, trying to get her to tell her everything about all the boys that shes been fucking. She tickles her little tits and slips off Scarletts shorts. Aha! There is no way she would wear these hot panties unless it was for someone else. Finally, Scarlett confesses: she hasnt been fucking a boy, shes been fucking a girl! Kenzie is surprised but not mad. She just wants to help her daughter, like shes always helped her in life. She has lots of experience with girls and can show Scarlett so many great things. Things that can make her feel so good. Scarlett isnt so sure but soon cant resist her moms expert touch, as Kenzie starts to lick her pretty little nipples and rub her tight little pussy. Scarlett knows they shouldnt be doing this, but as Kenzie reminds her: Mother knows best!
GirlsWay - April ONeil, Jade Baker, Victoria Voxxx - Lady Boss: Company Policy [FullHD 1080p]

Victoria Voxxx and Jade Baker are stars in a video regarding personal boundaries in the workplace. When Victoria mentions respecting her co-workers personal space, she reaches down and grabs Jades tits. April ONeil, whos filming the segment, yells cut, and reminds them that perhaps its not the best idea to grab her tits while theyre talking about the subtleties of personal space. April tries take after take but the girls are simply not getting it. Every time Victoria gets to the same place in her script, shes either groping Jade, taking off her clothes or sucking on her neck. April cant help but laugh as she slowly realizes that theyre plan was to seduce her all along. She tells them that theyre going to have to try it again. As soon as Victoria starts the script, shes already got her hands all over Jade and is undressing her. The girls tell April that perhaps it might be a better idea to make a video about consent as they pull her closer. April laughs at how devious they are and tells them she consents to their advances jokingly. The girls start undressing April as they kiss her face and suck on her tongue. Jade gets on her knees and doesnt waste any time diving into her pussy. The girls take turns dominating each other as they cum over and over. Lucky for them, the camera was still rolling, and the girls can relive the experience again and again.
WebYoung/GirlsWay - Karlee Grey, Kendra Spade - Wet And Willing [FullHD 1080p]

Kendra Spade and Karlee Grey are talking in Karlees bedroom. Kendra has a date later tonight and shes very excited! She invites Karlee to come along to meet her dates friend, but Karlee politely declines. Karlee gets into the bathtub for a nice relaxing bath. She gently rubs her softsupple breasts as she lathers herself with soap. At the door, Kendra knocks and comes into the bathroom saying that her shower isnt working and that she absolutely has to get clean! Without much notice, Kendra is in the tub naked with Karlee! Taken in by Karlees breasts, Kendra starts to rub them, offering to help her wash off the soap. Karlee is tempted by Kendra, but shes shy... its not like she can has sex with her roomate?! Can she? Lust and curiosity overpowers Karlee and the girls begin to kiss while touching each other in the tub. Kendra rubs Karlees pussy and roughly finger fucks her. You can hear Karlee moan in pleasure while she cums! Rushing to Karlees bedroom to finish, Kendra jumps on Karlee and sits on her face. Her eyes roll back in ecstacy as Karlee sucsk on that tight wet pussy! Once both girls are exhausted from cumming, Karlee remembers and asks about Kendras date! Kendra laughs it off saying that this was a better date idea anyways!
WebYoung/GirlsWay - Carolina Sweets, Riley Anne - Picking And Packing [FullHD 1080p]

Carolina Sweets and Riley Anne have been planning a trip for months. When the day finally arrives for them to leave, Carolina cant decide which outfit she likes best. She goes through four outfits before realizing that she needs to pack more. Riley tells her how great she looks in all of them and should just settle on something, so they can leave. Carolina wants to look her best and isnt leaving until she finds the perfect one. As she gets dressed, the girls discuss big plans for their vacation. Dinner, shopping, fine dining is all on the menu and now that the girls are of age, theyll definitely be hitting the clubs. Riley is eager to leave but Carolina wants to make sure she has the cutest outfits as her disposal before they go. Riley gets up and sneaks up on Carolina telling her that it doesnt matter what she wears, shes always going to look incredible. The girls start kissing as Riley escorts Carolina to the bed. She moves the suitcase to the floor, making sure not to mess up Carolinas packing job in the process. The girls are eager to leave but not before they have some fun. As they take off each others clothes, they take their sweet time exploring their tight teen bodies. Eating their pussies, 69ing and tribbing, it looks like the girls may have started their vacation early!
WebYoung/GirlsWay - Scarlett Sage, Kenzie Reeves - Dont Share With Anyone [FullHD 1080p]

Kenzie Reeves is on the phone with a friend but Scarlett Sage is bored and wants her attention. As Kenzie tries to get up-to-date with the latest gossip, Scarlett wont leave her alone. When Kenzie tells her to fuck off, Scarlett just laughs it off. She tries to resume her conversation but Scarlett isnt done with her yet. As she tries desperately to ignore her, Scarlett starts snapping pictures of her with her phone. Kenzie tries to get rid of her by flashing her boobs defiantly but doesnt know that Scarlett snapped the picture at the perfect moment. When she shows her that she got a pic of them on her phone, Kenzie gets off the phone immediately. Scarlett laughs defiantly as Kenzie tries to delete the picture from her phone. When Scarlett tells her shes gonna post it on social media, Kenzie gives up fighting with her and asks her what she wants. Scarlett just wants some time alone with her; theyve never hung out one on one since their parents got married and its about time they got to know each other. When Kenzie sarcastically asks her what she wants to do, Scarlett threatens to post the picture again. Kenzie apologizes and asks her what she wants. Scarlett wants to see her boobs. Kenzie is shocked but knows shes gotta put out or that picture is going to be posted. She pulls up her shirt and then pulls it back down. Scarlett asks her to pull it up again, slowly. When she realizes she has no cards left to play, she has to give her step-sister what she wants. She then realizes that this is what she wanted as well and the girls lose themselves in each others pussies.
GirlsWay - Carter Cruise, Riley Reid - My Imaginary Lesbian Friend [FullHD 1080p]

Riley Reid goes to the bathroom to wash up before bedtime. She looks in the mirror and waits eagerly for her secret friend, Carter Cruise, to arrive. You see, Riley has a secret she cant tell anyone, shes met someone. Someone new and exciting. The thing is, no one can see her but her. When Riley is alone, she feels a calling inside her that propels her towards the mirrors of the house. And sometimes, just sometimes, Carter will be there waiting for her. And when she is, Rileys heart practically bursts. All she wants is to touch Carter, to have her lips pressed against hers. She just doesnt know how. Tonight, shes hoping that this will all change. She glances in the mirror and sees her reflection. She looks away disappointed, thinking that perhaps she wont ever see Carter again. She looks up and sees Carter looking right back at her. Riley sticks out her tongue playfully and Carter follows suit. Riley giggles and tells her that she hasnt seen her in so long and misses her. Carter tells her shes always here with her. Riley confesses that she really wants to kiss her but when she tries, Carter disappears and all shes left with is her own reflection. Frustrated, she retreats to the bedroom but as she turns around, she sees Carter smiling back at her in the mirror. Carter asks her to try to kiss her again and when she does, she finally gets her wish, and has her arms wrapped around her love.
GirlsWay - Whitney Wright, Natasha Nice - Lesbian News Anchors [FullHD 1080p]

Girlsway news network ratings have gone through the roof. Their news anchor, Whitney Wright, can do no wrong. Since she joined the network, shares have gone up 300 %! Their boss and onsite director, Bree Mills, is going to make sure this trend continues. Natasha Nice is starting her first day on the job and needs to make sure she doesnt blow it. Before air time, Whitney notices shes nervous and assures her that shes going to do fine, in fact, she has an idea that will calm her down; shes going to eat her pussy. When Bree comes back on set to inform Natasha that shes got 2 minutes before going live, Whitney has already made her way under the table and is playing with her pussy. After the segment is done, Bree comes back on set and congratulates Natasha on a job well done. They break for lunch and Natasha tells Whitney that she shouldnt have done that; it couldve cost her her job! Whitney tells her that on the contrary, she was just trying to help her relax and after all, she did do a great job thanks to her. When the crew leaves the set, Whitney tells Natasha that they have about 2 hours before they have to work again, and they may as well have some fun while theyre alone. Natasha asks Whitney if shes sure no one will walk in on them and Whitney assures her that they have all the time in the world.
MommysGirl/GirlsWay - Cherie DeVille, Chloe Cherry - Mommys Scent [FullHD 1080p]

Chloe Cherry is home alone sitting in her living room. And what does Chloe do when shes all by her lonesome? Why she sniffs her mothers panties of course! As Chloe takes whiff after glorious whiff, she doesnt notice Cherie DeVille walking towards the house. Whats worse is that Cherie can see Chloe through the window. Cherie knocks on the door while Chloe tries desperately to hide the panties in the folds of the couch. When she answers the door, Cherie greets her and asks if her moms home. When Chloe tells her shes home alone, Cherie wonders if she could come in. The girls sit down on the couch and Cheri tells her that she saw what she was doing. Chloe denies it, but Cherie pulls out the panties and shows them to her. Chloe is so embarrassed that she mumbles incoherently. Cherie tells her that its perfectly natural to have mixed feelings growing up, especially about women. This gets Chloes undivided attention. Cherie explains that theres nothing wrong with being gay but sniffing her mothers panties is a stretch. Is this the only pair shes taken from her mom? Chloe leads Cherie to her room and confesses shes got a drawer full of them. Cherie tells her this is worse than she expected but she might have the perfect solution. Why doesnt she play the surrogate mother and let Chloe play out her fantasies with her? She takes off her dress to reveal the sexiest lingerie Chloe has ever seen. She takes off her panties and puts on a pair of Chloes mothers. The icing on the cake is when she applies her perfume on as well. At this point, Chloe simply cant resist. With an opportunity to live out her wildest fantasies, Chloe would be a fool to turn down Cherie.
MommysGirl/GirlsWay - Veronica Avluv, Alina Lopez, Ella Knox - The Babysitter Rules [FullHD 1080p]

Ella Knox is babysitting for Veronica Avluv. Veronica is making sure Ella isnt going to have her boyfriend over like last time. With her low-cut dress and makeup, Ella looks like shes hitting the town; its no wonder Veronica is suspicious! After grilling her with questions and making sure shes flying solo, Veronica takes her leave. Veronicas stepdaughter, Alina Lopez, walks in to find Ella on the couch reading a book. Theyve heard so much about each other, but this is the first time theyre meeting. Veronica told Alina that Ella was pretty, but she didnt know that she was this stunning. She sits next to her on the couch and starts flirting with her immediately. Ella is trying to be professional, but Alina is doing everything in her power to seduce her. She sits closer to Ella, as she touches her skin and complements her. Ella blushes trying desperately to maintain her composure, but Alina isnt giving up. When Veronica comes home early from her errands and finds womans garments scattered all over the floor; shes furious! She goes to the bedroom to investigate to find her stepdaughter eating her babysitters pussy. She clears her throat, making her presence known, as the girls leap up from the shock. Ella apologizes profusely and tries to leave but Alina is not having it. She knows Veronica is angry because shes jealous. All she does is talk about how pretty Ella is; shes the one who wants to be eating her pussy! Alina tells her to kiss Veronica, but Veronica tries to deny her feelings. Once Ella gets her tongue in her mouth, Veronica is just about ready to explode. And when stepmom and stepdaughter share the babysitter for the rest of the afternoon, you know this is an afternoon that will be remembered.
GirlsWay - Kristen Scott, Alina Lopez, Jane Wilde - Duplicity [FullHD 1080p]

Kristen Scott is a spoiled rich girl who just has to have her way. She invites Jane Wilde over to show off her new expensive handbags that her daddy bought her. Alina Lopez, the house maid, overhears their conversation and is grossed out at how materialistic the girls are being. She whispers to herself that theirs more important things in life than money but unfortunately for her, the girls hear her. Kristen humiliates her saying that she should stick to cleaning toilets. A little later, Kristen and Jane are hanging out in the club when theyre approached by a strange man. Jane is worried as the guy looks sketchy, but Kristen tells her to get lost as she knows him. Unbeknownst to Jane, this guy is Kristens supplier. After they make the deal, shots are fired in the club hitting Jane in the arm. She wakes up in a hospital bed, with Kristen at her bedside whos crying crocodile tears. She knows if Jane rats on her, she could get in trouble and doesnt want to risk doing time. The thing is, Jane is on to her friend. She knows that all she cares about is herself. If she wants her to keep her mouth shut, Kristen is going to have to give her something in return; one of her expensive handbags. Kristen realizes she has no choice and agrees. As she leaves the hospital, she runs into her maid, Alina. Kristen tells her shes not in the mood for any type of confrontation, but when Alina shows her video evidence of her making the exchange with her supplier, she gets Kristens attention quickly. Kristen asks her what she wants, and Alina tells her she wants to dyke it out with her. Kristen isnt even gay, but Alina doesnt care. Shes either going to fuck her or go to jail. Later on in the house, the girls are diking it out in Kristens room when theres a knock at the door. Kristen sticks her head out to find Jane smiling mischievously. When she asks her what shes doing there, the girls tell her that theyre in cahoots and that theyve been conspiring to fuck her for months. Kristen knows they have dirt on her that could get her in real trouble and has no choice but to give them what they want; her wet pussy!
MommysGirl/GirlsWay - Syren De Mer, Whitney Wright - The Pink Pill [FullHD 1080p]

Syren De Mer is doing dishes in the kitchen when her stepdaughter, Whitney Wright, walks in saying she has a terrible headache. Syren hugs her saying she has just the thing for her. Now that shes eighteen, Syren can give her the good stuff. She tells Whitney to go upstairs and find the pink bottle in the bathroom. Whitney searches the bathroom and eventually finds a bottle labeled female libido enhancer. Not having a clue as to what that means, she swallows two for good measure and goes back downstairs. When Syren asks her hows shes feeling, Whitney tells her her headache is gone but she feels warm. Syren checks to see if she has a fever but when Whitney notices her stepmoms jugs, she starts grabbing them. Syren pushes her away asking whats come over her. Whitney comes to her senses as she apologizes and runs to her room completely embarrassed at what just transpired. Syren follows her but Whitney manages to close the door behind her. Syren begs for Whitney to open the door: all she wants to do is help her. Whitney is trying to regain her composure and come to her senses but the meds she took, seem to have a life of their own. Syren realizes that her stepdaughter took the wrong pills and feels responsible and will do anything to help her. Whitney opens the door pulling Syren in, throwing her on the bed in the process and kissing her madly. Syren says that all she wants to do is help her, Whitney has a suggestion; Please make me cum mommy? Seeing the state Whitney is in and knowing shes responsible, Syren cant help but comply!
GirlsWay - Alison Rey, Gina Valentina - Lady Boss: The IT Nerd [FullHD 1080p]

Alison Rey is trying desperately to work but cant seem to get online. When her computer shuts down entirely, she just cant believe her luck. She calls the IT department to find out that her IT guy is on vacation. Irritated, she begs them to send her someone competent enough to fix her damn computer. When Gina Valentina arrives and introduces herself as the new temp, Alison asks her why it took her so long to get there. Gina looks at the computer and asks her what happened. Alison rolls her eyes and cant believe she has to deal with this nonsense. If shes IT, shouldnt she be the one to tell her? Gina informs her that it seems to be a hardware issue and with the right parts, she could have it as good as new. The only problem is temps dont have access to parts. Alison just yells at her saying she has a lot of work to do and doesnt have time for this. Gina gets on her hands and knees and tries desperately to find the problem. Alison notices Ginas perfectly shaped ass and figures since shes waiting, she may as well enjoy the view. The more Alison stares at her ass, the more she gets turned on. She takes off her panties and tells Gina that perhaps she could make herself useful in another way. When Gina turns around, Alisons pussy is right in her face. Alison proposes that if she can eat her pussy and do a good job, then maybe shell have a future at the company. Gina has a boyfriend and is reluctant, but Alison doesnt care. Eat her pussy and stay on or get lost. Gina wants the job and decides that a little pussy, never hurt anyone.
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