ClubStilettoFemDom - Lady Lennox - Your Friend Gets My Pussy, You Get My Feet. [FullHD 1080p]

Lady Lennox has transformed hubby into her pathetic cuck. The poor wimp kneels outside the bedroom, where he hears her getting ravaged by his ex-best friend turned boss, who he works for as a used car salesman. As Lennox appears from the room, she sighs with pleasure and asks, “Did you hear me getting fucked by Francesco?” Hubby’s face turns crimson red with humiliation, and he replies, “Yes, Dear.” To really arouse her new boyfriend, Lennox has had her stilettos on all day, and tells hubby she needs a little foot worship from him to help ease the pain she feels in her feet. She makes him bend down on all fours to kiss her shoes, then suggests that he lick them as well, because she wants them nice and shiny since Francesco will be taking her out for dinner later.
GoddessZephy - Goddess Zephy - Fucked over and then FUCKED [FullHD 1080p]

Magnificentone of my favorite clips ever!! This accurately depicts what its like to be my prisoner/sex slave. My victim is restrained with cuffs and my worn hose wrapped around his mouth to quiet his moaning. Unscripted and a live feel, my pain slave suffers cruelties beneath my sadistic high heels and sweaty bare feet. I set up the camera and just began inflicting pain and verbal humiliation, and whatever the hell else my sadistic mind came up with!! I own him as property and have EVERY right to be as cruel and abusive as I wish, should I feel like it!! Slapped, kicked, spit on, laughed at, humiliated, walked all over and his cock and balls thoroughly destroyedstanding full weight on them, kicking, smacking and tying my hose around them and stretching to the limit!! and make him lick my feet to moisten my heavenly pussy (I also remove all the $$ out of his wallet while standing on him)!! I even press my manicured fingernail into the hole at the tip of his cock lol!! Inflicting so much pain with my feet on a helpless, restrained male TURNS ME THE HELL ON so I fuck my sex bitch while hes still tied up!!
StellaSol - Stella Sol - Bullied (Full Season 2) [FullHD 1080p]

Youve already been publicly humiliated and spanked by your bully and now your expected to dress the part of a wimp turned full-time sissy whore. See how Stella Sol continues to be the worlds cruelest step-mom as she finds erotic pleasure in making you obey your bully. - Over 1 Hour LongPriced at under $1 per min-Episode 1 - Twirl, Curtsy And Kneel -Episode 2 - Webcam Wimp -Episode 3 - Marked Money-Maker -Episode 4 - Discount Surgery Surprise -Bonus Footage and Slide Show when you buy this Full SeasonMP4 * 1.90 GB * 01:07:34 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessAmanda - Goddess Amanda - Teeny Tiny Weeny Part 2 [FullHD 1080p]

I know how much you loved me laughing at how pathetic that thing is between your legs. How absolutely worthless it really is. You should never ever try to have sex because all you will get is laughs. I wouldnt be able to stop laughing but no beta male has ever approached me so Ive never had that problem. I just get to laugh at your little teeny tiny weeny.MP4 * 907 MB * 00:12:17 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessAmanda - Goddess Amanda - Your Dick is Teeny Tiny [FullHD 1080p]

That little pathetic thing in between your legs is worthless. You cannot satisfy yourself how could you ever expect to satisfy anyone else? I am going to spare you the future sadness and disappointments your lil shrimpy will incur. You are never to have sex again. You will spend the rest of your life jerking with your two fingers and watching me laugh at you. The sound of my laugh makes you turned on and humiliated. You love it.MP4 * 813 MB * 00:11:00 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Carlie - Carlie - Daily Orgasm Day 5: Dirty Talk [HD 720p]

Im going to reward you with something a little softer after yesterdays challenge. It will be a little more sensual today. I know how much you love it when I talk dirty. Are you excited to jerk it for me and hear all the naughty things I have to say? Just listen to me, follow my instructions, and youll cum for me in no time. Imagine me licking, sucking on the tip of your cock while you lube it up for me. Imaging my soft lips around your cock while you squeeze it for me. Does that feel good? Keep going. Stroke that hard cock for me, imagine sliding down my throat with every stroke... *oh my looks like there is a sexy nip slip in this one....MP4 * 85.8 MB * 00:08:56 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
ManipulatrixIvy - Manipulatrix Ivy - Turning Your Brain Off [HD 720p]

Heres your version of a tailgate. Instead of being a man and getting ready for a sporty night out, youre preparing for your Ivy clip binge with a different pregame clip. Watch this before you binge on my other clips to help open your mind. This intoxicating video will turn off your pesky little brain in preparation for all of my superior teachings. I want you weak, broken and drooling.MP4 * 120 MB * 00:12:51 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Lindsey Leigh, Princess Rene - EAT YOUR OWN CUM LOSER [HD 720p]

Ew, look at you. Just one glance at you and we both can tell you like to suck dick and guzzle cum. Look at you drool over us, but really in the back of your mind you are imagining a huge juicy cock. We could get you to do anything including drink your own cum. We both can see how weak you are. The more stroking you do the more your mind becomes fucked out of being straight. You love to be tricked and forced to be gay for us. We want you to jerk your dick until you cum, have a cup near by so you can cum in that. Good. Now that you have proven you are willing to do anything we say take that load and drop it down your fag throat. Get all the steaming cum into your throat and into your belly. LOL! Wow did you really just eat your own cum? How humiliating, we knew you were nothing but a cum guzzling loser!!MP4 * 251 MB * 00:08:41 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessLindsey - Goddess Lindsey - Sniff Your Way To Happiness [HD 720p]

Each time you sniff, you sink into your mind. your hand melts to your cock and you stroke for Me. It feels so good, nothing feels better than being right here, right now. Beg to sniff more. Beg to allow yourself to fall deeper into subspace. This is where you belong, this is where you are happiest. Everything feels so safe when youre sniffing with Me. Take it in, hold your breath until I tell you to release. Feel the rush of warmth through your bodyMP4 * 975 MB * 00:11:10 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
GoddessValora - Goddess Valora - Mind Pet [FullHD 1080p]

Independent thoughts are the urges of a wild beast... You are not a wild beast... you are My good boy. You think what I tell you to think and this makes you happy... You live to serve Me and follow My ever command... Your mind has been collared and I hold the leash that guides your life... Your mind is My pet and youll do anything to keep it that way...MP4 * 477 MB * 00:10:35 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
PrincessMabel - Princess Mabel - You Stupid Little Mindfucked Idiot, You Can’t Escape This Addiction, Can You? [HD 720p]

Are you feeling weak, horny, desperate, craving to be humiliated? You’re so fucking predictable. Do you even realize what a weak willed little wimp you are for me? Didn’t you try to stop this addiction? Didn’t you promise yourself that you were going to stop buying my videos and compulsively masturbating to them? Well, what the fuck happened? LOL! You stupid mindfucked little idiot. You’re never going to leave me. What is wrong with you? What were you thinking? Why haven’t any of those attempts worked? It’s because you’re a stupid mindfucked little idiot for me. You’re never going to leave me, you don’t have the strength or the confidence. And with every word that you cling on to, and with every stroke of your pathetic cock, you lose a little bit more of that strength and confidence, and you become a little bit more mine.I’ve mindfucked you so hard that you couldn’t leave me now no matter how hard you try. And we both know you’ve tried, don’t we? You’ve bargained with yourself, ‘Please let me stop this.’ LOL! You’re so fucking dumb! I can’t believe you thought that you could overcome this. Maybe you thought you could resist me? But you couldn’t, could you? No, you’re once again melting in the palm of my hand. You are so weak for me. I see the desperation in your eyes as you’re getting rock fucking hard.It’s a wonder that you were even able to buy this clip with so little brain activity up there. LOL! You are so stupid, do you understand that? You have been mindfucked so hard by me that you’ll do anything I say. You Beg me to serve me and you give me everything you own. It belongs to me and you know it. Because you are mine. And you will never, ever leave me. I have you wrapped way too tightly around my little finger. I’ve got you like a little puppet, dangling on a string. Stupid fuck.C’mon, turn this clip off, I dare you, prove to me you’re a real man. Turn it off. You can’t can you? LOL! That’s because you’re not a man. You’re a worthless little jerkoff addict for me. Without me you are completely worthless. I give you purpose. Without me, you are nothing. Think about it, what would you have without me? If your life was actually good, why would you be jerking off to this clip that you just paid for? Why would you be paying girls for their attention if you had anything going for you? If you did you wouldn’t be sitting there listening to me putting you down, now would you? You wouldn’t be jerking so fucking hard to me completely degrading you and telling you what a worthless fuck up you are, LOL!Face it, you are nothing without me. You need me. You exist simply to serve me. So give up any thoughts you had of ever leaving me. Because you’re going to fail just like you do at everything else in life, you fucking loser. So give up, and give me your life, your money and all of your dignity. I have you exactly where I want you. You’re mine.– Princess Mabel will mindfuck you and completely obliterate your ego. This clip will fuck you up. –MP4 * 772 MB * 00:10:27 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Lindsey Leigh, Goddess Jessica - CUCKOLDED BY TWO WIVES [HD 720p]

I am your cuckold husband. I am so lucky to have you and Jessica as my wives, but I can not handle you two. Tease me in bras and panties, lots of ass shots and talking down to me. Tell me know I’ve been replaced by a younger stud. I am to be locked in chastity as your loser husband while this new alpha stud takes my place in the bedroom. I am owned by you both, never to orgasm again unless I pay and obey.MP4 * 317 MB * 00:11:40 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
AshleyAlban - Ashley Alban - NO WONDER SHE CHEATED [FullHD 1080p]

Youre curious as to why Ashley invited you over. Shes says that she has something to tell you. She wasnt planning on telling you about this, but she decided that you should know. She says that when you were away last weekend, Ashley went to a party with her boyfriend. Do you know who she saw there? Your girlfriend. Youre surprised because your girlfriend said she stayed home last weekend. Ashley says she was surprised too because she says that your girlfriend was all over another guy. When Ashley walked over to confront her, your Tipsy girlfriend admits to her that you have a small dick. Ashley says thats why she decided to go out and find another guy.As Ashley is telling you this, she realizes that you are becoming turned on. She laughs. Youre so pathetic, no wonder your girlfriend was looking for something else. Ashley is curious though. She really wants to see just how small your dick is. She asks you to pull it out to show her. It really is pathetic. Ashley says you can stroke it since youll really enjoy hearing what else your girlfriend did that night. Ashley tells you how your girlfriend sucked two big dicks that night while you stroke your little dick.MP4 * 472 MB * 00:11:17 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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