Miss London Lix - Fucked Up Fast [FullHD 1080p]

5 minutes STRAIGHT of NONSTOP sniffing. Short sniffs, long sniffs, breath play, double hits, exhaling oxygen before inhaling ...I mix it up for you, dont worry. I encourage you to stroke a little bit, sure. But basically, this one is to get you fucked up fast.Please note that the dosing in this clip is incredibly extreme, and intended as fantasy instructions only; not to be adhered to strictly. The rate at which you use is, as always, your choice to make act upon.MP4 * 180 MB * 00:05:30 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix Femdom and Fetish - Miss London Lix - The CBT Poker Bet [FullHD 1080p]

Miss London Lix - Plunge Into Pussy [FullHD 1080p]

You’re aching to plunge into pussy, and it’s easy to get lost swimming in these shiny holographic panties. My cameltoe is deep, and my grip is strong on you now, subby. What you don’t realize though, is in getting entr anced by *my* pussy, you’ve allowed me to fuck yours. Your pussy-mind, that is. I slipped my fingers in and now I’m penetrating you deep, every thrust another pleasurably numbing experience…MP4 * 550 MB * 00:16:28 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix - Let It Snow [HD 720p]

Today you’re going to Let It Snow….and lick it up! I’m giving you free reign to jerk off as furiously, as kinkily, and as much as you like, as long as you promise to eat your load for me. Maybe you’re already my little cumslut, or maybe you’ve been putting off taking the plunge all year, snapping up CEI clips never following through. Today you’re just gonna do it. You can’t say no to my shiny tits and sequin booty. You can’t resist pleasing me doing exactly what I say, especially this time of the year. Yes pet, it’s time to let it snow!MP4 * 138 MB * 00:09:20 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix - Common Denominator [FullHD 1080p]

This is an experiment clip. Buy it to participate.MP4 * 340 MB * 00:07:46 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix - It Feels Right To Pay: Watch Me, Jerk Off and Pay [FullHD 1080p]

You know it feels hot to pay me. And that makes sense. The feeling of losing control, of being reckless and risky inevitably gets that adrenaline and those endorphins flowing. But why does it also feel right…natural, even? I’ll explain to you why handing over your cash is the most logical thing in the world to you, and in the process, seduce more out of you. I’ll get inside your head and make your cock ache for me, make your wallet open so effortlessly, you won’t even notice it happening. You need to pay. It makes sense. Just you wait and see…MP4 * 366 MB * 00:11:41 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix - Higher Lower Faster Slower Plus JOKER [FullHD 1080p]

This is the resized version for mobile viewing. Click here for the full size download Ill be drawing cards, youll be stroking that pathetic dick of yours. The higher the card, the faster you stroke. When I hit an Ace, you stop stroking until I draw a new card. How long that is, is up to me. When I hit a Joker, Im going to give you a humiliating task to complete before you can continue jerking at whatever speed the next card dictates. Ready to be edged like crazy? Think youll be able to control your orgasm in this completely random masturbation instruction? Willing to humiliate yourself to earn your explosion? Lets go.WMV * 931 MB * 00:14:05 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix, Princess Lexie - No Match For Us Bikini Findom [HD 720p]

Hi weak little wallets. You just looove being financially dominated, dont you? You love stroking to the thought of surrendering that much power and control to a young, gorgeous woman. But we know that sometimes you struggle to actually go through with it, spilling your load before pressing submit on that tribute button, denying yourself the orgasmic adrenaline rush that comes with financial sacrifice. Well not today.Today there are 2 of us, dressed in shiny bikinis to make your dick throb your wallet open. Maybe you have resisted one of us before, but your wallet is no match for the 2 of us together. Get ready to be drained twice as fast twice as hard if you even want a chance of release today.MP4 * 630 MB * 00:07:11 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix - Aroused By Addiction [FullHD 1080p]

You know youll never escape this, right? Youll forever be a femdom addict. You see, femdom conditions you to sexualize weakness, to be turned on by your submission. So whilst you might be successful in staying away for a while, youll always come back, because youre literally aroused by your failure to have any kind of willpower. You WANT to relinquish control, you want to have a hot, dominant woman in charge of your life. And today Im going to get you stroking harder and faster than ever before, pulling you deeper down this rabbit hole as I count you down to cum.MP4 * 303 MB * 00:09:41 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix - Sensual JOI For Virgins [FullHD 1080p]

You guys know how much I love preying on virgin men. I find you to be such pleasing little playthings. And I also know just how much youve fantasized about your first time. What it would feel like, how hard youd cum. So today I want to guide you through a sensual jerk off instruction session, in which you imagine that its me taking your virginity. Ill dirty talk you through the whole experience, from getting your cock warmed up, to having you cum inside me. Ill make sure to allow you relief so you dont spill your load prematurely. Trust me, I know exactly how to take care of you...MP4 * 463 MB * 00:12:04 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix - Anything For Poppers Pt 2 [HD 720p]

When youre fucked up on poppers, I know youre willing to do almost anything, so I want to toy with your weakness in this new series. Each week well be testing your limits while youre completely mindfucked.There will be no holding back today as we edge you to a nice creamy releasewhich you will consume. Thats right..I dont care if its your 1st time or 100th; youre going to open your mouth for me as I guide you through this intoxicated cum eating experience. Get ready to be a little slut for meMP4 * 109 MB * 00:09:08 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix - Another loser year [FullHD 1080p]

No come on, really; did you get laid this year? Have a bunch of hot encounters with sexy women (NOT ONLINE!)? Did you get an awesome promotion, is your social calendar just out of control? I thought not. You had another year of jerking off to and paying brat girls online, because thats all a loser like you is good for. So its time for an intervention. 2016 is going to be different. Buy this for your instructions, pet.MP4 * 351 MB * 00:07:56 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Miss London Lix - Impossible JOI Edging Challenge 3 [FullHD 1080p]

Your first Impossible Edging encounter was only 30 minutes long. In round 2 it was 45 minutes. Twice. Here we have round 3. Its 60 minutes, and its ONLY 60 minutes; no tricks this time. Thats right, "all" you have to do is make it through a short hour of stroking your cock without accidentally spilling your load, otherwise you owe me $50. As always, its within my interests to make you fail. So todays jerk off instruction is comprised of 5 different JOI games, 5 different elements of orgasm control, if you will. Sometimes left up to fate, with the odds always skewed in my favor. Dice games, card games, red light green light, striptease, and a whole lot of changing outfits. Sink into your chair and stare at my glossy red lips as they feed you your masturbation instructions, minute by minute, second by second, for an hour. As my clothes start coming off, the countdowns get harder and harder, and I use your tit addiction against you, can you hold on? Can you last through the difficult edging and the gooning state? Or do you REALLY need to cum?MP4 * 1.19 GB * 01:06:33 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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