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When a dark-haired hottie got into the Fake Taxi today, it took me a minute to realize it was Myla Elysa! I hadnt seen Myla in years, not since our last tryst in the cab. Myla told me she had been traveling the world in search of cock, so obviously I offered her my dick for some fun. Myla agreed on one condition, that I help her fulfill a fantasy she had: two cocks at once! We arranged to meet back at the same time and the same spot on Tuesday, and that I would bring a friend. I got into the backseat and Myla climbed on top of me so I could play with her tits, then she gave me a horny blowjob. I got four fingers into her pussy, then got her arse ready with my fingers, and fucked her in both holes before covering her face with my spunk!
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I was having a bad when when Jennifer Amilton got into the taxi, but being in the presence of the beautiful blonde, I could not help but cheer up. Right before I met her my girlfriend had broken up with me. I was so angry, but when the french MILF got into my cab, I couldnt help but smile. Jennifer was a dancer and an exhibitionist, and helped cheer me up by flashing her big tits and shaking her round ass! When she pulled up her panties to show me her pussy, I almost crashed the car in my haste to pull over and taste it. I ate Jennifers pussy in the backseat, then she sucked my cock. Her wet pussy gripped my dick so tightly that I came twice!
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Russian blonde MILF Tanya Virago got into my cab today after a long night of partying. The party had been so wild that she had forgotten her shirt! I wasnt going to complain, her tits were fantastic. She looked gorgeous, but I had to make sure she didnt forget her purse too. I was joking, but she really had! I asked her how she would pay me, and with a sly smile, Tanya offered to suck my cock. I wasnt going to say no to that, so while I found us a spot to pull over, Tanya flashed my her pierced pussy. I got into the backseat so she could give a blowjob, then I ate her pussy, and fingered her until she squirted!
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A slim beautiful brunette got into my car today, and introduced herself as Adelle Unicorn. I immediately told her how beautiful she looked. We got to talking, and Adelle told me she was on her way to a casting. She was a model, so I told her that I happened to know quite a few photographers and people in the industry. Since my phone was full of their info, I asked if she would like me to take some pictures of her boobs and butt to send to my friends. I got into the backseat and snapped some pics, then asked her what else she would do for a modeling job. Adelle gave me a sloppy deepthroat blowjob, then I fucked her pussy hard until I covered her with a facial.
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I was driving the car for my old man John today when Amber Jayne flagged the cab down. The hot blonde MILF was surprised I was driving, and told me how she had plans with John. That could only mean one thing, she was a horny bugger! I offered her my dick as a consolation prize, and when I showed it to her, she asked me to come to the backseat. The blonde bird had huge tits, and sucked cock like a champ. I was so turned on that I finger fucked her pussy until she squirted, then came all over her face! Thats when John turned up, whoops. At least he got to fuck her too!
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If you recall, I had picked up Azura Alii and her slutty friend Piggy Mouth, and we had quite the naughty threesome in the backseat of the taxi. I wasnt sure what these girls liked more, my hard cock, or eating each other out! I had cum once, but the ladies werent finished with me yet. I took a break while they warmed their arses up with the double headed dildo, then Piggy deepthroated my cock while I dildo-fucked Azuras tight arse. I took turns fucking their cunts and arseholes, the Piggy stuck her tongue deep in my arse and Azura wanked me off, then sucked all the cum out!
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I saw slutty ginger Azura Alii standing on the side of the road with her friend Piggy Mouth. Azura told me she had been telling Piggy about me, and the dreadlocked slut was curious to meet the Bishop. You know how much I love a ginger bush, and the ladies had come prepared. They took out a double headed dildo and started to deepthroat it together, then stuck it in their pussies and started fucking each other! I jumped into the backseat as quick as I could, and they gave me a sloppy double blowjob. I fucked Azura while Piggy fucked herself, then I covered both the sluts in cum!
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Amber Jayne had been looking to meet me, she said, as I pulled over to pick her up in the Fake Taxi. Amber wanted to thank me for introducing her to my friend Ryan the driving instructor, and I told her if she wanted to thank me properly, she could wrap her lips around my cock. Seeing as how Id never had a blowjob while driving, I pulled over long enough for her to climb into the front seat and start sucking my cock. This made me horny as hell, so I pulled over so I could shove my face in her brand new tits. I made her cum with my tongue and my fingers, then fucked her pussy until I could jizz all over it!
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I was a little surprised when I got the call from Louise Lee to meet up. I hadnt heard from Louise in a while, and she told me it was because she was dating some new bloke, a driving instructor. Louise continued by telling me she really liked him, but was nervous, because he wanted to fuck her arse, but she was an anal virgin. She had come to me for some anal training. Ill never turn down a pretty womans tight asshole, so I pulled over and stuck my cock in her mouth. She tongue-fucked my arse, so when my cock was nice and wet, I bent her over my knee and introduced her to the pleasures of backdoor lovin!
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When I saw Kelly Cummins on the side of the road flagging down the taxi, I could immediately tell she was a fucking slut. Kelly was headed home to the apartments near the train station, and told me she was feeling nervous because she had just shagged her boss. Kelly told me she gave him a blowjob, a rimjob, and let him bend her over her desk so he could fuck her wet pussy. Problem was, the boss wife had just been hired, so Kelly was worried about getting the sack. I said she could show me what she did to her boss, and Id tell her if he would fire her or not. This MILF slut had massive tits, and had no problem sticking her tongue in my arse, and then swallowing my load! I think your job is safe, Kelly.
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