LadyboyGold - Alis - Military Hardware Anal [SD 480p]

VirtualRealPorn - Ivana Sugar - Friend request [2K UHD 1600p]

JerkToMyFeet - Amber Mae - Sibling Barter [FullHD 1080p]

Your stepsister Amber Mae really needs your help preparing for a big exam at school. Youre not unwilling to help her, but youre idea of cramming has nothing to do with school work. Amber knows your weakness so she offers you her petite feet in exchange.
JerkToMyFeet - Brooke Haze - Come Out of the Foot Fetish Closet [FullHD 1080p]

Brooke Haze knows all about your foot fetish and shes cool with it. She suggests that you stop hiding it. She knows how you like her feet and she loves to tease you and watch how excited you become. Brooke loves to entice you; pulling your strings until you zipper creaks. She tells you its okay; mom wont be home for hours. Go ahead and release that thing and work out the tension. Brooke is begging you to cum all over her sexy little feet. Dont disappoint her big guy.
JerkToMyFeet - Paisley Pepper - Shopping With Your Credit Card [FullHD 1080p]

Your step daughter Paisley Pepper is tired from a long day of shopping with your credit card. Shes come to thank you for financing her eight hour spree at the mall. Paisley brought her old, worn sneakers that according to her are just nasty smelling from her sweaty feet. But she already knows that you are a foot weirdo who actually wants to indulge in that horrible foot funk.
JerkToMyFeet - Claire Black - You Are So Sweet [FullHD 1080p]

Claire Black invites you over to her place and you have the temerity to grab flowers on the way. That was a great move on your part. Claire has her bare feet propped up on the table to give you the full view of her soft soles. Shes not just there to tease you; she really wants you to jerk off to her feet. Knowing you cant resist her feet, she tells you which toes to suck and what spots to nibble with your teeth. Claire knows exactly what she wants and shes going to get it out of you. She encourages you to run your hand up and down your cock at the same time you are sucking her little toes. Claire wants you to cum, but not until her feet get the licking she so desires. Her toes are so sensitive when covered with your warm saliva. Claire cant resist rubbing her own erect nipples. You are so ready to explode and shes giving you that special look with her deliciously devious, dark eyes. An involuntary spasm runs through your body and your knees almost give way as you unleash your load directly onto her soft, brown feet.
JerkToMyFeet - Helena Price - Payoff Medical Bills [FullHD 1080p]

Youre back in the examination room of Doctor Helena Price. Shes seen you frequently, but you have not been coming through with payments. Doctor Price isnt going to deny you service, but she is going to require you to compensate her by providing a service to her. Helena slips off her shoes and tells you that you have to lick and kiss her sweaty feet. After you get a good fill of that sweet foot flavor, the doctor notices that you are suffering from severe swelling in the groin area. She instructs you to remove the restrictive clothing to allow the blood to flow unencumbered. Now she provides step-by-step instructions on how you should relieve that pressure. Doctor Price has her soles in your face and continues wriggling those cute little toes nonstop while explaining to you that a continual tight-gripped stroking motion is exactly what your swollen muscle requires. You dont find too many doctors willing to devote the time necessary to help a patient completely through this type therapy. Doctor Helena Price clearly stands out in this area so you better show your appreciationand dont you dare dribble your spooge on her floor!
JerkToMyFeet - Claire Black - Fathers Morning Coffee [FullHD 1080p]

Ugh! Another early morning. Better stumble downstairs for coffee. What a surprise! Your little girl Claire Black is already up and has your coffee served. Claire is wide awake and bubbly with emotion. Its clear shes been waiting for you. The youngster wants to have some early morning play with daddy.
JerkToMyFeet - Lilly Hall - Curing E.D. [FullHD 1080p]

Doctor Lilly Hall specializes in treating male patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. Concerned about prescribing medications that may not be truly required; she performs an unconventional test on you, her male subject. The doctor whips off her black heels and exposes her savory soles and tasty toes for your inspection. Lilly wriggles her toes and rubs her feet together right up close in your face. As she performs these sexy foot actions, the doctor talks you through the procedure, explaining how she can judge your blood flow based on the growing bulge in your pants. Dr. Hall instructs you to remove your penis from your pants and stroke it with your hand. She provides specific instructions on how to handle your tool and the increasing speed you should employ. After observing your throbbing rod spurt its contents all over the office floor, Doctor Lilly Hall explains her diagnosis: you dont need any pills, just more feet in your sex life.
JerkToMyFeet - Amber Mae - I See You [FullHD 1080p]

Amber Mae catches you staring at her feet. She knows you are excited and can see the lump of your stump bulging at the crotch. Amber is intrigued by your interest and suggests that you touch her feet. Indulge in both the feel and the smell. She teases you while experiencing the exhilaration of being worshipped and sensing the power that her cute little six-and-a-halves can have over men like you. Amber tells you to pull out your stiff serpent and encourages you to play with yourself. She gets more excited as you work furiously to release that building pressure. Amber directs you to spooge your goo directly on her cute little toes so she can feel your sticky heat. Mmmmmit was a good day for you both.
JerkToMyFeet - Annika Eve - Annikas Shoe Story [FullHD 1080p]

The young Miss Annika Eve knows what you desire and she has come prepared wearing her oldest sneakers without socks so you can experience the legacy of aroma from her exquisite size seven feet. She shares the history of her old footwear, telling you how she was caught in the rain, ran through puddles and even dropped coffee on her previously bright white shoes.
JerkToMyFeet - Alissas - Shoe Story [FullHD 1080p]

Alissa Avni shows off the sharp curves of her incredible feet while telling you the history of her three-year-old sandals. You love watching her feet and reliving her tales of long hikes that work up so much smelly sweat that the soles get slippery. She describes to you the way her feet and old sandals smell and taste. This babe can see the twinkle in your eye and knows she has you hooked.
JerkToMyFeet - Annika Eve - Classmates Stinky Feet [FullHD 1080p]

Annika Eve is getting comfortable in the classroom by kicking off her shoes. Shes been walking around campus all day without socks in this summer heat. The temperature is high and the foot funk is even higher. The sight and smell of her sweaty young feet distract you from everything else going on.
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