FemmeFataleFilms - Mistress Vixen - Clamping To Extremes [HD 720p]

There are nothing but extremes when it comes to Mistress Vixen and this CBT session is no exception to that rule! There is sheer delight on Mistress Vixens face as she puts her slave through absolute agony, tormenting his cock and balls with medical grade clamps on the most extreme level. As if the clamping wasnt enough, she then decides to whip his genitals and nipples until he can take no more... then she delivers a whole lot more with sadistic passion in her eyes!
FemmeFataleFilms - Mistress Heather, Mistress Lady Renee - Mouth Fuck [HD 720p]

The slave is new to cock sucking, so the two Mistresses decide to hurl him in at the deep end with some aggresive cock sucking and gagging. Their ample size appendages are not for beginners, but the tears it brings to his eyes only make the two Dommes break his cock sucking virginity with more brutality
FemmeFataleFilms - Mistress Serena - Bondage Busting [HD 720p]

Mistress Serena is in the mood for a heavy ball busting session and really wants to destroy some balls, however her slave is intent on avoiding her full force kicks... A problem slave, but a simple solution by strapping him to the bondage chair and taping up his cock out of the way. With her targets exposed, full force shoe and barefoot kicks follow in swift succession! Once shes pulverised them in the chair, she makes sure they are well and truly crushed with some full weight trampling.
FemmeFataleFilms - Divine Mistress Heather - Tongue Work [HD 720p]

Feeding time for the slave that only gets to eat from his Mistresss feet. Things get extremely messy when the sticky honey comes out... just as well Mistress Heather lubricates his mouth with plenty of her divine saliva to wash down his dinner.
FemmeFataleFilms - Miss Zoe - The Painful Truth [HD 720p]

Prisoners are usually reluctant to give anything away to their captors, however when you put Miss Zoe into that mix, things usually change and change most rapidly! The physical challenge she puts the prisoner through is extreme by anyones standards, but when backed up by a wickedly sharp tongue and a skilled interrogative mind, the prisoner really had no chance!
FemmeFataleFilms - Mistress Heather, Lady Victoria Valente - Stock Caning [HD 720p]

Brutal is the best way to describe this scene. Immobilised in stocks, the slave has no choice but to take as many ferocious strokes of the cane as the two leather clad Dominas decide to dish out. Extreme caning, not for the feint hearted viewer!
FemmeFataleFilms - Mistress Lady Renee - Lashed Man Standing [HD 720p]

A session showing the multi talented Mistress Lady Renee wielding a single tail whip with precision and extreme power! Shackled to the bondage frame, the slave prisoner takes a heavy beating from his leather clad uniformed captor, with the intensity not just from the extreme level of his physical punishment, but also the psychological mind fucking she puts him through.
FemmeFataleFilms - Mistress Petite. - Gag On My Boots [HD 720p]

Miss Petite has returned home and her thigh boots are filthy! Her slave must show his worth and lick the mud and god knows what else from the soles and the spike heel. She spits directly into his mouth when his saliva gets muddied up and then crushes his cock beneath the soles of his boots.
FemmeFataleFilms - Miss Zoe - Slapped Down and Smothered [HD 720p]

The gardener thought he could get away with peeping through the window as his Mistress adjusted her stockings... no chance! Dragged by his ear into the living room, Miss Zoe thoroughly humiliates her hapless employee with a hard over the knee spanking, but only after hes licked the garden mud from her heels. Spat at, spanked, face sat and smothered, with his nose buried deep between her ass cheeks, he then has to shield her feet from the cold floor with his hands, in time with every step she takes.
FemmeFataleFilms - Divine Mistress Heather, Lady Victoria Valente - Cock Enlargement [HD 720p]

The two ladies are interviewing candidates for an opening, however their requirements are far from the usual qualifications for a vacancy... they get him to strip and then show their feet some respect, first with shoes on, then with some barefoot sniffing and smothering. When they pull his pants down they reveal their true demands, that being that any successful applicant must have a large cock. Unfortunately for this guy, he doesnt measure up, but they have some painful ways of stretching their boundaries and his pathetic little appendage!
FemmeFataleFilms - Mistress Serena - Foot Lust [HD 720p]

accepts an audience with a slave, but the slave must show their passion and aptitude for serving, or they will be unceremoniously kicked from her presence! This slave has an opportunity to excel in shoe and foot worship and taking full weight high-heeled trampling. Hes tested and pushed hard to his limits, but whether Mistress Serena will ultimately allow him to serve her again, is another question all together...
FemmeFataleFilms - Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Lady Renee - The Experimentation Room [HD 720p]

The two Mistresses have a lump of slave meat on their slab to experiment with, so they start with some electrical play, first connecting his balls to the box, then inserting a large anal plug to stimulate a reaction from deep inside of him. After testing and pushing his limits, then then decide to see how many steel rods they can insert down the shaft of his penis...
FemmeFataleFilms - Miss Zoe - Boot Day [HD 720p]

Its boot day and Miss Zoes lucky slave has the great honour of worshipping her boots, to show his true respect before her. He must lick every inch of her shiny patent leather boots and when his mouth gets dry, there is an ample amount of spit available, straight from Zoes mouth to re-lubricate him!
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