CuckoldSessions/DogFartNetwork - Maggie Green - Cuckold Sessions [HD 720p]

Maggie Green manages a large workforce at a giant corporate conglomeration youve probably heard of. When shes not busting her ass dealing with all she has to deal with, shes being sexually harassed by one of her subordinate co-workers, Jay West. Whenever Jay is speaking with Maggie, he stares at her all-natural, voluptuous breasts. He often forwards e-mails that contain dirty jokes, and the minute he discovered Maggies personal phone number? Well...thats when the "dick pics" started. Maggies always preferred black men over white, and today shes going to end Jaysnonsense. Shes hired two Bulls to remind Jay what will happen to him if the bad behavior continues. Then, Maggie sucks and fucks the two Bulls right in front of Jay, just to remind him of what a pathetic, white-boy small-dicked loser he really is. If that wasnt enough, after the Bulls have had their way with Maggie, she turns Jay into the lowest of low -- a "sexual janitor" -- in order to clean the mess the Bulls left all over her giant tits. "Clean up on aisle 34G!" Maggie says to a broken Jay West...who has a new name now: Ja.
BlacksOnBlondes/DogFartNetwork - Carolina Sweets - Blacks On Blondes [SD 432p]

WeFuckBlackGirls/DogFartNetwork - Misty Stone - We Fuck Black Girls [SD 432p]

GloryHole/DogFartNetwork - Maggie Green - Dog Far tNetwork [SD 432p]

BlacksOnBlondes/DogFartNetwork - Carolina Sweets - Carolina Sweetss Second Appearance [HD 720p]

We think its safe to call Carolina Sweets a "life coach" who works with people who come to her studio on things like yoga, mediation, mindfulness...anything to help people deal with the always-stressful world around them. Today, shes got a class of five gentlemen, and deep inside, Carolina is very, very excited. Shes always been attracted to black men...and if you were a close, close girlfriend of Carolinas, youd already know one of her deepest, darkest sexual fantasies is to be "gang banged"!! Today, an interracial going to happen for the very first time in Carolinas life. Somehow, in the middle of a Q & A on how the gentlemen handle their daily stress, the conversation turns to masturbation as stress relief. Before Carolina knows it, the gentlemen (now "Bulls" in Carolinas mind) are slowly surrounding her and beginning to feel her up. Can you blame them? Look at Carolinas slutty, see-through work-out outfit! With Carolina now on her knees, she cant believe her eyes: its true what they say about black men! The Bulls stretch her mouth open as far as its ever been stretched...and what seems like an instant, shes naked and bent over the parallel bars in her studio and getting railed doggy style!! Then the Bulls toss her on the mats and fuck her brains out right on the floor! With such a tight little body and her sexy voice saying, "use me as a cumdumpster", the Bulls spray her down with thick ropes of jizz. And guess what? After its all said and done, theyre all very, very relaxed!
GloryHole/DogFartNetwork - Maggie Green - Glory Hole [HD 720p]

Meet Maggie Green. Shes the manager of a chain of adult bookstores, and shes been called in to one particular store in her area for an inspection. Theres rumors of inappropriate behavior taking place in the "video arcade" section of the store, and theyre so rampant, the health departments been called in. The issue? Gloryholes. "Cruisy behavior". After a brief meeting with one of the stores employees, Maggie heads back to the arcade to get a better look. And what she finds truly amazes her. Its not the graffiti in thehole...or the hole itself. When 10" of black meat pops through, well...even after years of managing adult bookstores, shes never seen a penis so huge. And in a momentary lapse of judgement, Maggies weakness for exciting, "N.S.A." sex overwhelms her. You know what happens next: sucking and fucking and a money shot so large, Maggies willing mouth cant contain it all. She swallows as much as she can, and then its time for the "walk of shame" back to her store manager, who asks one simple thats going to prove difficult for Maggie to answer: "well, how did the inspection go?"
WeFuckBlackGirls/DogFartNetwork - Misty Stone - Misty Stones Second Appearance [HD 720p]

Misty Stone has a lot of friends. A lot. So when one friend puts another friend in touch with Misty, its nothing out of the ordinary. Today, she took a meeting with a friend-of-a-friend named Dean, who has a business proposition for her. No, its not a marijuana dispensary or a real estate gig...Dean needs citizenship, so hes here with a marriage proposal -- and $20,000. Heres the thing: Misty doesnt roll with breakin the law; however, she rolls with white boys! So why not give him a test a "husband" see what Dean is packing? First -- and most important for Misty -- is pussy eatin skills, and yes! Dean has the skills to pay the bills. His dick works great, too! Misty loves loves loves white meat, and she devours everything Dean serves up! That includes his white-boy load, which Dean shoots directly into her eager mouth! She swallows it all down before declining Deans generous offer! But dont you know shell have him back for another round of sucking and fucking!!
BlacksOnBlondes/DogFartNetwork - Brandi Bae - Dog Fart Network [SD 432p]

BlacksOnBlondes/DogFartNetwork - Brandi Bae - BlacksOnBlondes [HD 720p]

On a hot, summer day whats one to do but hang out by the pool? Thats what Mandingo wants to do...just chill by the pool and sip a tasty beverage. Brandi Bae has other plans. Shes horny, her pussy is sopping wet, and the last thing she wants to do is sit by a pool. Instead, Brandi wants to sit on Dingos 13-inch slab of big, black meat. Shes never experienced anything of that magnitude, and now she cant keep her mind off Mandingos legendary cock. Hes easily swayed, too, and it doesnt take long for Brandi to drop to her knees and attempt to choke down all that dick! She can barely get her mouth around Dingos bulbous head!! How is it ever going to fit in her sweet, tight pussy?? does, but that leads up to another challenge: can Brandi Bae take Mandingo up her tight, tight shit pipe?!? With some deep breathing and relaxation, sure enough -- Brandi lets Mandingos massive tool into her asshole! Theres only one thing left, and thats to drop back down on her knees to take Dingos sticky-sweet semen all over her beautiful blonde face!!
CuckoldSessions/DogFartNetwork - India Summer - India Summers Second Appearance [HD 720p]

BlacksOnBlondes/DogFartNetwork - Marica Hase - Marica Hases Fourth Appearance [HD 720p]

Whenever Marica Hase makes the long flight over the Pacific from Tokyo to the United States, she spends some time over at Prince Yashuas bachelor pad. Its an incredible place, and one of Maricas favorite rooms is the Movie Room! Why? In addition to the big, comfy chairs and huge screen, Prince almost always is playing porno flicks! And Marica loves porno!! She loves watching it...and she loves playing with her tight, little pussy while she watches! Today, in the middle of a jerk session, Marica has a visitor: its Prince! After Prince watches some of the Maricas "show", he stuffs his thick piece of meat in her tiny mouth. From there, its on to Maricas sopping wet pussy. Prince fucks the shit out of her before moving to her next hole: Maricas teeny-tiny butthole! At first, Marica has a difficult time taking all that BBC, but soon it feels so good, Marica doesnt have a problem "opening up". Soon, Prince is balls-deep in her shitbox before pulling out and shooting his load directly into Maricas mouth. Its a swallow, and after she gulps it all down, what could possibly be next? How about Round Two!?! 
InterracialPickups / DogFartNetwork - Hannah Hays - Dog Fart Network [FullHD 1080p]

Lets take a rare view into the life of The Man with the Biggest Black Cock in the world -- Mandingo. Hes always on the prowl, and today hes snagged a cute, petite blonde named Hannah Hays. Wed love to show you the "pick up", but parking lot security snagged our camera! So we begin todays tale in Mandingos "play room", Dingos POV camera focusing on Hannahs sweet, blonde beauty! It doesnt take long for Hannah to start stuffing her mouth with Mandingos over-sized black dick! Will it even fit in her tiny cunt? Do we even need to answer that? Hannah is stretched beyond belief, her sweet pussy firmly gripping all 14 inches of dick. Dingo hits it in a variety of his favorite positions before unloading on Hannahs pretty face! Or, as Dingo would say, "just another day in the office!"
BlackMeatWhiteFeet/DogFartNetwork - Brooklyn Chase - Brooklyn Chases Second Appearance [HD 720p]

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