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Last week, I left Darina Ivanov and her boyfriend borrow the Fake Taxi to bang in for the low cost of a blowjob, and wouldnt you know it, I picked her up alone today. Darina was a little embarrassed getting into the car, but then she told me we couldve had a threesome the last time if I hadnt left! Well, I figured when could pick up where we left off, especially when I saw she wasnt wearing any knickers under her tights. I couldnt wait to eat that pussy, so I got into the backseat and tasted her sweet juices. Darina deepthroated my cock while I played her her big tits, then after I made her cum with a vibrator and some doggystyle sex, I came all over her arse!
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Sharon Lee got into the Fake Taxi today, a 30-year-old busty Asian babe who was in Prague to visit friends and do some business. Sharon told me her boyfriend had left her for another woman, which was ironic, because I was in the exact same situation. Sharon was very beautiful, and I had never been with an Asian woman before, so I asked if she would like the ride for free. Sharon told me she had money, but she thought I was a beautiful man, so she flashed me her big boobs and her tiny pussy. I got into the backseat and worshiped her tits, then ate her pussy. Sharon sucked my cock like a pro, and then we fucked hard until I could cum on her boobs!
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What a lovely surprise it was to see Alyssa Divine hailing the cab today! It had been a while since our last encounter, and I couldnt resist telling her how Ive had a few cheeky wanks thinking about it. Alyssa told me she felt the same, so we decided to rekindle the magic. While I was finding us a quiet spot, Alyssa pulled down her panties, and shoved her arse into the front seat! I almost crashed the car! Alyssa climbed on top of me and wanked my cock while I sucked her tits, then we took turns sitting on each others faces! After a randy fuck, I made her squirt with my fingers, then she rode my dick to a creampie.
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I saw a familiar arse in a red dress waving down the cab, and when Sasha Steele got in, she cheekily remarked she was happy it was me driving, since that meant she wouldnt have to pay! Since the meter wasnt running, I figured I had enough time to pop into the car wash. While the lads scrubbed the Fake Taxi, I suggested Sasha give them a cheeky flash. The lads were so aroused by her big tits that they tried to come in the car! Sasha was about to offer one of them a bj when I said fuck that, I wanted my own cock sucked. I found us a nice spot and the blonde MILF sucked my dick and ate my arse, then I fucked her tight, wet pussy until covering her with a facial!
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Darina Ivanov and Clarke Kent got into my cab today, and asked me to lift them to the Uni Bar. I could tell they were new lovers, because they could not keep their hands off of each other. Within a few minutes Darina was grabbing Clarkes cock, and then he started taking out her tits! When she spread her legs, I could see that Darina was not wearing any panties, and the sight of her pussy really turned me on. Since they were so horny, I made them an offer: Id lend them the cab for 30 minutes if Darina sucked my cock! The horny bird wanted more dick, so I pulled over. Darina gave me a horny blowjob, then I went to grab a coffee while she sucked and fucked Clarke in the backseat until he covered her with a facial!
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It had been a while since Alice Judge came for a ride in the Fake Taxi, and she was dressed quite smart, wasnt she? Alice was doing pretty well monetarily, and told me she had decided to treat herself to a day of pampering at the spa. I was jealous, because I had not been pampered in weeks. Lucky for me, Alice, the saint, decided she wanted to pamper me with her big tits! Alice wrapped her big lips around my cock and it felt amazing, then I fingered her pussy. After warming up her arse with my fingers, we had a spot of anal sex, then she wanked me off to a huge facial!
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I love me a mature woman, and Angel Cruz was one beautiful specimen of a MILF. Blonde, well dressed, and elegant, Angel was headed to do some shopping. I complimented her dress, and guessed she might be wearing stockings underneath. To my surprise, Angel spread her legs, and I couldnt help taking a look. All this talk of stockings turned the tattooed MILF on, and she asked me to take her to a sex shop instead of a department store. I offered the Bishop as an alternative, and she was quickly sucking my cock. After I got my fill of her tits and arse, I came all over her pussy!
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It was a little bizarre, having Sahara Knite get into the taxi while she wasnt wearing workout clothes. Sahara was dressed smart because she was on her way to do a little Christmas shopping, but the slut couldnt help but show me she had no panties on. I got my cock out and started to have a wank, and she noticed. Turned on, Sahara asked me to join her in the back seat, and I happily obliged. She gave me one horny deepthroat blowjob while I played with her tits, then sat her pussy down on my cock. After a horny rimjob, Saraha stuck a finger deep in my arse, and I came like a cannon!
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My pops called me up and asked me to give Marica Chanelle a ride in the Fake Taxi. John had a some kind of dirty deal with her, so he needed me to fill in by filling her in! Marica wanted to go to London, so I got into the backseat to let her pay the fare with a blowjob. Marica got her big tits right out, then got to sucking my cock. I knew Id have a slut in the backseat, so I wore my kinkiest gear. I had a nice taste of her arse and pussy, then fucked her all over the car before covering her with a facial!
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