NuruMassage/FantasyMassage - Chanel Preston, Bunny Colby - Embracing Her Sexuality [FullHD 1080p]

Rion King and Bunny Colby, a couple, are sitting in a massage parlor lobby together. They look a little tense but are still holding each others hands. Bunny thanks Rion for booking the massage.
NuruMassage/FantasyMassage - Lena Paul - Massaged By My Ex [FullHD 1080p]

Masseur Alex Legend arrives for his shift, and a fellow masseur asks him to take their client, which Alex agrees to. When his colleague tells him the customers name, Alexs eyes slowly widen with alarm and he swallows hard at the realization of it being the same name as his ex-girlfriends. Uh...
NuruMassage/FantasyMassage - Christie Stevens, - Jillian Janson - MomS Perfect Little Angel [FullHD 1080p]

Codey Steele arrives for his scheduled massage with his regular masseuse, Christie Stevens. Hes confused to see Jillian Janson there, who is introduced to him as Christies step-daughter.
NuruMassage/FantasyMassage - Chanel Preston - Box Set [FullHD 1080p]

FantasyMassage - Cadey Mercury - Arabian Nights [FullHD 1080p]

NuruMassage/FantasyMassage - Kenzie Taylor - The Lawyers Ass [FullHD 1080p]

AllGirlMassage/FantasyMassage - Adriana Chechik, - Darcie Dolce - Desperate Realtor [FullHD 1080p]

Realtor Adriana Chechik gives her client Darcie Dolce a tour of a house. Upon entering the living room, Adriana enthusiastically points out some attractive features, telling Darcie that the moldings were just redone. Darcie seems to like what shes seeing... until shes shown an odd room that doubles as a massage parlor.
NuruMassage/FantasyMassage - Vanessa Cage, Kenzie Taylor - Once A Cheater Always A Cheater [HD 720p]

NuruMassage/FantasyMassage - Cherie DeVille - Damsel In Distress [FullHD 1080p]

AllGirlMassage/FantasyMassage - Julia Ann, Dana Dearmond - Lexi Lore - Unfriendly Competition [FullHD 1080p]

Lexi Lore walks into the massage parlor. When masseuses and co-owners of the parlor Dana DeArmond and Julia Ann see her (and see how hot she is), they both rush to greet her, trying to push each other out of the way so the other can greet her first. The vibe between the two masseuses is clearly competitive. Finally, they both reach her at the same time. Lexi seems sweet and a little naive, telling them that shes never gotten a massage before. Her dad is always telling her she should indulge herself more often and spend some of all that money that he makes, but she hates flaunting her wealth or showing off, Lexi adds sincerely. But in honor of her 18th birthday, she figured she would give it a try for once and treat herself to something: a massage. She then asks what kind of massage treatments they offer. The masseuses begin talking over each other, each offering different types of massage treatments. They are clearly competing for Lexis attention and trying to out-do each other. Well, all of those sound GREAT, its so hard to decide...she COULD afford to have BOTH of them massage her at the same time, Lexi laughs innocently. But thats probably not an option, she adds. The masseuses exchange a mischievous glance with each other. Well...the masseuses say at the same time. The masseuses offer to give Lexi a two-person massage. The massage begins and the masseuses are already super-competitive with each other. The masseuses massage Lexis back at the same time. When Danas hands creep down to Lexis lower back to massage her ass, Julia sees this and tries to shoulder Dana away so that SHE can get to Lexis ass. There is a silent mini-scuffle between the masseuses as they fight over Lexis ass. Finally, Julia successfully shoulders Dana away and shoots Dana a smug smile as she squeezes Lexis asscheeks. Lexi doesnt seem to notice the scuffle, instead lost in the pleasure of the massage. The masseuses ask Lexi to flip over. She does, closing her eyes. As she begins to sensually massage Lexis breasts, Dana wags her tongue at Julia. Julia glares back at Dana, infuriated. Gloating, Dana ooohs and ahhhs silently, biting her lip theatrically to show Julia how great Lexis breasts feel. Fuming, Julia massages Lexis stomach and hip area. As the massage continues, Julia glances down at Lexis pussy and seems to get an idea. Her hands begin to move toward Lexis pussy. Dana sees this. She shoots Julia a glare, as if to say YOU WOULDNT! Julia looks at her defiantly. Oh, I WOULD! Her hand creeps down Lexis stomach. Dana, sensing that this might be going too far, silently and fiercely mouths DONT! But Julia wont listen, and lightly touches Lexis pussy. Lexi gasps and her eyes instantly snap open. Uh, what is going ON?? Lexi asks. Well, as part of the deluxe package, you receive a...FULL-service massage, Julia says. Lexi is taken aback, but not wanting the pleasure to stop, allows Julia to continue as Dana begins to kiss her perky tits.
AllGirlMassage/FantasyMassage - August Ames, Darcie Dolce - Breast Massage [FullHD 1080p]

NuruMassage/FantasyMassage - Elsa Jean - Ex-Babysitter [FullHD 1080p]

AllGirlMassage/FantasyMassage - Jayden Cole, Michele James - Bolstering Our Business [FullHD 1080p]

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