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FAKINGS - Tamara, Sol, Mauricio y Lois - Intercambio de parejas REALES y espanolas, preciosas, perfect [SD 180p]

Czechmegaswingers - Amateur - SWINGERS 16 - PART 1, 2, 3 [HD 720p]

CzechGardenParty - Amateurs - Hardcore [SD 396p]

Clips4Sale - Molly Jane - My Mother and Sister are Swingers [SD 480p] - Joanna Bujoli - Pascalssubsluts [FullHD 1080p]

Its always nice to introduce a PascalsSubSlut to things she hasnt had much experience of before. And its especially nice when she looks as classy and elegant and downright fuackable as Joanna Bujoli does. Shes a beauty. Joanna loves being sub but the only thing shes ever done BDSM-wise is getting tied to a table at a swingers club and whipped, or caned, or something. She tells us all about it in her interview. Not at all bad as first steps go but she didnt get fucked that night and shes never had the opportunity to do anything similar since. So we put her through the ringer. The good doctor Pascal hangs her up by the neck to the hook, cuffs her wrists, cuffs her ankles and attaches a spreader bar inbetween them. She gets really wet from the choking and spanking. Shes already been introduced to the wand in the solo vid, which she loved and came twice from, so when P brings that into play everything gets even more intense. And its not just the bondage that gets Joanna off. Once shes been unshackled, she just adores being dragged around and roughed up and used and abused called names, so much so thats shes happy to agree with P by repeating them.Oh and did I mention the fact that she gets fucked in the ass from beginning to end? Well, except for the last position but thats just because Pascal wanted to check out her cunt before he shot his load down her throat (which, yes, she duly swallows). Nothing like a really beautiful, classy woman getting wrecked and used and loving every second of it. A serious fucking treat this week, guys.
Bi Empire - Mea Melone, Aslan Brutti, Kristian( - Cum Swing With Us [HD 720p]

Mea Melone and Aslan Brutti love to swing, whether its with men or women it doesnt matter! They both love to suck cock and get covered in hot sticky cum. Kristian is loving this two the three of them give each other a deep pounding! Filled with titties cocks and pussies anything goes with these swingers!
Lingerie Tales - Jenny [FullHD 1080p]

When David steered me into a room without a door, in a swingers club, with porn playing on a big screen, I was grateful that we were the only ones in the room.I told him, as he pulled me onto his lap on a couch, that I didnt have public sex, and he told me to tell him when to stop. We kissed, my shirt came off, then my bra. His shirt came off, exposing his muscular chest and arms. I kicked off my shoes.Up until this point, this wasnt new to me being nearly naked in public. Heck, Id been fully naked twice in public but they were with my ex husband and it was involving toys in rope.David yanked on my hair and rotated us to lay me down on the seat, stripped me out of my jeans and underwear. There are a few, rare times in my life when I no longer give a fuck about limits (that doesnt mean Im unsafe in pushing those limits). Those that care about me worry because they view it as vulnerable, and perhaps I am. Twice this year now I have pushed past my own comforts and limits once when I did slutfest and a weekend with my husband after my husband left me, and that night in the swingers club (so far, but Im still mourning, so well see what else I get up to).It makes me feel alive when I am otherwise numb trying to cope. When he hesitated at my pants and looked down at me to see if I was okay, I knew we were going to have sex right there in the room. I was surprisingly okay with that.Swingers ClubHe fingered me, and I briefly hoped that there was no one in the doorway. At least my head was more towards the doorway and my spread legs were facing a wall. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap where I was facing the doorway, I shut my eyes so I wouldnt know if we had an audience and he continued to finger me, nibbling on my shoulders, neck, rotating me slightly to bite on my nipples.I arched into his teeth, I moaned and shuddered around his fingers. Now I was fully exposed to the view of others, something he intentionally did, but I was focused on the pleasure he created rather than a potential audience.He ordered me to lay down doggy style on the seat of the couch, and I bent my elbows to brace them on the seat which buried my head against the back bottom of the seat so no one could see my face and I couldnt see theirs. He put on a condom and began fucking me at a vigorous pace.Have I mentioned that David is a military man at his prime and is in amazing shape? There is no part of him that is soft and the hardest part of him was rubbed and built up an orgasm; I welcomed the release of tension that seemed to be consuming me. Of course, once I orgasm once, the others just begin to flood my senses and I am by no means quiet.He would smack my ass and thighs occasionally as he fucked me, and he yanked my head up by my hair, forcing it to the other side. Briefly I peeked and saw the outlines of people in the room with us, I shut my eyes tightly but orgasms are glorious things and before I could be mortified I was being carried on the wave of another one. He stuck a thumb in my ass hole and used the pressure to increase the intensity of my orgasms. We switched positions quite a few more times.I was sweaty and had no idea how he kept up an almost maddening tempo. When he finally found his own fulfillment and withdrew out of me to hold me tenderly, I was grateful he shielded my face away from the doorway and towards his chest.And then I heard the men complimenting us. Im sure I blushed as David thanked them politely. He sounded almost proud, and he should have been he gave them one hell of a show.When I came in from cleaning myself up, some female friends of ours were sitting and chatting with David as he cleaned and sanitized the room. They mentioned how they had tried the sybian in the next room, expressed they were sad they missed the show we obviously gave, and inquired if I had tried it. I was already overcome with shyness and not talking much, so didnt do much more than shake my head. When I expressed that I had not but I was curious, David took my hand and steered me towards that room.Guess the night still wasnt done.MP4 * 213 MB * 00:04:51 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
NaughtyAmerica - Eva Lovia - Eva Lovia invites Xander over after connecting with him on a swingers site [HD 720p] - Coco Kiss - Swingers Club Cage [FullHD 1080p]

Bi Empire - Mea Melone, Aslan Brutti, Kristian - Cum Swing With Us [HD 720p]

Mea Melone and Aslan Brutti love to swing, whether its with men or women it doesnt matter! They both love to suck cock and get covered in hot sticky cum. Kristian is loving this two the three of them give each other a deep pounding! Filled with titties cocks and pussies anything goes with these swingers! - Ava Austen - Im Sorry I Fucked Your Wife [SD 368p]

Ricky Stone got in the cab today, a Hungarian bloke who was on his way to West Malling to see his friends. Ricky asked me if I knew any Hungarians, and it took me a minute, but I realized I had a Hungarian woman in the cab twice recently. Turns out she was Rickys wife! I tried to apologize, but surprisingly, Ricky wasnt angry... he was turned on! Ricky and his wife were swingers, so I asked him bluntly if he wanted to fuck me too. I was game for it, he looked good, and I could tell he had a good cock, so I got into...
BlackisBetter, Babes - Kimber Woods - Swing On By - Part 1 [HD 720p]

Kimber and her husband Mick have decided to expand their horizons and attend one of Micks friend Jasons legendary swingers parties. Mick seems a bit nervous about wife-swapping, but once Kimber lays eyes on tall, dark, and handsome Jason, shes excited to get the party started! In fact, she starts without him, slipping into the bedroom and getting herself worked up with her hands. Once Jason joins her, the ebony stud is excited to show her just how much fun it can be to get into the swing!
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