Orgasm Abuse - Ari - Ari Slow And Sexy [FullHD 1080p]

Charlotte Hazey - Intense Orgasm Control [HD 720p]

You can’t resist me in lingerie. And I love getting you right to the edge over and over but keeping you frustrated and denied. All your cum belongs to me now and I want you desperately horny all the time!MP4 * 298 MB * 00:09:55 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Exquisite Goddess - Poppers JOI and Bitchiness [FullHD 1080p]

What do you do during the weekend? You get fuck *d up with me! Grab the goodies and the Ach.0hol and let the fun begin. You will do a hit a sip and stroke while I count from 10 to 1. If you want to continue stroking you need to stick a finger in… know where….your butt! If not you continue to stroke during the countdown. I will allow you to cum after you tribute and only if the finger is in your butt….. I am very aware of how horny and obedient you get while loaded on P0ppers. This will be a lot of fun!MP4 * 1.43 GB * 00:19:08 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Natashas Bedroom - Desperate For It CEI [HD 1072p]

Are you ready to become a good little cumlover for me? Ready or not, I’m going to turn you into one today. I have a way with cum cravers, a special touch. I know just how to make you go through with it.I’ve learned that one of the very best techniques for getting a shy little cumslut to eat his own semen is to make you want it unbearably. To make you drool and beg for it. To make you desperate for that hot sticky load, and desperate to have an orgasm at all.Long, hard edges with plenty of stripping and teasing along the way. You’re so close to coming, you can’t even bear it. And then I tell you to ruin your orgasm. The frustration is blinding. You want that load of jizz more than anything. It’s so close yet so far away.The second buildup is even more intense. You can’t think of anything now except finally tasting that sweet cream. You need an orgasm. You need to slurp it down. You’re so close to the big moment, and then…I tell you to ruin it again.Have you ever wanted it so badly before? With two ruined orgasms and a third building up, you look at my nearly naked body, and you’re desperate. Whether you can go through with it isn’t even a question now, because it’s no longer a choice. It’s become a need. The only thing you can think is please, please let me swallow my cum this time…MP4 * 720 MB * 00:28:06 * 1906x1072 Jerk off me Watch Online
Princess Shaye - Cum In 2 Minutes Challenge [HD 720p]

You should be very excited! You get to jerk your dick to Me as hard and as fast as you want today! There is only one catch… you get 2 minutes to stroke and cum…. otherwise there will be consequences. Do you want to play?MP4 * 115 MB * 00:03:45 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Bratty Bunny - What You Can Never Touch [SD 480p]

I’m a perfect female. Something that you can never touch. Never can see for free. I’m here to be stared at while you jerk off and pay for it. I’m untouchable. You’ll get to reach out and touch this perfection. I will tease you forever about it too.MP4 * 124 MB * 00:14:21 * 854x480 Jerk off me Watch Online
Princess Kaelin - A Deal with the Devil [FullHD 1080p]

I appear in your house, looking the way I do all sexy in a tight little shiny red dress. You stand awestruck. Has god finally answered your prayers?! HA. Nope bitch it ‘s me, the Devil. I ‘m here to tempt you and offer you a little deal. I ‘m going to give you 6 minutes of JOI, if you can make it through what might be my naughtiest JOI ever, you get to fuck me. If not then well…. I get your soul and you get to spend eternity in hell.MP4 * 225 MB * 00:12:16 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
London Lix - 30 minute metronome edging challenge JOI [FullHD 1080p]

Are you ready for 30 minutes of jerking it to the beat? This will be an incredibly difficult edging challenge. I ‘ll be using a metronome to control your stroking ; 1 beat = 1 stroke, and you ‘re not allowed to miss a single beat. If you get to the edge during the beat, you need to pause the clip, take two deep breaths and then resume. If you cum before given permission or skip beats there is a small financial fine to pay. I start you off fast to get you to the edge quickly, and change up the beat frequently. I tease with my hot ass and big tits, as well as mixing in some fake cum countdowns and pauses to keep your cock guessing. Can you make it all the way through? How much cock control do you have?MP4 * 1.22 GB * 00:31:13 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Mistress Lola Ruin - Domme Striptease JOI [FullHD 1080p]

I want to play a little game with you today slave of course the game will be at your expense! I want you good and teased, so get on your knees for Me and start wanking that cock. I want you to watch Me give you a slow striptease whilst you play with yourself, and under no circumstances are you allowed to cum! I want you frustrated for Me whilst you watch Me slowly slip out of all these layers. Watch Me take off My blouse, skirt, stockings and suspender belt, all the time commanding you to play for Me. I bet you would love to cum for Me now wouldnt you? But if you want Me to take off My bra off, I am afraid that will cost you the orgasm you so desperately want.MP4 * 180 MB * 00:10:21 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Bratty Bunny - Extreme Tease Bratty Edging [FullHD 1080p]

You want some super sexy teasing? Then you can pay more for it. Time for you to see what I have in store for you. Super ultra sexy Bunny. Teasing you so so much in this mesh bodysuit. Jerk off instructions too, you’re welcome. I’m such a good tease.MP4 * 280 MB * 00:10:20 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Princess Meggerz - Masturbation Mockery For Pussy Free Hand Humpers [SD 480p]

Youre a hand humper, a chronic masturbator. You dont get pussy, youre too pathetic. Your little limp dick is just that, if the opportunity of pussy were ever presented to you. It would shrivel up because you know better. You know youre too pathetic and you dont deserve to fuck pussy. All you want to do for the rest of your life is to jerk yourself off. Give in. Admit it. Youre a hand humper for life. Its all you want. You prefer to fuck your hand, it feels better fucking your hand because youre a pathetic loser who prefers the company of his own hand and a collection of humiliation porn, than pussy. Youd rather be teased and mocked and denied for the rest of your entire life. No more pussy for you. Denounce it now. Say it out loud, no more pussy for me. Good because you dont deserve pussy. Say it, say, I dont deserve pussy. Its just you and your hand, fucking away while bitches like me rub it in your pathetic fucking face. Come to terms with who you truly are. Stroke it with me as I mock you. Fuck your hand for me loser. Stare up at me and fuck your hand. Now stop. I dont want you to cum too fast. Humping your hand for two minutes isnt edging idiot. Now start back up again. Im encouraging you to stroke, most women would just point and laugh. Here I am taking pity on the fucking loser, encouraging you to do your favorite thing in the world. Do you want to fuck that hand and cum for me? Stop. Hands off my cock. I own it. And at least me owning it means a woman will have something to do with your pathetic cock. Stroke again. Do you see how stupid I look when I mock you? Thats how you look loser. Have you ever seen yourself humping your hand? Do you know how many idiots Ive watched jerking off and making stupid faces? Do you think thats hot? No! It just further solidifies the fact that no woman wants to stare into that face and fuck you. Tell me youll never attempt to get pussy again. Say it while you jerk and moan like a moron. If you want to cum for me you have to promise me that youre never going to fuck a pussy again. I hope you feel horrible about yourself, youre pathetic and disgusting and no woman wants a man like you.MOV * 206 MB * 00:06:57 * 854x480 Jerk off me Watch Online
Goddess Christina - Legs To Worship [FullHD 1080p]

On your knees, naked and kneeling. It’s time to surrender and praise my legs. They deserve to be worshiped. Look at their perfection. So long, tan, and sexy. Curves that you follow and leave you weak in the knees. Craving more of your Goddess. Heavenly legs that make you HARD. You’re throbbing for them! Rub that cock for Goddess. RUB it for my legs. Touch yourself as you take in my perfection. This feels good. You can’t get enough! I’m taking over. You desire to go deeper for me. Give in. Cummmm as Goddess says slave!MP4 * 338 MB * 00:10:47 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Ceara Lynch - Encased In Hosiery [SD 480p]

Immortality. I am a Goddess and will forever be worshipped and loved by millions of men. I have left an unforgettable mark on this world ensuring you will always remember Princess Ceara Lynch. Even after you are [email protected] and rotting in your grave, I will be an eternal spirit. Even in [email protected], you will still be enslaved to serve me. So, would you rather burn in hell or give yourself to me forever? I will ensure your body will be encased in my luxurious pantyhose, happily fermenting in my sweat and pussy juices.MOV * 245 MB * 00:08:20 * 640x480 Jerk off me Watch Online
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