BackroomCastingCouch - Lacey - Casting [SD 400p]

BackroomCastingCouch - Lacey - Backroom Casting Couch [HD 720p]

BackroomCastingCouch - Bree - Casting [SD 400p]

BackroomCastingCouch - Bree - Backroom Casting Couch [HD 720p]

BackroomCastingCouch - Alenia - Casting [HD 720p]

BackroomCastingCouch - Amber - Casting [HD 720p]

BackroomCastingCouch - Raini - Backroom Casting Couch [HD 720p]

BackroomCastingCouch - Mandy and Jamie - Mandy and Jamie Threeway [HD 720p]

Christmas comes early when we get real life BFFs Mandy and Jamie on the couch today. Both are waitresses by day, both want to be pornstar, but only one of them has the larger-than-life sexual appetite this biz requires. Guess which one that might be? Hint: its oddly not the one who gets assfucked today. Our closet pornstar takes charge and dominates her girlfriend in others way though. Highlight: she likes to kiss and choke her little girlfriend while Vince fucks her ass. Then eat Vinces cum out of her friends pussy. Super, SUPER hot "audition" with 2 great girls.
BackroomCastingCouch - Arianna - ______ [HD 720p]

BackroomCastingCouch - Lexii - ___ [HD 720p]

Every casting is game of chances - is the girl going to go for it or walk out? Even if shes game for it all, how far is she going to go? So its a huge relief when 22 year old food server Lexii flat-out admits that she likes anal. LIKES ANAL. Immediately thats all we can think about. Lexii has some gangbang fantasies that she hopes to live out in the porn biz. Thats a pretty unique and hot reason to get into the biz, Theres something..."filthy" about Lexii, in a good way. Perpetual bedroom eyes and that flirting thing she does, combine that with her love for anal sex (she orgasms from the assfucking, watch her feet!) and Lexii would make a pretty damn great porn starlet if she ever meets a real producer. If youre about to send me hate mail because Vince busts his nut on her face instead of inside her - dont. Im very aware that half of you love creampies, the other half loves facials. I try to please all of you. Therell be plenty of creampies going forward, as usual.
BackroomCastingCouch - Harper - Backroom Casting Couch [HD 720p]

With all-natural 32D breasts and an ass so tight you can bounce quarters off of, 20 year old Harper might just be among the top 20 bodies on the Casting Couch. She works aforementioned butt off at a gas station, which to us is probably the biggest waste of hotness on legs weve ever heard of. Apparently she thinks so too and thats why shes here today, auditioning for porn jobs that supposedly pay $1000 to $5000 per day. Harper likes to watch porn with rough sex, BDSM, all the harder stuff.Had an anal fail in her personal life before, so were determined to rectify this and show her how good anal can feel. Do we succeed? You be the judge. Harper is enthusiastic, and as "good in bed" as she said she was. She loved sucking and fucking Vinces cock, you can feel the chemistry between the two. Theres even some kissing...right before Vince unloads a big load of cum inside her pussy without telling her first. Harper doesnt mind because shes a super sweet bad-ass porn queen who would absolutely do great in the adult industry if she talked to a real agent. We let Harper rub herself into a toe-curling orgasm, with jizz still inside her, probably being sucked up into that young womb before we send her packing. Too bad, this girl
BackroomCastingCouch - Brooklyn - ______ [HD 720p]

First the bad news: Jake is moving out of State and will no longer be the Special Agent In Charge of FUcking Chicks on a Couch (SAICFUCC). He might come back for a guest poke or two, but at the end of the day were having to train a new casting agent. Good news: dude. Still thinking of a name. Biff? Axel? AJ? Anyway, hes in his mid 20s, ladies love him, decent size, and cums buckets. He makes Brooklyn cum 3 times today, and guides her through one of the most intense first -time anal bits in recent memory. The creampie in the end is one for the ages. Im sure Ignot and Coney will chime in in detail in the members-only comment section about skinny Brooklyn and her fab perky tits (helpful keywords: boyfriend in prison, something about how she shouldve gotten paid for this so she can buy a sandwich, etc), the amazing anal, and all the other good stuff. And I hope we get lots and lots of comments from some of you other lurkers - there are THOUSANDS of you! Where the hell are you all? - about new guys debut performance.
BackroomCastingCouch - Brooklyn Название - Backroom Casting Couch [HD 720p]

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