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I was a little tired behind the wheel today, and I only closed my eyes for a second, but that was all it took to hit Mr. Hendersons car. I rear-ended him, and Mr. Henderson was extremely angry with me. Apparently it was a new car, and I felt so guilty. I couldnt find my license, and he told me he had friends who were cops, so I had to think fast. I love sex, so thats what I came up with. I rubbed Mr. Hendersons cock over his jeans, then gave him a blowjob. He definitely worked out some frustration fucking my face, and gave my ass nice hard spanks just the way I like it. By the time he covered my face and tits with his cum, Mr. Henderson had forgot we had an accident in the first place!
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It was very cold outside, so Marcel was happy I arrived so quickly. He was on his way to a meeting, and told me how it was his first time using the application. I dont work for an application, I work for myself, so I questioned him further. Marcel had gotten into the wrong car accidentally, and my fare was too high for him to afford. I told him I would give him a discount if he showed me his penis, and it was nice and thick, so I agreed to wave the fare for a fuck. I got in the backseat and he sucked my tits, then I gave him a blowjob, he ate my pussy, and then we shared a steamy fuck!
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I was finished my shift and talking to a friend on the phone when Tomas got into the car. Tomas was on his way to school and was late, so he asked me to drive him, but since I had shut off my meter I told him to find another car. Tomas wouldnt leave, and insisted he would do anything for the ride. I told him I would do it if he helped me relax by taking off his pants. I got into the backseat with him and he ate my pussy, then I gave him a blowjob. I mounted his shaft and bounced my booty up and down until I came until I came, then the stud jerked himself off all over my tits!
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In a scene straight from an action movie, Pablo Ferrari jumped into my cab with no pants on, and desperately implored me to drive. Long story short, he told me, he had met a girl at a bar and gone back to her place. He was balls deep inside her pussy when her husband came home, so he had to bail. It was then I asked him how he would pay my fare if he didnt have his wallet. He offered to clean, but I had a better idea. I got into the backseat and started wanking his cock while he sucked my tits. Pablo ate my ass from behind, then I rode his cock until he came all over me!
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I was driving my cab today when a cheeky bastard by the name of Axel Aces got into the backseat. He got right to poking fun at me, asking if I was actually driving my dads cab, because I looked too young to own a car like this one! Now I might come from a cabby family, but I had my badge and offered to show him. He kept being cheeky, so I told him to be careful before I went back there, gave him a spanking, and put a banana up his arse! I invited him to check out my badge in the front seat, and he grabbed my tits...
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