Categories - Josh Cannon, Myles Landon - Tickle Torture [HD 720p] - Catalina Ossa - Catalina and the Masked Man [FullHD 1080p]

Call it, a little ditty bout Ogre and Catalina...her boyfriend is out of town, and Ogre stops by for a visit...Catalina wasnt exactly expecting him, and he doesnt exactly care...what follows is a blossoming story of kinky love and the delusions it can create.... - Ella Jane - The Tits [HD 720p]

Ella Jane looks on with nervous anticipation as her arms are bound as far away from her body as possible. Shes told to open her mouth. A large rag is stuffed deep into her gaping hole. Tape is wrapped around her head to keep it in.
KINK - Sarah Blake, Matt Williams - Hogtied [HD 720p]

First off, Sarah Blake is the sexiest, cutest girl on the planet. Second, this is the hottest Hogtied update I think we have ever done, and I’m serious. I got Cyd Black to help me double team Sarah, and we did it in REAL TIME. No breaks, no edits, one continuous take. You see all the tying, and untying. You see everything as it happens with no interruptions. I cannot stress enough how AMAZING Sarah was. We jumped her from the start and never let her catch her breath. Between the dozens of massive orgasms, the intense tickling, foot torture, clothespin zipper, and Category 5 wrist suspension, Sarah handled it all. - Indica Monroe - Bound for a Surprise [FullHD 1080p]

Indica is a precious young woman, and she is also a new mother...As I bind her, her breasts begin to leak, and that creates a whole new activity for the day...eventually, I do milk her tits, and the results are awe inspiring...Enjoy, Ogre.... - Jackie Ohh - Ohh My [HD 720p]

The stunning Jackie Ohh is ready for the bondage! Even before shes being tied up shes got a huge smile on her face. You can see her excitement grow as she watches everything being done to her. - Luna Stern - The Torture Room [FullHD 1080p]

Agent Luna Stern resorts to her charm and her pussy to be told the name of the villains.
Torture Time/ - Naomi Swann - The Patients Late Night Ass Fucking Visitor [FullHD 1080p]

Fluffy has finally recovered from his late night visit from Naomi, but that wasnt the last time that Naomi and Fluffy will meet. This time Naomi decides that she wants to bring her Big Black Cock with her to give Fluffy an ass fucking that he will never forget. After she has finished destroying Fluffys ass, she decides that she will have Fluffy clean off the same dick that destroyed Fluffys ass with his mouth to ensure the dick is nice and clean for the next patient victim. Who is going to believe Fluffy that an even crazier person paid him a visit to destroy his asshole? Its very likely that nobody will. - Astro Domina, Casey Calvert, Alrik Angel - Bondage Fuck Fest Part 1-3 [FullHD 1080p]

Two sexy Dommes are looking down on a bound male sub. They sashay over to him and one of the Dommes, Sydney, puts a mouth dildo on the sub, Alrik. Sydney also adds some device to the chastity cage and then hands a little remote to the other Domme, Casey. Its an electric torture device that will give Alrik a jolt every time one of the Dommes pushes the remote. The ladies move Alrik over to the cage where he gets bent over in anticipation of the real fun. The purpose of the mouth dildo is to please Sydney, while Casey gets to stuff her big dildo in Alriks ass. The Dommes take turns pushing the remote which make Alrik hmpf even louder each time. They change positions a few times until Sydney cums all over the mouth dildo. Afterwards, its time for slave boy to be put in the closet while the ladies play with each other.
MyDirtiestFantasy - James Oakleigh, A.J. Alexander, David Luca - Nipple torment, electro, hot wax! [HD 720p]

With been exposed to some of the absolute most intense anal action ever captured on cam, you would certainly be forgiven for believing that the young submissive matching of James Oakleigh and also David Luca would be ready hitting on the bathtub and also mind home; but whether or not they would like to or not, even their sexy, tattooed learn has other ideas. Indeed, hes very much far from finished; that would possess lads crying out for their own mothers since he proceeds to unleash the sort of onslaught! No such reaction from James and David, yet - despite that one might be explained by how they bothve obtained ball-gags inside their mouths! The appearance in their faces is that that you can tell they are appreciating just about each single fucking second of torture, electro-play, butt-stretching, and also waxing that the dom that is fiendishly throws at them. One things for sure - exactly what you get to watch here aint needing t be every ones cup of java. But for people that have a preference that is far more extreme, it really can be a truly lovely exhibit of one being pushing his expenses - and beyond! All unnaturally topped away by the sight of these two guys taking it in turns to unleash a volley of both jizz as a gratifying"thankyou!"
RusCapturedBoys - Gays - Soldier in a Secret Mission. Part V [FullHD 1080p]

Considering the rest of the means of torture have been amalgamated, now well use some thing fresh to make this stubborn soldier talk.
RusCapturedBoys - Gays - Soldier in a Secret Mission. Part IV [FullHD 1080p]

That dumb and stubborn soldier was naive to think he can successfully escape from your captivity. However, the Guard is watching the prison cells. There is no escape and the tortures since now will become much more severe
RusCapturedBoys - Gays - Soldier in a Secret Mission. Part III [FullHD 1080p]

the very first torture set applied to the Soldier caused a collapse. Soldier even managed himself to untie from hog tied position and strove to escape. Powerful his attempt will be?
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