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Victoria plays a mentally disturbed, possessive ex-wife who would rather see her ex-husband live in misery and alone or die a miserable death along with whoever is around him. She has been building up ti this moment, where she would have enough controlled rage to take his life and those of others. Shed always been sneaky, virtually undetectable and she decided to use it as a weapon.
She went over to their home knowing his routine. It was a Thursday, meaning he always came home at 730. She decided shes have enough time to engage his new wife. She was cleaning out a storage room they converted into a makeshift bedroom for visitors. She was so wrapped up in moving the last of the boxes that she didnt hear someone approaching until she was standing directly over her. Frozen she knew it was an intruder. Before she could react, a powerful blow to the back of the skull sends her crashing onto her storage box. Victoria drags her in and dumps the body onto the floor. She taunts her as she undresses her, wanting to see the goods that snatched her husband away.
His wife awoke but Victoria trapped her arms between her knees, pinning them to her side. His wife was the bigger, stronger woman; but not tonight. Victoria taunted her as she hand strangled her but Kaylynn fired back in a rage of her own. After a violent attempt to free herself, she gave in to Victoria. Victoria released her then fondled, undressed and got off on her sexy body until she heard her ex arrive.
He spotted his wife on the floor, naked, legs spread, eyes lifeless. He rushed over to her to check on her, maybe revive her. Once he saw death had set it, it occurred to him his ex wife was here. He turned around just in time to get a baseball swing to the temple, sending him flying onto the bed, semi-conscious. Victoria toys with him as she undresses him, his cock belonging to her. She submits and sucks his cock, wanting it to taste her pussy for the last time. She squeezes his cock against her pussy and inside of it as she takes him down, pinning his arms and hand strangling him. He manages to free his arms but too late to combat his ex wife. He is surprised at how strong and determined she is to swallow two lives, and she does it well. He dies and she fucks him, getting off on him the same way. She enjoys watching both of their corpses before dressing and leaving. What satisfaction but her rage continues... - Molly Odel - Killing Spree [HD 720p]

This movie picks up after the killing of his sister in I RAPED STRANGLED MY LITTLE SISTER when he is on the run from the police. During that time he survives by breaking into several homes and robbing the place or raping then killing any females that may be in the house at the time of the break in. How long can it last before he is caught? - Alexa Raye - Mean Girls (2 parts) [FullHD 1080p]

Part 1: Jack hires Tommy get revenge on a pair of mean, rich and spoiled girls who had wrecked the life of his niece. - Liv Aguilera - Immigration Reform [SD 360p]

A serial killer working as a DEA/border patrol agent tracks the remote back roads in hopes of finding isolated females looking to cross the border into the U.S. Dont let him catch you alone!